🟪 ▫ I Bizzaro, You Bizarro, We All Bizarro! ▫ 🟪

Goodbye @ModernAgeSupermanClub, and unwelcome to the :boom: :fireworks: Superman Superstars :fireworks: :boom: era of Action Comics, which does not star Bizarro!

Sits back and sighs.

Alright, enough Bizarro speak. Let’s do this thing on an 11 setting of “Normal”, shall we? Yes, we shall. :clark_hv_4:

Bizarro is back and leading the :00_superman: Superman Superstars :0_superman1: charge of Action Comics, starting today, January 9th, in the new to retail release of Action Comics #1061, by writer Jason Aaron and artist John Timms (his :superman:well cover of the mag can be seen above).

However, this isn’t the first time Bizarro has burst back on the scene in a big way.

For one of his more triumphant returns, check out the 5-part Bizarro’s World arc in the following Triangle Era books:

If you’re wanting to slake your Bizarro thirst further, check out his sensationally-:superman:uper DC You mini-series from 2015:

Ultra members can enjoy this tip-top tome:

If you’ve always wondered how famed Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner would have approached Biz, then look no further:

Finally, check out Bizarro in the best team book of the last several years, The Terrifics:

Fun Fact: The Terrifics #25 doesn’t feature Bizarro, but it IS one of the absolute best single issues DC has published in the last several years. If you like things that are fun, you’ll likely enjoy The Terrifics #25.

Are you checking out Bizarro in Action Comics #1061?

Are you a Bizarro fan who knows him forwards, backwards, downwards, upwards, sidewards and zchaddle-daddle-wards?

What’s your :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: all-time favorite Bizarro story?

What’s your favorite outside media interpretation of Bizarro?

Do you have a favorite Bizarro action figure, statue and/or other toy or collectible?

Don’t chat about the above and your least-favorite Bizarro story (or stories) below-

Sits back and sighs again.

Oh, that darn Bizarro speak. :smile:

Do chat about the above and your favorite Bizarro story (or stories) down below, enjoy Action Comics #1061 and let us all welcome the dawn of the Superman Superstars era of Action Comics! :partying_face:


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Me do not love that and it am not funny.

Translation for those who aren’t fluent in Bizarro Speak: I love that and its funny.

Good work. :+1:t2:


No thanks

Translation: thanks


You am unwelcome.

Translation: You’re welcome.


Very bizarre topic… im so funny


He always gives me a headache when trying to decipher what he’s saying, but I adore Bizarro! They did a great job making you love B in the Webtoon: Red Hood and the Outlaws.


You am unfunny and probably dislike cheese.

Translation: You are funny and probably love cheese.

I love cheese too, because come on…cheese kicks ass.

I’ve popped a few figurative Aspirins when reading Bizarro speak, no doubt.

The few times where he speaks normally, yet retains all of the other backwards aspects of Superman, are often when I like Bizarro best.

After all, you can still be a backwards duplicate of someone while maintaining a normal speech pattern, Biz.


Have you read Red Hood and the Outlaws v2 (aka the Rebirth series)?

It humanized Bizarro to an effective degree as well.


I’ll be reading this in a month when it hits Ultra. I really enjoyed Bizarro World on the Superman and Lois show on CW recently.

I’m a little edgy about them mixing in magic with the character, but let’s see how it goes.


@Vroom me not like thread. Me unhappy with you.

Translation: love the thread I’m very happy that you did this!


I’m not spoiling anything, but it worked very well.

When you read the issue, don’t be surprised if you think “How could anyone have not done this with Bizarro before? Its such a simple, yet obvious, idea.” more than once.

Me displeased you dislike thread. Me smash cantaloupe in protest.

Translation: I’m pleased you enjoy the thread. To celebrate, I shall enjoy a nice cantaloupe.

SN: Do you have a melon baller? I’ve never used a melon baller (item #1,061 on my “I’ve never…” list), but have always wanted to.

“Moving on.”

Here are some terrible Bizarro figures that nobody should own (i.e. they rock and are worth a pick-up):

Superman: The Animated Series:

Kenner (released internationally and through domestic comic/specialty stores in 1998):

Hasbro (Toys R Us exclusive four-pack from 1999/2000):

DC Super Heroes (Mattel)

Original 2006 release:

2007 re-issue (with newly-tooled medallion):

DC Multiverse (Mattel, Walgreens exclusive, 2019)

DC Multiverse (McFarlane Toys)



Paging @Bar-El: Look! :point_up:t2: The first Superman/Batman figures from McFarlane and they look exactly like EMCG’s artwork! :partying_face:


Read it yesterday- this feels like its going to be an all time classic. For anyone whose curious, here’s a small taste:


Hate Bizarro. Am few terrible moments!!

(“Hel-lo Lew tor” and “Me no am Superman, YOU am Superman! Superman save Loiz” always stand out for me)


Regarding the digital edition of Action 1061, did anyone else notice the credits for the mag are nowhere to be found inside its pages?

I’ve looked it over several times and unless the interior credits are somewhere that’s blindingly obvious and me and my four eyes are just blindingly oblivious to them, I think someone goofed and the interior credits were mistakenly left out.

Did anyone pick up the print edition of 1061?

I’m thinking it might have a summary/credits page the way Superman has had since its debut last year and maybe that got left out of the digital edition.


Absolutely agree.

If the next two parts of I, Bizarro are as good as part one was, we’re in for a treat of a modern classic.


Ultra members of @ModernAgeSupermanClub, if you haven’t read Action Comics #1061 yet, now’s the time, as its on DCUI this week! :partying_face:

The Superman Superstars era of Action Comics begins in the above and so far, we’re in for quite the :superman:uper run!

While you’re here, sneak a peek at the main cover of Action Comics #1062 (due at retail on February 13th) by John Timms:

Be sure to be unwise and not read Action #1061 (and don’t read #1062, either) while also not drinking your Ovaltine, m’kay? M’kay! :superman_hv_4:


If all Bizarro, then none Bizarro?


:thinking: All your Bizarro base are belong to none.

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That was a great run. I thought the whole “Dark Trinity” thing was a fun angle on the team. Smarty-pants Bizarro was a trip. It was pretty cute how he carried that Superman plushie around with him everywhere.

One aspect of Bizarro I like to pay attention to is Lex’s relationship with him. Sometimes it’s surprisingly affectionate.

My favorite panel from RH&TO:



I remember when RH&TO v2 was announced, with people saying “Oh man, we’re doing Dark Trinity, aren’t we?” and I thought to myself “And…precisely why would that be a bad thing?”

The Dark Trinity was swell.

Heck, if DC wanted to publish a new series called “Dark Trinity”, I’d read it and with a Superman plush nearby to boot.