Knightwatchers Club - Batman: The Legacy Cowl Vote #6 (The Villain)

How cool is this?!? We already picked what Batman will look like in this book, we already picked who his sidekick will be, we’ve already picked the title of the book and we’ve already picked where in Gotham the villain will set up their lair. Now we actually get to pick who the villain of the story will be! This is so cool and such a fun opportunity - I love this and THIS is why I bought a Bat Cowl, to get to be involved in the creation of a DC Comic. Phenomenal!

Let’s get to the options! (For the record I’ll be using The DC Comics Encyclopedia for the list of powers for each option)

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Option #1 - Killer Croc

For those that don’t know Killer Croc is not part crocodile. He is a man, Waylon Jones, who has a medical condition that makes his skin appear reptilian. You might remember him from the Suicide Squad movie (the first one) or a variety of appearances in animated movies and TV shows over the years.

“Powers: Rare skin condition allows for enhanced durability, enhanced strength and endurance, excellent fighter with history of wrestling alligators, sharp teeth and claws.”

He has superhuman regenerative powers including the ability to heal/regrow lost limbs. His skin has hardened to the point where it is essentially bulletproof and extremely tough to cut/wound making him a brawler to be reckoned with. He’s unbelievably strong, incredibly fast, has enhanced/animal like senses as well as claws and fangs. He’s a BEAST in every sense of the word and is extremely tough to stop in fight. He’s not known for his intellectual strength but is not an idiot, either.

Option #2 - The Riddler

I think we all know The Riddler, especially if you’ve seen the Batman live action movies where he’s been portrayed by Jim Carrey and Paul Dano in two VERY different adaptations. He’s a man as well, Edward Nygma, and is known for his love of riddles and his genius level intellect. He’s an escape artist, a skilled computer hacker (might come in handy now that he has an AI enhanced Bat Cowl!), has skill in making and using gadgets but is not a physical threat. He beats you with his mind, loves to toy with you like a cat would toy with a mouse and when you deal with him nothing is as it seems.

“Powers: Expert at creating riddles and death traps, genius level intellect, computer and electronics whiz, morally corrupt with a penchant for cheating, carries cane in the shape of a question mark from which he can fire electrical blasts or create holograms, makes use of exploding jigsaw puzzle pieces and crossword puzzle nets.”

Option #3 - Brainiac

If you thought Riddler was smart wait until you get a load of Brainiac! This dude, Vril Dox, is not just the smartest guy in the room he’s the smartest guy in the DC Universe! He could probably even tell us when Private Discord and Overdrive will drop! :smiley:

This is a very interesting choice as he’s known as a Superman villain and to my knowledge Batman and Brainiac have never faced off without the Justice League being involved. This would be a DC first as far as I know!

“Powers: 12th-level intellect, controls multiple bodies, possesses accumulated technologies from numerous destroyed worlds.”

He’s not a human and he’s one of the most powerful villains in the entire DC universe. This would be an incredible challenge for Batman and Nightwing on every level.

In conclusion, I tend to dismiss The Riddler straight away because that’s been done many times before. While I do think it’s interesting to see what The Riddler might do with an AI enhanced Bat Cowl - the guy has incredible intelligence and computer skills so there’s no telling what he could do with that technology once he gets his hands on it and we don’t know how long The Legacy Cowl has been missing from the Batcave so he may have already had it for weeks/months - it feels like we’ve done this too much already. The Batman movie was literally a battle of wits between these two characters and I’m not that interested in seeing the two square off once again so soon after that was in theaters.

Killer Croc is very intriguing and knowing he’s an option I wish The Underground was an option for the Villain’s Lair (Chinatown won that vote, by the way). While he’s a great physical threat I don’t know that he has the mental strength to make the best use of an AI enhanced Bat Cowl. Killer Croc is a sidekick villain, not a leader or kingpin, and when you’re picking a villain for a Batman comic - not just a storyline for a few issues within Detective Comics or Batman itself but a standalone title - I think the villain has to be on a large scale and Killer Croc doesn’t reach that status for me.

I think you can tell already but I’m voting for Brainiac. I think seeing him go head-to-head with Batman and Nightwing would be fantastic. Batman has a plan for everything but did he plan on Brainiac stealing his AI enhanced Bat Cowl and setting up shop in Chinatown?!? How will he outwit the smartest being in the universe? How will he track and find a being that can take multiple forms? Would Batman have to summon Superman to help him? The possibilities with this option are just too juicy and open-ended for me to pass up.

Which one are you going to vote for and why?


I’m going with brainiac too!

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Nice! :facepunch:t2::fire: Brainiac it is!

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Great work

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Thank you all for reading this and checking it out!

Who’d you vote for as our Villain, @TheGlitch?

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