How do you keep track of your comics?

I alphabetize everything.

I don’t

I’m surprised there haven’t been more methods presented. I guess most people just like to stick to paper.

My personal collection is pretty small so putting it to paper wouldn’t be too difficult. My biggest concern is with tracking what I want to read and what I have read. Especially now that I am consuming the majority of my comics digitaly. The list system on this app is not very good at the moment and even if it was I do also read books form other publishers and apps so I can’t rely on just the apps themselves.

Ideally I would like one place where I can easily list and check off everything. It seems like the current place might be the best right now.

For those of you using paper how are you tracking what you have read as opposed to what you own? Or do you just not bother with it and only record what you have?

It used to be that if I had it, I had read it. :wink:

It was only the last few batches of comics I bought that I never got around to reading, but I believe they were listed… I just need to find my lists. It has been stored away so long I am having a hard time finding where I stored them.

Another drawback to the paper method.


The CLZ comics app

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Okay, I found my comic inventory lists. I may have left them incompete after I had started using the CCL (Comic Collector Live) software. So now I need to get back into my digital database to compare. Diging out digital data backups now. I will then check into my options about how bet to get access to that data. I may end up paying the $30 for updated software, and then looking for alternatives later.


I look up comics and then put them on a list I titled “Reading Plan”.

Right now, I cannot recommend the Comic Collector Live software. Although I was able to install an old version of the software, and get access to my old database, I have found no way to pay for the latest version of the software. I get stuck in a rounaround loop, where all paths lead back to the CCL home page, with no way to pay for the software. A rather odd problem if they actually want to sell their product.

Perhaps this is only an issue for existing members, that have had their software expire. Still a lame problem though.

I may look into alternateive software to make a new list with.


@macjr Is there an export feature on your version? If so, it could save you time from having to start the list from scratch.

@macjr You could then import into a Google Spreadsheets file.

Yes, I think there is an export. I say “I think,” because I have not tried it yet. I will try that tomorrow.

If I need to find and use different software, that sould would save time. Even so, it looks like it will be 64 pages of content to export. I think the CCL software trimmed off a few of my custom entries when it installed an update (to the newest version they would allow me to have for free). I went from 5040 to 5019 comics.

This means I will have to find out what was trimmed out and re-add that at some point.


Is there anyway to see which comics you have read on the DC Universe site?

I have to use the web browser since the app isn’t available for kindle fire.

Was hoping there was some way to note those I have read, especially will do many titles coming.

I use the CLZ comic app, it’s been a lifesaver.


One of the things I really like about HBO is that it shows you which movies you have watched. It would be nice if DC Universe did that for the comics you have read, and the movies and shows you have seen.



I use the CLZ app. So handy to have on my phone, never need to make lists of what I need now due to the wishlist and collection lists. Highly recommended

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I use Comicbase it is updated each week with every new issue and pricing updated too.

I make a record of the comics I got in notes app on my phone


I’ve used the CLZ app as well for years now. The desktop interface could be better. And I wish you could further categorize but it’s a get app and totally worth the price.

I do it aphabecticly

I make a playlist based on certain things that apply to that. I have Batman: The New 52, Batman: Rebirth, Injustice, and other examples like that