House of Horror 80 - Midnight, Mass


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It is time for us to all hop into our Mystery Machine and take a road trip to Midnight, MA. The terrain might be a bit rocky and our hosts are rumored to be vampires, ghosts, demons, and psychotic magicians. Hopefully, they won’t be too scary!

Midnight, Mass is written by John Rozum who has also written the Milestone classic Xombi (still not on DCUI) as well as the New 52 Xombi comic. You can check out the first few issues in Milestone Compendium vol. 1.

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Midnight, MASS 1-8 (2002) (rated 17+)

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I literally have goosebumps from looking at this. Ahhh


I did my job! lol


Once again, another enjoyable read. This limited series felt like a mix of the TV show “Supernatural” and the first “Men in Black” movie. I suppose you could argue that since the main leads are paranormal investigators that they have more in common with “The Conjuring”, but some small details and the overall tone of this book have me compare it more to MIB. And I compare it to “Supernatural” because it has a good mix of genuinely dark set pieces & atmosphere as well as something of a lighter tone. It also knows how to interject the right amount of dramatic elements and character focus.

But is this a genuinely scary book? Well…not exactly. Like I said, the art does convey a dark atmosphere and it certainly embraces a more scary vibe in the last couple of issues. Another criticism I should point out is that this feels incomplete. Maybe this was a case of the creative team wanting to do an ongoing book but were forced to turn it into a mini-series. They clearly laid the groundwork for more exploration of these characters and their world. I would have loved to see them explore maybe Adam finally coming face-to-face with his parents or exploring more of Jenny’s personal life with her own family confrontation. Maybe even figure out why those ghosts chose her to begin with. And there was a piece being sold off at the end of issue 6, and the way it was shown was clearly a tease for a future story.

All of that being said, this is still a fun book.


Okay this is now on my read next list!!!


I did see an article (the same place I got that sweet header picture) without any real sources or dates stating that NBC was going to make a pilot based on this comic.

This is also on the wiki page:,_Mass.

A television series based on Midnight, Mass was put into development by NBC in 2009 for the 2010-11 television season. The show received a script order and was developed by Aaron Harberts, Gretchen J. Berg and Warner Brothers Television[2] but was not developed any further than the scripting stage.

The show had previously been in development for several years with a number of writers and production companies pitching television adaptions.[3]