I seem to always be lost x.x

I finished the new 52 batman… I think. last thing I read was the the epilogue #10 .I decided to read dc rebirth and then first page says I should read justice league 50 and superman 52… now I’m just like what’s what?! I’m trying to find what the new 52 came out with like why am I struggling with this ?


Snarky, unhelpful answer incoming:

Welcome to comics.


Maybe I can help, at least a little.

Explaining this might not be my best move though, haha… I’m sure someone will correct me or explain it better under me if I fail.

New 52 was before Rebirth. Think of Rebirth as a continuation of ALL the new 52 titles. So the new 52 Batman had… 52 issues I think? And after issue 52? It would technically be Batman #1: Rebirth. Then Batman #1 from the rebirth run. Am I making sense?

Every Rebirth series also had a one shot called [INSERT NAME HERE]: Rebirth before the actual full-on run started, It’s been a while but if my memory serves the purpose of these issues was to sort of set up the status of where that book was going and what it would be dealing with.

Similiarly DC:Rebirth #1 was the same thing, just to set the tone for the ENTIRE DC universe.

I really hope this helps. If I wasn’t clear, please just let me know and I’ll see if I can do it a little better.

PS. I think you’ll be fine if you just wanna start with all the Rebirth stuff and skip the New 52. With that being said, if you need some New 52 suggestions feel free to ask as well!


Don’t feel bad. I’ve been reading comics for decades, and the beginning of the Rebirth era confused me greatly.


Don’t worry about that comment. It is basically just to say that it takes place after those issues. They aren’t really important to the story itself.

The Justice League issue (or rather the storyline that ended with issue 50) put forth the whole 3 Jokers question for the first time, but didn’t really go into much more depth than what we see in DC Universe: Rebirth 1

Superman 52 ended the storyline regarding the New 52 Superman and brought back the Superman we see from Rebirth and forward.


Is the new 52 #1 on here ?

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Do you mean Batman: Rebirth 1? If so, then yes it is here:

Batman: Rebirth #1

Re Rebirth

You can read Batman 2016 after Finishing Batman 2011

You should know that Tom King has a very long game plan in this title.

This Batman is different from what you read.

Any character you don’t recognize are introduced in the title.

Catwoman is very important but you wo3nt see her for a while and won’t understand her situation when she is introduced.

There is only major crossover with Detective Comics and Nightwing early one. Detective Comics was one of the best series in 2016 and Nightwing was a good ckmic back then.

If you want to know what is go in tje the general DC Universe with Rebirth.

Read DC Universe Rebirth 1

You don’t need to read anything before that

All you need to know is that the New 53 Superman died. He has been teplaced by the previous version of Superman

Superman Lois and Clark
Superman 2016
Super Sons
Tells that story
It mainly concerns Jon Kent the son of Superman

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If you are interested, I would recommend reading some of the older batman stories like The Long Halloween, Dark Victory and Batman By Grant Morrison to get some context, but start with Batman:Rebirth #1 and then Tom Kings OK-ish run

For world context, I would recommend reading Flashpoint, The one shot DC Rebirth, Learn about Wally West, and then read Doomsday Clock/Watchmen

And yes, all you need to know for Superman is that the one from the previous continuity survived with Lois and his new son John and replaced the main one from the New 52 when he died

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There was a thread on Batman.Comics

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Thanx so very much for asking this Q.!




I know this is from over a month ago, but @MarcoBlack, if by “New 52 #1” you’re asking about the very first New 52 comic, then in terms of publication that would be Justice League (2011) #1, by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.

For any other first issue of a New 52 title you (or anyone else) may be curious about, they’re all here as well.