I Wonder if the Gotham TV Show Could Get Its Own Sequel Comic Book Series

I wonder if the Gotham tv show (similarly but obviously quite a bit different to how Smallville tv show had gotten its own sequel comic book issues series) could get its own sequel comic book issues series that provides Gotham tv show its own version of the entire new 52 Batman fictional event timeline incorporated in adjacent to the DC comics Animated Universe Batman fictional event timeline with the entire DC comics Future State/Infinite Frontier Batman fictional event timeline and the DC comics Arrowverse Batwoman/Bat family/Flash tv show/DC Legends of Tomorrow tv show/Arrow( and what was going to be Arrow and the Canaries tv show) tv show/Black Lightning tv show/Supergirl tv show/Superman and Lois tv show fictional event timeline? Basically a overall Gotham tv show comic book Batman/other DC comics characters semiamalgamation(multi-combo)/Elseworld fictional event timeline that incorporates various versions of those fictional events from the fictional timelines of those other dc comics storylines of the Batman storyline.


I guess it would depend on if they have a creative team that has a vision for it and, perhaps more importantly, if the corporate brass at DC believe they can make profit off of it. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but while I enjoyed what I saw of Gotham, I think it’s fair to say it didn’t have as much impact with the fan community as, say, Smallville or Superman '78 or Batman '89.

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Agreed. By the end of the show, it was pretty clear where the story was going. If they can find someone who wanted to tell that story or had another idea where to go for it, maybe. It all depends if there’s a demand for it or not.

I think it was more that the topic didn’t belong in the help section, so they moved it here.

I loved Gotham and the universe they created to go with their version of the characters. It took me forever to watch the end of season 5 because I didn’t want Gotham to be over. If BTAS gets an “adventures continue” series after all this time I don’t think it’s out of the question for a series to be set in the Gotham universe. I’ve been re-watching episodes lately and really missing this show.

I honestly curious if in the Batman Beyond time period would the Gotham tv show version of Barbara Kean

If she is still alive Gotham tv
who is Barbara Gordan aka Batgirl’s biological mother and is also a decade or two decades at least older than Gotham tv show versions of Bruce Wayne aka Batman and Selina Kyle aka Catwoman would Barbara Kean be still alive since Barbara Gordan was somewhere in her fifties, sixties, or seventies while Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle were somewhere in their seventies, eighties , and nineties. If she is still alive by the time of Batman Beyond Gotham tv show version of Barbara Kean would be in some sort of futuristic nursing home or directly receiving the futuristic geriatric care while living with her biological daughter Commissioner Barbara Gordan. At the very least it would be highly interesting to see year by year decade by decade extremely detailed age progression artworks of Barbara Kean next to the other major Gotham tv show/Batman sub franchise characters through Barbara Kean’s 40s, 50’s, 60’s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 100s, 110s, and 120s years old.

It was a really fun show. I think once Hugo Strange was introduced, the show really found its voice. You’d think something as tired as a secret twin would bring things down, but what they did with Jerome and Jeremiah was fantastic.

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And Age Progression possibly into Gotham tv show Barbara Kean’s 130s, 140s, 150s, 160s, 170s, and 180s depending the futuristic super longevity/geriatric technology and characters’ personally chosen long-term lifestyle. Raymond James commercial- Emily Skinner, and Sci-fy channel Dust CXL.



And maybe providing DC comics artist Mikel Janin another gradual (but slow gradual rather than his previous rapid gradual) extreme old age age progression comic book issues-series artwork project.

What would be interesting to see in a Gotham comic is how the city thats been through so much already handle this new masked character that wants to help them. We know the underworld is gonna be afraid of Batman, but what did the average citizen think?

They would undoubtedly be philosophically divided between the South Western old west American social historical debate over the pros-cons of vigilanteism do to the historical example of the Old West’s public arena vigilante lynching of those truly are innocent with those who are truly guilty. And then their is the American Revolution and British Revolution debates between small governments and large governments nearing/evolving into tyrannical governments and particularly when superpowered vigilantes come into gotham they would undoubtedly be debating/arguing over the right to hold guns but particularly through their world’s reworld parallel being rather or not having those with superpowers of any kind biological/mechanical/magical being allowed genuinely free and open in public arena of society.

I was thinking more if they trusted him as their protector or if they viewed him as just as crazy as the rest of the costumed criminals popping up.

I was saying the same thing but with the American soci-historical connections that both Marvel comics and DC do with their storylines.

Not sure how those would apply to the show

I’m sorry but this has to be said…please stop copying and pasting things from websites.

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Ok But what is wrong with trying provide a bit of internet research examples of being discussed?

Providing the information itself isn’t bad, it’s how you format it in terms of presentation. All I’m seeing are headlines, not actual points. I’m also not seeing you yourself discussing it, rather, standing on the shoulders of others.

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That is because of not being able to leave internet links do to being too new of a member honestly please consider with anyone else in similar situations as mine what other options are there but simply leaving headlines it would be easier to discuss if I could leave links. And also I thought that I had sort of discussed with my first few responses to your question about how maybe the average citizens of Gotham city would react and respond to Gotham city basically the artists and comic writers would draw inspiration from both current religious socioeconomic-political events/situations, past/historical religious socioeconomic-political situations and events and theoretically possible futuristic(near futuristic, distant futuristic, and far futuristic) yet to come religious socioeconomic-political events/situations.

And please understand not everything is about the socio-political-religion links you frequently attach to your threads.

Please don’t take this as a personal attack. It’s a way to keep the topics on track.

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Yeah, I have to agree w/ @superby1. If you’re gonna utilize outside articles in discussions, it’s much better to copy and paste the link to generate a preview or use it in a hyperlink. It takes up far less space and just looks a lot less awkward in general. It really would help these discussions go a lot better overall

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