:renegade_robins: Helena Bertinelli: Huntress for a New Era :renegade_robins:

Now that we’ve got a little bit of backstory on Helena Bertinelli we are going to take a look at the team she became a member of: Birds of Prey this month. So lets get to it BatFam. (@RenegadeRobinsClub)

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What to Read

* Birds of Prey #56-59

Discussion Points

  1. What did you think of Huntress’s interactions with Dinah and Barbara?

  2. I thought Helena’s interactions with the baby were a nice touch in this story. How about you?

Hidden in the Batcave

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  • October: For the Love of Nora: Mr. Freeze


Wonderful, especially the “700 situps a day” explanation for her Jim Lee belly window costume! There’s enough tension to make room for an arc, but enough camaraderie that makes the cooperation make sense and be quite fun. I also really dig the way Benes draws her as really powerful, fast, and how Simone writes her as smart, doing prep and stakeouts.

Absolutely the kind of nuance that really helped solidify Helena as a favorite character really quickly! Helena’s care for kids is something that requires a bit more space to properly develop, I think, but at least it’s still part of her character (if she ever shows up in a major way again, which is sadly very infrequent these days :frowning: )


@millernumber1 It really stuck out to me at this re-read and given her background I can see her caring a great deal about children. Its the kind of detail I love to see in any type of story.


It’s so good! Especially because it confuses Oracle so much!