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Yesterday we got this bit of news in the “Minor Announcements” channel of the Bat Cowl Discord:

Nice to finally get the official answers to the puzzle we’ve all been working on for literally weeks! Congratulations and thanks to everyone that helped crack these codes and helped brainstorm with the Bat Cowl community to get to this point! :batparrot:

(If you’re wondering what puzzle and how we got here - click here)

Now…we know ‘DC Infinite Earth’ refers to ‘Crisis on Infinite Earth’ which is a big part of the upcoming ‘Dark Crisis’ event. Is there more to it than that? Do you think that was just a message to let us know we got the first code cracked and nothing more?

Figuring out the cipher to get ‘Code 1943 Krypton’ was a big part of the next steps and it revealed ‘OA’, ‘Gotham’ and ‘Arkham’ - three notorious locations in the DC Universe. Interesting that OA is included as it’s the only one that is not Batman related but since we had to use an old code of Superman’s to even get this far it shows how deep into the entire DC Universe they are going in this project - which I love! How do you think those codes will be used in the future?

And let’s not forget that ‘Darkseid’ was revealed using the first cipher as well! What role do you think he plays in all of this?

Post your theories or hopes below and once again congratulations to the entire Bat Cowl NFT community for working together to crack this!


First time on these forums. Looking forward to more detective work!

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Glad to have you here and look forward to talking Cowls with you for years to come!

Matt Mason just confirmed to me, on Discord, that we have NOT solved the hint he gave us last month - “PROTECT THE LEGACY”. There’s still work to be done and answers to be found!