Knightwatchers Club - DC Bat Cowl Comic Book Vote #1

The first vote for the DC Bat Cowl Comic Book is live! All Bat Cowl holders have 24 hours to cast a vote for the Series Story Arc Log Line. If you own a Bat Cowl you should have received an email to cast your vote and all the links and information you will need is in that email.

This is the first step for Bat Cowl holders to help create Batman history!

Here’s what the voting interface looks like - I’ll blur the screenshots I took of the voting process for those that want to see the reveal for themselves when they get the email:

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Here are the options (blurred for those that don’t want it spoiled before they see it for themselves via email link)

I’m going to let this ruminate in my mind for a bit and will vote tomorrow morning. This is a big decision and requires thought and a (k)night of sleep to make sure I’m at peace with my choice.

What would you choose and why?

My reactions:

  1. Thought - This is the most descriptive of the three in setting up what the story will be. Batman has over-prepared to defeat an enemy/enemies and now must deal with the consequences.

Positive - gives a definitive storyline for at least the first issues but is ambiguous in how he over-prepared, what the consequences are and who the enemy is. Story can go a lot of different directions from here.

Negative - makes it sound like the Bat Cowls themselves were part of the over-preparation. Like they were a mistake. Maybe the over-preparation is in reference to something else and the Bat Cowls are part of the solution but that’s not how it struck me on first glance.

  1. Thought - Very generic and vague.

Positive - This sets up the book to be an incredible mystery for Batman, and presumably the Bat Cowls, to solve. Pairing the world’s greatest detective with the world’s greatest mystery is a powerful combination!

Negative - Not sure reading this would make me want to buy the book if I wasn’t already interested in it. There are a LOT of great Batman books already in production - Detective Comics being the most obvious example. What makes this different from any other Batman or Detective Comics book?

  1. Thoughts - Intriguing. Hints that we will find out something we haven’t known about Batman.

Positive - We think we know who is behind the cowl but what if we’re wrong? The obvious answer to the question is Bruce Wayne/Thomas Wayne/Jace Fox depending on which earth we’re on and which timeline we’re in but what if that’s wrong? Leads you to believe there’s more to the story than we are being told.

Negative - Cowl is singular. There are literally thousands of Bat Cowl holders and if this was “Who hides behind the Cowls?” it would be completely different. Then you’d know we’re talking about multiple cowls and would wonder how they got made, who is wearing them and what Batman will do about it - if anything. But by being singular it references THE cowl - the one Batman wears and we all know who wears that. I also don’t like the use of the word “hides”. Batman wears the cowl to protect his secret identity and to convey fear in the criminals who must believe the Batman could be anyone and could be anywhere. As a Bat Cowl holder I’m not hiding behind the cowl I’m wearing it to help Batman defend Gotham against all challenges and all threats.

I’m leaning towards voting for #2 only because it’s the one with the least negatives. Yes, it’s ambiguous but it’s also intriguing. It makes you want to know more and combining that log line with the art and the upcoming solicitation paragraph(s) could be powerful marketing. It also commits the story to be a great mystery that is solved by the world’s greatest detective, Batman - with some help from the Bat Cowl holders.

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The results are in!