Justice League Book Club Week 27: Blue and Gold Forever

Greetings, League!

This week saw the release of Blue and Gold #1, which stars two of the all-time greatest members of the Justice League International, the Ted Kord Blue Beetle and the man, myth and legend (so he thinks) himself, Booster Gold!

While the above issue won’t be on DCUI for 6 months, there are plenty of other adventures featuring Booster and Ted that are on our wonderful platform right now. Check out the details below!

:books: Read

:speaking_head: Discuss

  • Are you fan of the Blue and Gold and if so, what’s your favorite title and/or story to star Ted and Michael?
  • Are you Team Blue or Team Gold?
  • True or False: The Justice League isn’t really a true Justice League unless both Booster and Ted are on it.

:00_booster_gold: Bonus Discussion

  • Have you read Blue and Gold #1? If so, jaw/talk about it below. PLEASE blur ANY and ALL spoilers. Not everyone reads everything at the same time, so let’s keep our friends who will read Blue and Gold #1 at a later point in mind, so that they too can approach this fun issue full of fresh, wide-eyed, spoiler-free wonder when the time is right for them to do so. :superman_hv_4:

Also! Skeets (Booster’s robot pal, for any new to the wonder that is Booster Gold) tells me we just might have a Watch-Along starring our heroes this Saturday afternoon. Keep your eyes open for the details in a future post, friends! :eyes: :tv:

That’s the mission for this week, League! Enjoy, have fun and take care! :blue_heart: :00_booster_gold:


The Blue and Gold Watch-Along thread is live! Click the link above in the OP (or click this) for all of the kick-ass :sparkles: :sparkles: FUN :sparkles::sparkles:!

I’ll see you there, and happy reading/watching! :clark_hv_4: :blue_heart: :00_booster_gold:


Is the reading order the order that is listed? I never know when I see 1,000,000.


I have to admit that I have never been a big fan of the Blue and Gold team. I always liked Ted Kord as Blue Beetle, but the silly/slapstick humor in JLI was not my thing. However, I absolutely loved this story. Booster and Beetle together in a serious way totally rocks. Having to say goodbye to Ted again was sad, but still worth the read. Also, I really liked the art in this story as well. As far as the Justice League needing to have Blue and Gold in it, they dont NEED them, but if they are written like they were for this story, then they are a good addition to the team.


Yep, and that’s how it’s ordered on the service, so you should be able to move through them easily enough.


Indeed it is. Blue and Gold starts with Booster Gold #0 and concludes in Booster Gold #1,000,000. :slight_smile:


Hi, @scoop001! :wave:t2: :slight_smile:

That was true for me when I was a kid. I can remember flipping through a random issue of JLI back then, and thinking “Shouldn’t this be serious? I don’t get why its silly.”

It wasn’t until some years later when I steadfastly dipped my toes into JLI that I got what they were going for and then I enjoyed it.

Me too! It was pretty and then some. Good, good stuff.

Agreed. While I enjoy any Justice League series that features Booster (be it in Justice League International, Quarterly, Extreme Justice, Unlimited, New 52 International, etc., etc.), he and Ted aren’t always necessary additions.

When they are on a League though, there’s always something interesting bound to happen. :wink:


Hello there Justice League Book Club Tally-Ho :wave: :sunglasses:

Quite the adventure for Booster and company with this reading for sure. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Here are some of the things that stood out for me. :clark_hv_4:

Booster Gold (2007-2011) Thoughts

Booster has a sister! :astonished:

Thank you Skeets. :money_mouth_face:

Say… This reminded me of the episode of the Brave and the Bold we watched with Batman being cool with Booster to fight more crime together. :batman_hv_1: :00_booster_gold:

Wait… Say that again Rip?! I never knew that. :open_mouth:

Yes. :smiley:

I did enjoy seeing them alongside the rest of the Justice League when reading through the Death of Superman storyline… Even if Doomsday did quite the number on them… :eyes: :sweat_smile:

This weeks reading was a nice time travel story, even if Blue Beetle had to go back in time so everything could be fixed:pensive:

Go Green Lantern! Wait… :thinking: :rofl:

Oh this is interesting to think about. :open_mouth:

I’d say when they do show up on mission with the League it’s all good, and if they are not there then that’s okay. Probably they are off saving the time stream. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Howdily-doodily, @ajm08g! I have to go see a man about tacos, so I’ll jaw with you in-depth later on, but I wanted to address this salient point you mentioned:

As the Ice Princess said in Batman Returns, “How 'bout that!”. You could say I planned the episode based on that…

…but it was just a lucky coincidence. :sweat_smile: Cool Points to you for noticing the similarities, however! :sunglasses:

I’ll be back later with more, @ajm08g. Until then…:wave:t2: :clark_hv_4:


Nice Vroom! Enjoy the tacos! :taco: :drooling_face: