If Harley Shows Up One More Time in a Book That Isn’t Her’s, I’m Gonna Lose It

I just wanted to vent a little, about how I’m so sick of Harley Quinn showing up in every comic book under the sun. There are so many better characters that could be used and yet, writers keep coming back to her. At this point, no Batman villain feels overused next to her. I honestly need a break from seeing her face, maybe I should try Superman or Green Lantern for awhile, they’re safe from her I would hope.

What do you guys think? Is she annoying and overused? Or just fine the way she is?


I get what ya mean. I’m not angry about it because I naturally gravitate toward some fairly Harley Proof titles, but I see it. Even just seeing it makes me think it’s a lot.


I’m not gonna lie. I’m right there with you on feeling she’s over saturated in the DC Universe!
That being said, I don’t think we can expect her presence to wear off anytime soon.
(Personally, I started getting sick of her when NECA chose to do a 7"scale version of her from one of the ARKHAM City games instead of following up their 7" Adam West Batman with a Burt Ward Robin)


The current Superman and Green Lantern books are 100% Harley-Free™, as are (among others):

● all titles in the Justice League line
● Metal Men
● Shazam!
● Young Justice

If Harley-Free™ is what you wish a book to be, the options are quite plentiful, you’ll see.


I mean, she’s still not as overused as Batman.


Maybe a little, but if we are cleaning that swamp, the trinity to me feels like a much bigger problem.

If some characters are overused, it is them. Hell, every single Supergirl comic the last year but one has been led by a trinity member while the person who should have been the protagonist was left a vegetable.

I don’t think Harley even plays in the same league.


Not the case for me. Harley Quinn has gotten me back into comic books (something I should never have “grown up” from reading). So, she can’t possibly be over-saturated to me. I say that a bit tongue-in-cheek, but hey :wink:


I second that notion. I am seriously Batman’ed out.


She’s not in Superman Adventures, Shazam and Batman Beyond (Early years) comics.:slightly_smiling_face: So far I haven’t seen her in The Adventures of Super Sons.


I’m inclined to agree, but don’t feel I have room to do so, seeing as how I’m a Batman fan :sweat_smile:


Kinda feel the same. Big Trinity fan. I wouldn’t mind if they increased the number of Superman or Wonder Woman titles (Batman has enough :joy:), so would be a bit hypocritical on my part to complain about characters being overused. Having said that, I feel that Harley is heavily promoted by DC in other media (movies, TV, etc), but I don’t feel like she’s “overused” in the comics. Maybe it’s the books I read.


Like @Kon-El said, she’s not in most of the books I read, so I’m not effected by it- but I see it. Same with the Batman Who Laughs. I see him being used all over and just roll my eyes at it. Its like a radio station seeing that everyone enjoys a song then playing it 15 times a day 7 days a week until you can’t stand something you once enjoyed.




She’s very over saturated but I remember liking Kesel and Dodson’s run back in the day. She became a big ol’ goofball like how Daniel Way wrote Deadpool though and it kinda got annoying to me. I haven’t read any of her stuff since Connor left.


There is definitely too much of a good thing. I don’t care to see my favorite characters in more than one or two books at a time. Gotta share panel time, man!


I love her, but she’s in way to many books. We need another breakout character fast.

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Honestly, I think it’s terrible that they’ve taken a mass murderer and made her into a hero. It’s not right.
I think there’s lots of interesting stories to tell about Harley (and most of them have already been told, multiple times). And redemption could be one of those stories. But to make her a headliner, next to the trinity… it’s not right.


I don’t find her annoying or anything, but I do agree she’s overused.


Harley sells comics. It is really just that simple. If she didn’t & for example, say Jimmy Olsen did we would see him in multiple comics instead.

That’s what its all about, not which characters a writer likes. They all work within a framework set by the front office based on popularity and profitability. But that is one reason why they have such variety of titles, so anyone can find something that they like.

The Trinity? Batman? They, too, are extremely popular and profitable so that is why you see them as much as you do.


This is where retcon’s come into play- Harley was always near Joker while he caused chaos, but its up for debate how much of a hand she actually had in it.

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