How to convince people to join DCU

I love this app. It’s among my top 3 frequently used after Amazon and Spotify. Every original program introduced has far exceeded all and any expectation I could have for a fledgling nerd box, and the vastness of comics readily available more than makes up for the price of a monthly subscription. But how do we get our more casual superhero fan friends to join? I know most people won’t bother with reading the classics from the silver age or even join in on these forums. So the main draw would be the quality of the shows. With the uncerimonious and untimely end to Swamp Thing and the seemingly imminent end to Doom Patrol, it seems any word of mouth subscribers would be wary of making room in their bank accounts for another monthly deduction for a service that’s about as stable as a two-legged table. So what do we do? The only way to let the powers-that-be feel the weight of our adoration for these phenomenal programs is to gain them more users, yet the odds are against us. Any ideas?


First, try to convince them that doom patrol is not in shambles and that is only a rumour started because of swamp thing not being renewed.
Then tell them about the vast comic library, this doesn’t even need much selling on your part.
Then, if their older tell them about the nostalgia galore with the older shows, live action and animated.
You could also talk about some of your favourite DC animated movies that are on here then tell them they could watch it as well on the app.
Then last but not least, remind them that the free trial is at no cost to them


Most people I’ve gushed about DCU to aren’t interested in comics (Disney marvel has ruined an entire generation in that respect) and I use the most positive phrasing possible when pouring over how truly great Doom Patrol is. And another problem is that the majority of DC fans already own physical copies of the animated universe. I’d never considered the nostalgia trip route. Definitely going to give that a shot.


Everything on this app is a steal in terms of spending money. I would pay 100 bucks to see Doom Patrol it’s that good, so eight bucks feels like nothing. 22,000+ comics seems to explain itself. Even if you own a lot of your own comics, you surely don’t own all of them on this app. Concerned about finding the ones you don’t own? Participate in the book club in the community section! I haven’t personally because I’m still new to comics and reading entry level material for all the characters, but I hear that they find some good deep cuts in the comic library and have a lot of fun discussing them. While we’re on the topic, the community is amazing, and technically free. It could be a good entry into the app if you want. Random last note: if you’re going the nostalgia route, I would recommend mentioning the old animated series’ (of which BTAS is remastered in HD).


Tell them we have the meats.


Sir, this is a Wendy’s


I let a friend watch episode 1 of DP, that did it


It sure doesn’t help when sites like We’ve Got This Covered claim that the WB plans to cancel the service in the near future ( With that being said, AT&T did mention that Warner Media did report strong growth during the first quarter this year in all business units (including television) and mentioned Swamp Thing as one of its upcoming shows. They are also committed to airing series like Young Justice Season 4, Harley Quinn, Star Girl, and Titans, Season 2 before it ends. That should take the service into next year.

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We got this covered is not a reliable source. They cite “someone close to we got this cover”, not someone close to Warner Bros., DC, or ATT. For all we know, the source could be the writer making stuff up out of thin air and citing himself as a source.


My pitch: “You like cool stuff, right? You enjoy being happy, right?”

Them: “Yeah, definitely.”

Me: “There you go. DCU is badass and it’ll make you happy. Go sign-up. Now. It’s okay, I’ll help myself to something the fridge while you go do that. Did you sign-up yet?”


“I got these awesome pecs from watching shows on DCU. It’s helped me curb my appetite and I’ve lost 60 lbs! My income has increased by 25% since using it.
And I can always find an eligible single that’s into DCU. It also cures the common cold.”

Well, the last one may be a bit far-fetched…


Speaking of pecs…

Show someone the episode of Doom Patrol where Flex did the wrong move and everyone…you know… coughcametothepartycough.

Then tell said someone: “Flex is like DCU, and after you sign-up, you’ll feel like the crowd in that scene whenever you use the service.”


Tell them it’s also a dating site, and if they’re married, DC won’t tell if they don’t


If I wasn’t into comics and if somebody showed me a pic of Power Girl…I Be Like "sign me up!!":sweat_smile:


I don’t understand why they’re even cancelling these shows. One it’s bad for buisness bc of word of mouth like you sai, two most of these shows are freaking awesome, and three people who are already here enjoy them. You don’t kill off your old customers to find new ones, you keep your currents happy while going out and finding more!

Not these shows. One show

Swampy was canceled strictly over money.

WB/DCU is, after all, in business the whole point is to make money and not lose it.

My main selling point consists of three words:

“Twenty. Thousand. Comics.”


I think ads on all social media platforms is crucial. They have a nice amount of commercials on YouTube, but more couldn’t hurt. As for convincing people in person I just don’t know. All of my comic book\geeky buddies are marvel did hards. They only way they’d join is it there were a ton of new Batman related stuff.

Any advice from you guys would be appreciated and put to good use.


@HCQ “Twenty. Thousand. Comics.” is an awesome sales pitch. But is it enough to convince many of the Marvel die hards. Especially the casual movie first fans. I can see the true comic marvel fans being incited by it.