Is anyone else disappointed with the Hush voice cast?

Hush is my favorite comic ever, so I was obviously incredibly hyped when DC announced an animated adaptation. That said, I can’t say I’m at all excited about any of the voice actors that were just revealed. Maybe it wasn’t fair to hope that this was going to be set in its own continuity similar to the Killing Joke movie, but I’m just so sick of seeing the same people in this New 52-inspired universe.

Original article if you haven’t seen it:

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I kind of like it. These movies are connected and I find that cool. I am not that excited to see how Peyton List would do as Batgirl though. She is my age, and I have never thought of her as being that good of an actress or voice actress.

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@Behemoth.Ravenlord I did find it surprising that Batgirl was listed instead of Oracle. Changing Barbara’s role is just another frustrating aspect of this cast. Also, are you thinking of Peyton List from Gotham and The Flash or Peyton List from Disney Channel?

I was really hoping this would be a standalone and we’d finally get Tim Drake in animation.
This is bound to be a disappointment.


I’m going to watch it today, think on it and get back to you later on that!

(Whether I liked the voice talents or not).


@galdeene2 That’s a great point. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t realize Tim was missing at first, but I can’t say I’m surprised. Even though he’s been in Batman Unlimited, Gotham by Gaslight and Batman Ninja, he really does need a proper Robin/Red Robin appearance in one of the main animated films

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I was hoping Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill were reprising their roles as Batman and Joker. They both said that they would love to do the movie. Since it’s set in the New 52 animated continuity, Jason O’Mara is Batman. I don’t mind since Jason is an awesome Batman too.

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Whoops, Disney.

@Behemoth.Ravenlord It’s always confusing having to differentiate between the two just by name. At least this Peyton List has had experience playing Ivy on Gotham

I’m not blown away either. What happened to getting actors in the roles and what happened staying true to the style of the artist. I miss when DC animated did that. I’m sick of this connected universe in these films and Damien. I feel that DC is forcing them on us when the fan community is not for them. I’m also disappointed Huntress won’t be in it. Maybe she will in the final.


@Behemoth.Ravenlord Wait, I’m actually a bit mistaken. The older Peyton List is definitely voicing Ivy, but it looks like the younger Peyton List is actually voicing Batgirl. This just keeps getting more confusing

@nicktews.84875 I actually don’t mind the animation style, partly because I know how difficult it would be to fully adapt Jim Lee’s artwork. But yeah, more Damian and no Huntress is definitely infuriating here

Huh. So it’s Hush but in the animated New 52 continuity? That’s a bit disappointing TBH.

I would’ve much rather it been a standalone whose art style mirrored the source material (similar to the Superman/Batman movies).

I’m not passing judgment until I’ve seen the movie. I’m sure it will be good in any event.


Without spoiling anything about the story for those who haven’t read it. There’s a few characters from the comic that seem to be AWOL, so I’m interested to see how the studio handles those aspects of the story.

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I am disappointed as well. Hush should stand on its own, not be episode 5 of Damian Wayne featuring Batman. It’s bad enough they ruined Court of Owls. I understand Jim Lee’s art style is hard to replicate in animation but if they did it for Michael Turner’s stuff in Apocalypse, they can at least make an attempt. Plus, I can already see that they’re cutting key characters from the original story and shoehorning in others. Don’t get me wrong I think I will enjoy it. But I know while I watch it I’ll have a nagging feeling that it could have been better.

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It’s not a big budget animated movie. I am not an expert but I can imagine DC getting little profit returns on this especially since it’s coming to DCU app now. At least they haven’t stopped making animated movies and still put good quality animations on these movies.

I have to say, I’m alright with the casting. Kevin Conroy will always be my FAVORITE Batman, but that doesn’t mean he’s the only one. I really like Jason O’Mara as Batman and many of the cast are reprising roles they’ve voiced previously. As far as continuity, I hold the animated works as separate from the comics. Similar stories, retold differently, in a different time, by different people. This continuous re-interpretation of stories is a tradition as old as spoken language. It doesn’t work for everyone but this attitude has gotten me over the hump of a lot of things that fans have struggled with.(For Instance, I didn’t mind the Killing Joke, although it didn’t match the potential of the original.) So, take it for what you will but I’m optimistic about Hush.

Yeah there’s definitely reasons for concern, but with DC’S animated track record I still have faith it’ll turn out good.

I’m sure it’ll be fine, but I know both Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil have expressed interest in an adaptation of Hush over the years, so I was really hoping they’d be reprising their roles.

Oh well, c’est la vie. At least there’s Justice League vs the Fatal Five to look forward to.

Besides, I’m sure it’ll turn out great anyway. Just look at the last adaptation of a classic, continuity shaking storyline, Killing Joke where Batman had se–


Oh no.


Am I human garbage for never having read Hush? lol

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