If You Could Have Anyone Make Your Dream Book, Who/What Would It Be?

The title pretty much sums it up. Everyone has their favorite characters and many have favorite artists and/or writers in the industry.

So on that note, In a magical hypothetical scenario where you could get any creatives logistics be darned, and have them create whatever DC book you wanted, what and who would it be?

For example if such a scenario were to happen for me, id love to see Ryan North and Evan Shaner team up on an ‘Artemis and the Bana’ book. Might be entirely out of left field, but that is the power of what ifs~!


Superman by Mark Waid with art by either Gleb Melnikov:

Or Scott Kolins:


Do they have to be alive? Because if not, I’d get Dwayne McDuffie and Darwyn Cooke on The Question.


Tom Taylor and Joelle Jones on a Tim Drake book :heart_eyes:


I probably would’ve pick Mike Parobeck for Superman Adventures.:slightly_smiling_face:
And Rick Burchett for Stargirl comic.


Alive, dead, tied to another publisher through contracts, have never been in the comic industry. Anything goes.


It already exists, the sandman but how about with art by Greg capullo and/or Kentaro miura.


1a. Kurt Busiek on Justice Society of America (or perhaps a revival of All-Star Squadron or something similar featuring all of DC’s Golden Age characters). One of my favorite writers (who’s great at writing comics featuring large [read: sprawling] casts of heroes) paired with my favorite team/era. I feel like the sensibilities would match up well.

1b. Barring that, Roy Thomas getting to complete his original pre-Crisis vision for All-Star Squadron.

  1. Mark Waid on Superman/Action (monthly). Because it’s his stated life-long dream, and I like to see people achieve their dreams.

  2. Geoff Johns on Wonder Woman. Because I think she’s the last major character that he hasn’t written a solo title/story for for any significant length of time, and I’d kinda like to see him “complete the set” (so to speak). It would be pretty neat, I think, for DC to have one writer who’s had influential/well-regarded runs on titles (or limited series) for every signficant character and team in the company’s history.


Well, if I just go favorite character/favorite writer/favorite artist, I wind up with Denny O’Neil and George Perez on Batman, which hasn’t quite happened but I feel like the main draw (so to speak) would be seeing Perez draw Gotham City.

Being a bit more flexible (and not sure about artists for most of these)…

  • I want an Oracle solo series. The writer whose work on the character I’ve liked best is probably Chuck Dixon, but that’s basically what early Birds of Prey was. Maybe John Ostrander? Actually, a John Ostrander/Tom Mandrake Oracle book would be pretty great. But I also feel like it would be good to get a new take. I haven’t been following his Batman, but I liked James Tynion IV on Detective Comics and I think he’d be a solid if somewhat safe choice.

  • For a dream Batman run… I feel like the fact that Gail Simone hasn’t done a Batman run is like living in a world where chocolate and peanut butter both exist but nobody’s ever thought to put them together.

  • Or if we count writers finishing runs that got derailed before their time, Dixon’s Nightwing stops really abruptly, and a lot of it doesn’t get resolved thereafter.


Well, I came close to having my dream book back in the early '70s when Denny O’Neil, Curt Swan, and Murphy Anderson gave me the “Superman: Kryptonite Nevermore” storyline. But if I can cherry-pick a creative team for my dream book it would be Len Wein, Neal Adams, and Dick Giordano on satellite-era Justice League of America.


Hawkman by Frank Miller. I have no idea if it will be good, but it will at least keep my attention.


Okay so Check It:

Red Hood: Outlaw by Tom Taylor & Jorge Jimenez

Black Lightning by David F Walker

Titans by James Tynion IV
(Nightwing, Cyborg, Donna, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Wally West Flash)

Batwing & The Signal by John Ridley & Scott Snyder . Art w/ Cully Hamner

Green Arrow by Tom Taylor

AND (Follow me on this)

A Black Justice League (Black Lightning, Vixen, Cyborg, Tim Fox, John Stewart, Naomi, & Nubia (or Yara eventually)) by Anybody that can pull it off :grimacing::rofl:


You have my attention.

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Which one did it :joy:

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They’re all great calls, is what I’m saying.

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Aw ■■■■ lol I appreciate it :fist:t5:


I would literally sell my soul to have Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale do a Batman run focused on the villains. I think Jeph Loeb is a talented writer, but practically all of his stories are about the hero. Seeing him do the Batman villains and explore their backstories would be awesome.


An Extrano book written by Steve Orlando and drawn by Noelle Stevenson. Just imagine what could result of such a combination…

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Mark Waid and George Perez doing whatever in the DCU…

Got it!


His name was Dwayne McDuffie and he did just about pull it off.

In his last arc on Justice League of America in 2009 his JLA roster was

Firestorm (Jason Rasuch)
Green Lantern (John Stewart)
Dr. Light

with some other Dakotaverse characters and Superman showing up