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This is going to be a great club!

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This is going to be a great group to be a part of

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Love analyzing character motives :face_with_monocle:

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Welcome to all our members.

I suppose I’ll kick this off and put something out which shows why this club comes with a warning message. :wink:

Vandal certainly has a “god complex”.
The question is, is he right to have one?

He has established a cult like following and followers throughout the centuries. He is immortal. So while we are talking a small “g” here, using the premise of polytheism. If you are worshipped like a god and are immortal like a god. Are you in fact a god? Taking a polytheistic view of gods, I will say that Vandal is justified in his view of being a god.

That hopefully stirs the collective “pot” a bit.

What’s your take on Vandal and his “god complex”?

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He is immortal and has many god-like qualities.
In the polytheistic sense there are gods of chaos like Loki.
Is Vandal just in viewing himself a God? He tries to manipulate others. I can see similarities to Aries as well. Some Gods are not interested in balance or creation. He has a superior intellect and considers himself omnipotent. To see the rise and fall of many civilizations, to have lived through history, That is phenomenal! I think it would go to my head. I like to be a know-it-all in trivia. Vandal can dazzle followers with thousands of years of experience. It’s not hard to let that go to your head.


Vandal definitely defines himself as a God, but that’s frequent view among Narcissists and Socio-Paths, which we will see prevalent here as we begin to dive into many of these villains. I think that the term God is irrelevant to what he is, to be honest because it’s too subjective.
Vandal is a supreme natural specimen, but at the end of the day his whole motivator is the philosophy of “survival of the fittest,” and that would suggest that he reveres nature as the supreme equalizer and judge. Using the scale of his own outlook, he’s certainly a champion, but since he’s at the mercy of nature also, he’s not a god even by his own standards, despite whether he suggests it during a narcissistic fit.

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loaded God complexis a play on words, referencing the fact that a person with a God complex can be volatile, much like playing with a loaded gun

Vandal is certainly volatile, in his plots to destroy others regularly.

One of his historic alias of Vandal was an Egyptian priest. I think he makes some of his most powerful references of him being divine.

It has been centuries since I was blessed from the heavens and granted immortality so I might show mortals how to live. Quote2

Vandal Savage
JSA 43 “Yesterday’s War”

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Post 4-8 probably might be better served by moving them to this months thread. My bad, I probably should have started this there.

Still getting the hang of this trying to lead a group.

If there are no objections by midnight Monday, I’ll make a request to see if the mods can move those posts to the other thread.

Please let me know. Thanks!!

JL: Doom is coming back to the service. As a last hurrah to this month, should we watchalong it? I just have an easier time making watchalongs work when they are scheduled on a weekend vs weekdays. Thoughts, fellow “psychologists”? we can work on what to call ourselves.

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JL: Doom is a great animated movie and really shows off Vandal.

Please feel free to set up a WAL. Member involvement is great!!! :+1::+1::+1:

Is this club now defunct?

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Nope. We are still alive and kicking.

You can find this month’s topic here.

And you can find us in the community events calendar for our villain of the month.

Or search the forums using the #psychologyofsupervillains tag.

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