Introduce Me To Your Favorite Character

I’ve been reading comics for a long time. Lately I’ve read a lot of Batman and Superman. I want to branch out some though. I read Demon Knights recently and loved that collection of characters.

So, tell me who your favorite character is, what makes them awesome, and a series or storyline to read as introduction to that character. I don’t care if they are a main character, b-character, or just a background character. Taking all suggestions.

For me personally: Booster Gold is my favorite character. The first comic I read with him was when he took a hit from Doomsday in Justice League # 69 during the Death of Superman, but he didn’t become my favorite character until I read ‘52’.

The characterization of the hapless hero trying hard to be liked by everyone (and make money/fame on the side - or is it money/fame first and then be liked by everyone) and then his progression through the series made me want to learn more about him. I then went back to his first series and saw how little had really changed about him from then until 52.

He remains my favorite character in all of his appearances, even the cartoons. His Justice League Unlimited episode perfectly captures his character, and his appearances in the Brave and the Bold are some of the best episodes of that series. The opening segment of A Bat Divided has a great bit with Booster. He’s just an easy character to like.


I think my favorite character is Alan Scott. I don’t know that he has the best runs, but I find him really compelling and important. Obviously he’s the first Green Lantern (and without him we wouldn’t have the DC Universe we do today). If I had to pick two stories to read, they’d be: “Brightest Day, Blackest Night” written by Steven T. Seagle and painted by John K. Snyder III, and the “Earth 2” run. I think they’re the best.

“Brightest Day, Blackest Night” as some of the best art I’ve seen in a graphic novel but isn’t available on DCU unfortunately. However, “Earth 2” is and reveals him to be homosexual (some nice inclusivity that I think really builds upon the character) and is just a great story overall. Definitely give them a read if you haven’t already.


My fav is Black Canary and I’m currently working on the second half of her origin. Tracing her steps from the start is proving to become pretty shotty due to i■■ues in her continuity.

I’m doing all this via my Youtube channel, “ParallaxCreates” if you all want to check it out.

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I’ve only known Alan Scott from some JSA issues I had. I think the most prominent to feature him was the JSA/JLA crossover graphic novel Virtue and Vice. I’m not sure that it’s on DCUniverse, but I remember them talking about the ‘starheart’ that powered Alan Scott, and how it was similar but not the same as what powered the Green Lanterns. Basically he could do anything he wanted as long as he focused enough on it (or something similar - in the issue I think he opened a portal to earth from Limbo by ‘willing’ it).

I haven’t read Earth 2 - not completely. More a few issues here a few issues there. I’ll make sure to check those runs out and let you know what I think.

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I will certainly check out your YouTube channel. Maybe more than any other character I know of, Black Canary’s continuity has always seemed lost to me. She’s a new character, or really old character, or daughter of the old character. Just difficult to wrap my head around before New 52, and then I just stayed away after New 52.

I don’t know what they are doing with her origin during Rebirth, although I read some Green Arrow Rebirth and it seems like something that is just easier for everyone if they skip over her origin (or that’s what I picked up from reading it).

Black Canary has a little confusion in her past, but is pretty simple to understand from sometime in the ‘80s on. Definitely don’t let the retcons scare you off. I highly recommend reading Birds of Prey. I’d gush in more detail but I’m on my phone at the moment, so I’ll have to come back later.


OK, now that I have a real keyboard:

Birds of Prey (of which Black Canary is a main character) is a fantastic series. Personally, I really like Chuck Dixon’s writing, but he’s a little off his game in the original oneshots and the Manhunt miniseries, but I love his run on the ongoing, and Gail Simone’s is probably even better. The original Dixon run with just Oracle and Black Canary is an interesting sort of platonic love story about two people who’ve been through hell (The Killing Joke and The Longbow Hunters not required reading but they provide some context) and manage to be stronger both personally and as heroes by working together. Simone’s run expands the cast and goes in a somewhat different direction, but it’s also really entertaining. While some of the other, shorter-lived writers are a bit weaker, I’d say there’s not actually a bad issue in the entire first two volumes (the 2010 series being essentially a short-lived continuation of Simone’s run).

Can’t recommend this series enough.


It’s pretty crazy, she was first a criminal - then they forgot they introduced her as that so they retconned that she was actually undercover the whole time. The best part later was anothe retcon about her not being her but instead being her daughter :flushed:


My favorite character is Captain Marvel/Shazam
For comics, I’d recommend Jeff Smith’s “Monster Society of Evil,” “Superman/Shazam: First Thunder,” “Shazam: The New Beginning,” and ESPECIALLY “Shazam: Power of Hope.” He also has some INCREDIBLE moments in the comics “Kingdom Come” and “Justice.”
For other media, Justice League Unlimited “Clash,” Batman: TBTB “Power of Shazam” and “The Malicious Mr. Mind,” Young Justice “Alpha Male” and “Misplaced,” and the “Superman/Shazam: Return of Black Adam” animated feature.


I love Supergirl; she’s traditionally been the more interesting member of the “OG” Super-Family, and more relatable than her cousin, and my love for her has only increased with the advent of the Arrowverse’s Supergirl TV series (although I’m a couple of seasons behind).

I’m not really an avid comics reader, but I have read and really enjoyed both the New 52 Kara Zor-El Supergirl series started by Michael Green and Mike Johnson and Peter David’s post-Crisis series featuring the character of Linda Danvers slash Matrix.


Cassandra Cain was a mysterious young woman that appeared in Gotham after it was struck by an earthquake. Mute and illiterate, she also possessed superior martial arts skills, all of which were attributed to her upbringing by reputed assassin David Cain. Granted the mantel of Batgirl, she was driven to protect life at all costs, even her own. Her journey to work past this death wish was excellently chronicled in her Batgirl solo title, which I highly recommend.


@Mr_Morbach and @DigificWriter
You’ve both given me some characters to explore. Both Supergirl and Casandra Cain have been background characters in comics I have read.

I still remember reading the Death of Superman way back when and wondering why Supergirl turned into a grey blob when punched by Doomsday. I know she was Linda Danvers, but not what made her different from Superman. If you had to pick a place to start for Supergirl, New 52 or Linda Danvers?

Same for Cassandra Cain. I know a little of her myth and background, that being mute made her a better fighter because it was the only way she knew how to communicate. Where would you suggest starting with her? Jumping into her Batgirl series or first appearances?

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Kara Zor-El and the post-crisis Linda Danvers/Matrix Supergirl are totally different characters, so you could honestly read both series.

The Peter David series is more supernatural, magic, and religion-based and oriented than the New 52 Supergirl series and isn’t really a ‘clean slate’ series, so if you don’t want to have to do any research, I’d start with the New 52 series.


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Batman # 567 & Detective Comics #734 is the two parter where Cass first appeared. It’d be a good idea to start from there. It’s during No Man’s Land that she becomes Batgirl, but I haven’t read the rest of that story in a long time. Definitely read that and her Batgirl ongoing.
As some here could already attest, I recommend avoiding her reinvention at all costs. Some are okay with it, but I’m of the mind that it sacrificed the genuine heart, poetry, and development of Cass’ original history for, basically, someone’s fanfiction, and doesn’t quite hold up as an origin on its own.

I thought Matrix and Linda Danvers were two different people?

But regardless, Cass’s solo series is a solid starting point (her first appearance is a little sparse on details), and she got sidelined very shortly after and has had a rocky history since, so it’s probably the main place to look. Personally, I also liked her showing in Detective Comics Rebirth, but her rebooted history is kind of awkwardly implemented.

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@BatJamags They are, but they’re also a “gestalt entity”.

Also, just so we’re clear, the post-Crisis Linda Danvers is a separate character from the pre-Crisis and post-Crisis Kara Zor Els, both of whom used the alias of Linda Danvers.

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Lol! That’s my story too, I bought them all dating back to the first run with Batgirl in 98 or 99? I read them all over the span of last year. Love them all.

I’m going to cast my two cents in with @DigificWriter I did not know much about Supergirl’s character or story-line until a few years ago. The CW had finished its first season of Supergirl and I was reluctant to give it a chance. I was under the (false) impression that she was just a knock-off version of Superman, who I had loved as a child, but when I gave her a chance her story fascinated me.
The more I looked into her, the more I loved her character even with all the weird twists her story has been through. I would also suggest the New 52 Supergirl as a good starting point. It has one of my personal favorite character arcs for her, and really shows the depth in how different she is to Superman, while also maintaining ways they are similar. She has made it to the top of my favorite DC character’s list, and I don’t foresee her coming down any time soon.
Sorry for the long post :grimacing:

My favorite character is Nightwing (Dick Grayson).
What makes him awesome to me is he was the first Robin, founder and leader of the Teen Titans, and outgrew his mentor. But what hooked me on him was his personality. I always loved the contrast that Robin was to Batman. While Batman is cool he lacks personality. He’s always stale. Robin brought life to him on top of having Batman’s skills and made him more enjoyable to me. When I was first getting into comics, Robin was always changing and different in everything I saw him in. I learned there had been more than one and figured out that everything I liked from Robin Dick was under the mask and found Nightwing.
Dick is charming, whitty, sarcastic, and loves to make fun of and taunt his foes. It’s funny and enjoyable to watch how he makes them squirm and get under their skin. This is also another I’ve grown to love him because while Batman has Joker and Superman has Lex, etc. Nightwing doesn’t really have an arch nemesis for that reason exactly. He gets under all of their skins to the point where they all despise him. On top of all that, I find him to be the most well rounded of the Batfamily in both character and skills.
Recommended reading would have to be Chuck Dixon’s run from the 90s, Vols 4-8 of The New Teen Titans from Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s run, and Grayson from Tim Seeley. I would also suggest watching or playing if you haven’t or maybe you have idk Nightwing’s episode pack from Batman: Arkham Knight. I love the banter and chemistry he has with Penguin!


I really like Loeb’s 2005 Supergirl run too, you should check it out. I think it’s on here somewhere. :clark_hv_3: