Just want to hear everyone's opinion on why DC is more superior than marvel.

I have lots of reasons lol


Off the top of my head, much better heroes and villians!


Also I love DC’s fictional city’s. MArvel fans boast about them being more realistic etc. Well we have all the real cities as well as kick ass additional ones.


Idk to me marvel is to kiddy and i feel like the hero’s have the same personalities


It’s easier to spell


@harley.333 LMAO very true. Also Marvel characters tend to whine a lot and don’t go the extra mile like our heroes do.


DC has better stories, the characters are better, the multiverse concept is far superior to anything the other side has.


Preach it BrightKnight!

Our rich guy is so superior to their rich guy. Take RDJ out of the equation and there’s nothing captivating about Iron man. Of course that’s my opinion, but other than the MCU, I’ve never given a damn about that character. Drunk guy in a flying iron suit, ooohh ahhhh, blech.


I try not to be super pretentious about it. There are pros and cons for each company, and I think they ultimately balance out. The two determining factors for my preference have been that Batman is my favorite character, and I think the mcu is overrated. These two things that initially got me into dc have compounded into my appreciation for dc as a whole (and this app has really helped me get further into the dc universe), but there is always exceptions. For instance, I really do like Spider-Man and the X-Men, and there are mcu movies that I really enjoy as well. The clearly defined line that most people see between dc and marvel is in fact, quite a bit blurrier than people make it out to be.


DC feels more cohesive to me, less stratified. Batman, Superman, Deadman, and Plastic Man can be in a book and feel like they belong together despite their wildly divergent personas and power sets. Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine, and Punisher all feel like they belong in different universes/comics.


I’d probably divide it into three broad categories:

Character favoritism and nostalgia: Batman’s my favorite character, and I grew up watching the Adam West Batman and the Justice League animated show. Being young and immature, I scrupulously avoided Marvel until my mom finally talked me into watching the first Captain America movie when that came out. So, I was indoctrinated early.

Subjective preferences: Marvel tends to try to fit its heroes into the real world. They’re average, everyday guys who live in New York and have problems like you or me. DC (at least, at its best) treats superhero weirdness as a fact of life, and oddly I find that makes DC more… honest, if not “realistic,” per se. Superman is an alien with incredible powers who lives in a made-up city and has problems like a fifth-dimensional imp that shows up to troll him. And yet, we can all understand the problems of having a lot of responsibility, maintaining relationships with the people and places around us, and dealing with annoying people who want to ruin our day. The DC characters have more escapism, but are hardly the two-dimensional caricatures Marvel fans like to paint them as.

Things DC actually does better: Things like having more decent villains than you can count on one hand. Or, having events with a plot OTHER than “The heroes fight each other instead of doing hero things.” Another thing is that as brilliant as Lee, Kirby, and Ditko were, the fact that they created EVERYTHING gives this sort of lingering feeling of sameyness to most of the Marvel Universe. The nearest thing DC has to them is Gardner Fox, who, while ludicrously prolific and responsible for a lot of major characters and concepts, doesn’t have nearly the influence over the overall DC Universe that those three did for Marvel.

I could probably talk just as long about why Marvel is better (not that I think it is, but I could defend the position if I had to) if I felt like playing Mephisto’s advocate. Neron pays better, though.


The fact of the matter is the BIG TWO share a symbiotic relationship and that relationship keeps out beloved industry afloat. Having said that this topic is meant for pure, biased fun and not to be taken too seriously. At least that’s my perception of it. Supesbaby would have to confirm this.

So to finish this statement out team rules and their teams garbage! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Always felt that the heroes, villains, goals, and stories are much clearer in the DC universe. As a kid I never “got” the mutants. There were so many, so many powers, always downtrodden, depressed, anxiety-ridden.

Another aspect of DC lacking in Marvel is all the humor. Animation such as BAS, Brave and the Bold, Justice League. Check out the new animated Justice League, Actions, the episode where Plastic Man is babysitting Krypto and Streaky. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Don’t find too much humor in Marvel. Think of some of heroes, Plastic Man, Blue Beetle, Booster, their very nature makes u laugh out loud. And the villains…don’t get me started.


It’s really just a matter of preference and what your mind registers as relatable enough to apply favoritism. Some people hate how dark and gloomy DC is but for me, that’s what makes it better than Marvel. When Batman crosses the line or refuses to, when he takes on those demons and struggles with morality, that’s what makes DC characters more relatable to me as a whole. There’s just so much more humanity and realness than the happy feel-good that Marvel gives us.

Now… Of course, if we are being honest with ourselves, there are a few things that Marvel does better than DC, such as marketing. As well as with my favorite Marvel character Spider-Man in terms of exploration but overall DC takes the cake for me. 2018 was the year for Spider-Man, without a doubt. I want this year or the next to be the year for Batman. It would be awesome if Rocksteady announced a new Batman game at E3 in June since it’s Batman’s anniversary.

That said, DC has more lovable female characters. I could never get into Black Widow or Scarlet Witch. However, nearly every DC female character is interesting to me.

But yeah, it would be dishonest to say that each company outdid the other in certain ways, that’s what healthy competition is all about. DC serves me better as far as what I want in comics, shows, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love both :slight_smile:


I love both :slight_smile:

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The difference between Marvel and DC is that while Marvel presents a more cohesive world, DC has more room for a variety of stories and tones. Under correct management, DC has the capacity to cater to every taste under the sun. Marvel only really comes in one flavor, and that’s Stan Lee.


HCQ for the win!

@TheHelloThereDude like I said this topic is going and cheek. There’s a lot of Marvel I do enjoy… Even if they’re vastly inferior to mighty DC! :laughing: