Investigative Report: The State of Rebirth around the time DCU will become Unlimited and when the DC Unlimited Update will most likely be

To start, I’m going to post where the series are at. The issue number and the arc and compare it to its spot in DCU right now.

Data --> Every DC comics of April
April 4th 2018
Astro City #51 --> Not available on DCU
Batman #44 --> DCU: #1-32 + 37
Batman: White Knight #7 --> Not available on DCU
Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands #6 --> Not available on DCU
Bombshells United #15 --> Not available on DCU
Curse of the Brimstone #1 --> Not available on DCU
Cyborg #21 --> #1-5 on DCU
Deathstroke #30 --> #1-6 on DCU
Exit Stage Left the Snagglepuss Chronicles #4 --> Not on DCU (No Comment)
Green Arrow #39 --> #1-6 on DCU
Green Lanterns #44 --> #1-32 on DCU
Harley Quinn #41 --> #1-21 on DCU
Injustice 2 #23 -->#1-17 on DCU
Jetsons #6 --> Not available on DCU
Justice League #42 --> 1-24 on DCU (Not worth your time, JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER)
Nightwing #42 --> #1-4, 7-8 on DCU (Night of Monster Men in the middle)
Shade: The Changing Woman #2 --> Not available on DCU
Superman #44 --> #1-35 on DCU

April 11th
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #21 --> #1-7 on DCU
Detective Comics #978 -->#934 - 940, #941 -974 on DCU
Eternity Girl #2 --> Not available on DCU
The Flash #44 --> Not available on DCU (Except the Button #23-24)
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #42 --> #1-36 on DCU
Immortal Men #1 --> Not available on DCU
Justice League of America #1-28 --> #1-6 on DCU
New Superman and the Justice League of China #22 --> #1-12 on DCU
Red Hood and the Outlaws #21 --> #1-18 on DCU
Scooby Apocalapse #24 --> Not available on DCU (Thank God! Imagine if DCU spent there limited 5000 comic space on Scooby Doo Comics… Now I guess Scooby Doo Comics can join DCU? But Vertigo or Scooby Doo?)
Scooby Doo Where are you #92 --> Not available on DCU(92 comics of it? WHY???)
Sideways #3–> Not available on DCU
Suicide Squad #39 --> #1-4 and #16-20 and #26
Titans #22 --> #1-12
Trinity #21 --> #1-11 on DCU
Wonder Woman #44 --> #1-14 on DCU

April 18th
Action Comics #1000 --> On DCU (#957-992 on DCU Also)
Aquaman #35 --> #1-15 on DCU
Batman #45 --> #1-32 + 37 on DCU
Batman: Creature of the Night #3 --> Not available on DCU
Batman: Sins of the Father #3 --> Not available on DCU
Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #6 --> Not Available on DCU
Batwoman #14 --> Not available on DCU
Bombshells United #16 --> Not available on DCU
Brave and the Bold Batman & Wonder Woman #3 --> Not available on DCU
Cave Carson has an Interstellar Eye #2 --> Not available on DCU
Damage #4 --> Not available on DCU
Deadman #6 --> Not available on DCU
Deathbed #3 --> Not available on DCU
Future Quest Presents #9 --> Not available on DCU
Green Lanterns #45 --> #1-32 on DCU
Harley Quinn #42 --> #1-21 on DCU
Justice League #43 --> #1-24 on DCU
Injustice 2 #24 --> #1-17 on DCU
Mister Miracle #8 --> Not available on DCU
Nightwing #43 --> #1-4 and #7-8 on DCU
Superman #45 --> #1-35 on DCU
Supersons #15 --> #1-12 on DCU
Teen Titans GO #27 --> Not available on DCU

April 25th
Batgirl #22 --> #1-18 on DCU
Batman and the Signal #1-3 --> Not available on DCU
Batman Beyond #19 --> #1-13 on DCU
Demon Hell is Earth #6 --> Not available on DCU
Detective Comics #979 -->#934 - 940, #941 -974 on DCU
Doom Patrol #11 --> #1-6 on DCU
Flash #45 --> Not available on DCU
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #43 --> #1-36 on DCU
Hellblazer #21 --> #1-6 on DCU
Imaginary Friends #6 --> Not available on DCU
Justice League of America #29 --> #1-6 on DCU
Mera Queen of Atlantis #3 --> Not available on DCU
Mother Panic Gotham A D #2 --> Not available on DCU
Motherlands #4 --> Not available on DCU
Raven Daughter of Darkness #4–> Not available on DCU (#1-6 used to be I think)
Scooby Doo Team Up #37 --> Not available on DCU
Silencer #4 --> Not available on DCU
Suicide Squad #40 --> #1-4 and #16-20 and #26
Teen Titans #19 --> #1-14, 16 on DCU
Terrifics #3 --> Not available on DCU
Titans Annual #2 --> #1 or 2 not available on DCU
Trinity #22 --> #1-11 on DCU
Wonder Woman #45 --> #1-14 on DCU

So what does this all mean?
First of all the most recent comic on DCU excluding the YJ Exclusive is Action Comics #1000 which debuts on the 18th of April. So at that date DC will be able to have only everything published before April 2018 without removing anything. A couple of the series are really far behind, in fact if you’ve read every rebirth comic assuming the debut date is April 18th, you will have 523 new recent Comics to read excluding Scooby Doo and Astro City. Most of which will be hard to pick back up until you catch up. One of my goals with the Every New Comic segment I’m doing is finding good entrance points for the various series especially with how serialized comics can be. Fortunately at the start of May is Justice League : No Justice which kicks off the best Justice League Run this decade and the Flash begins his big event. Along with reboots of Green Lantern, Justice League (Dark and Odyssey), and Catwoman coming up soon! By the end of 2019 almost every series will either be over or have had a big jumping on point. The problem is jumping on now. We are still waiting to see how DC does collections but I hope this helpful. It will be interesting to see how many people will read a series and say I want to buy this years worth so I can be fully current. For example after reading Justice League’s reboot #1-6 alone, I’m sure people will get impatient (like really impatient. It’s that good!!).

Basing the data I have on I would predict that DC Unlimited will debut with the April 18th comics. In the mean time make sure to catch up on Batman Rebirth, Detective Comics Rebirth, and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. DONT try to read Justice League Rebirth, Hellblazer, Titans, Teen Titans, Trinity, and Nightwing Rebirth as all of those series are nearing the end of their runs at this time! (Not to say they aren’t fantastic!!)

Thanks everyone for making it to the end. What struck you about the data? Do you think April 18th is the right date? What series would you recommend reading while we are waiting and which series would you recommend not to read for catch up?

-Nathan.Payson (Your friendly neighborhood reporter)


What’s nice is that you’ll be able to read all the New 52 stuff that leads into and remains canon in Rebirth as well.


Yep. Only New 52 isn’t all that great.



I bought into New 52 when our first came out. But I saw pretty quick how it was going to have to be retconned. And since the vast majority of the titles had no continuity with the rest, it felt like a bunch of disjointed stories.

So, I never really got into Rebirth. It just seemed to build on a faulty foundation.

With Doomsday Clock coming to an end, is Rebirth worth wasting my time on?

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By the way, I really appreciate the list. I hope the service does something like this for the subscribers on an ongoing basis.

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@harley.333 No. Most of the series are fantastic. From Aquaman to Superman to The Flash, Batman and Green Lanterns. From Action Comics to Detective Comics, from New Super-man to Batwoman, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Redhood all of these series are fantastic. (There’s many more great series that I just am out of time on). We don’t know how Doomsday will fit itself into the whole narrative. So I’d be patient on that aspect of it. But for now? I would say that its absolutely worth your time!!

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Thanks Nathan this is very encouraging . I didn’t realize the Immortal men had only just started its run last year at this time. I’m very anxious to read the issues that were published. I thought it was a fantastic idea.

Also The Terrifics will be an anticipated entertainment month to month this year going forward.

The big unanswered questions are whether we are getting stuff a year after physical release or ComiXology release and whether the entire library will be released at once or in smaller weekly updates like we’ve been getting.

20,000 comics is alot of material even if a lot of the DC ones available on ComiXology are incomplete. Marvel Unlimited is just now hitting 25,000 after ten years of new releases and filling gaps. I think its unlikely DC is going to drop all that content on here at once. What we’ll probably see is what we’ve seen already: weekly new releases focusing on popular titles, requested titles and titles that tie in with movie and TV releases. I expect that most (if not all) of the Rebirth material and alot of the New 52 stuff that is not already up will be added in short order but we might still have to wait a while for alot of the more obscure stuff lurking in the corners.


@TheDemonEtrigan, that was my takeaway from the announcement as well. One of my favorite things to do with Marvel Unlimited is to follow a series as it’s released there, so it would be nice if DCU released new titles as soon as they’re exactly a year old while filling in gaps for older issues.


My big hope is that the community revolves around discussing the place of the DCU comic place and give comic fans a chance to experience the series with each other for the first time.

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I would think if it is going to be released in smaller updates they would have to be bigger then the ones we have been getting. Even at 100 a week by the end of the year wouldn’t even bring the current count to 10,000. It would take years to get to 20,000 at the rate they update now, or even a month ago when the updates were larger. Don’t think they would tout 20,000 if it was going to take all year or years to to get to that point. But I might be wrong, am sure it will be made more clear in the coming weeks.

Thanks for the info.

For me. I am going to start at the new 52 and work my way forward. I am in no hurry to get caught up and if takes me a few years then that is just find. When using the service from the other major provider I went back about 10 years and it was great getting back in touch with with the stories. Just no skips from comics in the last 10 years would be fantastic.

DC is making strong moves here so lets all try and be positive while keeping them honest when the drop the ball.


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@dan they have dropped over 1000 in a single day before. In january. The next day was another 1000. I think it will be that rate.

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Another comic to consider skipping is Detective Comic as Tomasi’s run begins with issue #982 and DCU will be at 979.

My thought is that we’ll probably get at least one heavy drop a month with the rest of the weeks being far more modest. If they do about 400 comics a week they’ll be up to 20,000 by this time next year. The other possibility is that they go from weekly additions to daily (or at least five days a week).

I think its also possible since the announcement said “at least a year” that DC may wait to release things until they can form a complete arc. Instead of getting the first issue of a new series a year after it releases we may get the first five or six as many months later. We may not see any more of Doomsday Clock for example until a year after the last issue releases (whenever that will be).

Although I just read a MOD post in another thread that did suggest everything was getting dropped at once…

I’ll hoping it’s the complete arc thing myself but I wouldn’t mind either way.

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I think it would make sense to release things by arc since it makes it a ton easier to read. My biggest problem with the titles I read monthly (and I’m only buying maybe ten books at this point) is that by the time a new issue rolls around I’ve forgotten what happened in the last one.