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do you write wtories?


I was a reporter once. I wrote stories to make empires fall, and titans into caged vermin. These days, it’s become so the only sentences I help write are 20 to life.


@HubCityQuestion hey do you still write stories

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Sometimes. But these days I prefer to be a source of information for others.


Hi The Question, long time listener, first time caller. I’m hearing a lot of steam behind this “flat earth” theory. Is there anything to it?


Sup Q? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Also…how many flavors of ice cream does Baskin Robbins really have?


I’m glad you asked, Applejack. The thing these “flat earth” theorists get wrong is that they don’t go far enough. We don’t merely exist in a Flat Earth, but a Flat Universe. People, words, our very thoughts- all we know exists in two dimensions, as if images on a page. For more, I recommend looking into Ultra Comics. Or perhaps it’s better if you don’t. Next caller.


Vroom, you pose your zoological question as hypothetical. But let me counter with one of my own: why do you assume a woodchuck CAN’T chuck wood? How else would it have earned its name?

As for your ice cream query… it’s not how many there are, but what’s inside them, and who’s paying for it. I’ve advised Superman away from the pistachio.


Thank you for your time, @HubCityQuestion. Big fan.


Oh, a woodchuck can chuck wood. There’s no doubt! Ranger Joe’s puppet friend on Full House likes…“wood!”.

…because he’s a woodchuck.


Hey Question I am I huge fan of yours, I have a question, are you a good friend with Jack Ryder? That guy gives me a creepy nightmare! :cold_sweat:

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Ryder and I have a… complicated relationship. Sure, we share similar backgrounds, and have even work in the same fields, but the man is an unhinged quack. Sadly, unlike my particular brand of quackiness, it’s the kind of quack that gets ratings despite the radical unsubstantiated propaganda he spreads. Or perhaps, I fear sometimes, because of it. Simply put, a man we’re all dumber for knowing.


Ok, I got one mystery, what I’m about to say, I don’t think one of the DC Mods will ever like me again! :cold_sweat: A few days ago a mysterious new DC Mods name the Riddler appear out of knowwhere, I thought it was Harleys Puddin, cause he started the riddle, but he get upset and say it isn’t him! The Riddler only appear once a week leaving riddles and threating anyone including Applejack! Question who is The Riddler?


You want to know who The Riddler is? I’ll tell you. The Riddler is a pitiable wretch who seeks his own punishment in the guise of a challenge. He’s a man who becomes incensed when he loses, and despondent when he wins.

Who is The Riddler? An intellectual masochist.


Mr. Question, being of sound mind, I am a rational skeptic and prefer facts over paranoid speculation, but I love a good conspiracy theory. However, I hate a bad one. Can you clear up once and for all whether there are FEMA camps or chem trails?

Also, is Alex Jones actually working for… THEM, as I suspect? Flint, MI water crisis – human incompetence or diabolical government intentions? What is the Mothman trying to warn us about? How many questions are too many questions? Are questions really even questions, or our darkest wonderings birthed into a spider web of quantum realizations that are ever expanding? How long can it all be sustained???:grimacing::fearful::cold_sweat::tired_face::scream: Who stole my lunch out of the refrigerator??? Where’s my medicine??? Noooooo!!!


Thanks for writing in, Ben. I’ll make this quick.

  1. The only people the government are secretly rounding up are metahumans, so if you don’t have superpowers you can worry about other things.

  2. Chemtrails aren’t actually real - or at least they weren’t until WE gave them the idea. Chemicals only started getting sprayed out of planes when it became too crazy an idea for anyone to believe.

  3. Alex Jones, like so many other rage trafficking pundits, has fallen prey to the Anti-Life Equation. So not THEM, but HIM.

  4. Flint, Michigan is a result of good old not caring about poor people. No conspiracy there but the oldest one in the book. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

  5. Mothman is a bit like Pariah, on a smaller scale. His presence indicates the impending nature of a catastrophic accident resulting in loss of human life, but I suspect not even he’s aware of anything more specific than that. Just be on your guard.

  6. There’s no such thing as too many questions. When we stop asking, we lose.

  7. Until our last breath.

  8. It was Carl.


In The Simpsons, what state is the city Springfield located in?


The Simpsons takes place on Earth-847.63, where America has slightly different borders from the one we know. There, Springfield is located in a state called North Tacoma.


Question, I’ma big fan. I got an interesting phenomenon for you. A friend of mine recently showed me how google translate gives some quite odd responses when you type in literal gibberish in 1-4 letter intervals when translating from Somali to English. These responses are almost always in full sentences and use some sense of grammar rules, despite the input meaning absolutely nothing. Some examples is typing “qo qi q iq i qo qi qo q oq qi qo qi qo q qoq iqi qi q iq iq” into Somali, and it translates to “do not hesitate to contact me for details,” and inputting “rin rin rin rin rin rin rin rin rin rin rin rin rin rin rin rin rin” to get “If you want to go for a daytrip, take a look at the cheapest by using our secure online desks” back. In some instances, these responses can be partial links to blogs or even what appears to be parts of sent emails and dating accounts. What could this mean about google translate? Are they spying on emails, blogs, accounts and who knows what else? Sorry for the long explanation.