Have you found any comics that were scrubbed of dialogue?

The top is the trade, bottom is DCUniverse.

Not sure why “Let’s go be soldiers” was edited out but it’s not a large concern as DC can do what it wants with its property.

Any other noticeable edits?


Hitman was edited!!! This changes everything!!!


Some Golden Age Wonder Woman was changed. The really racist stuff was redrawn and rewritten.

The printed omnibuses are the fixed version, but the originals are found on DCUI.

On the one hand, I’m much more comfortable with the changed material, but on the other hand we shouldn’t change history, even if it is only in comic books.


Noooo BUT I recall an old X-Men I had, with Jean Grey and her speech bubble was completely empty. Next issue, in the fan letters they show what she meant to say, noting ‘no she didn’t have laryngitis’ lol and this was just a complete accident. Sometime in the 90s, wish I still had it. I feel that issue may be worth something now lol


Wha? Please share with me. I have the omnibus and grew up on that. Have you any comparisons you can share?

And yes, we should not change history, but statues don’t count. I hear some books have been updated in the sense of including modern things like GPS and what not, which is just odd.


I don’t think they did it because they were offended unless part one offends them to


Justice League of America #238

I thought it was intentional at first as Gypsy can turn invisible, so the word bubble is just fading out. But it’s actually just a weird error that as far as I known hasn’t been fixed.


I’d say it’s possible, even likely, that this is just a digitization error. Which issue is it? I’d recommend reporting it in this thread:


I found this on Twitter from the Wonder Woman Wiki:

The dialog reminds me of the movie Dumbo where the black crows were talking about Dumbo. It is uncomfortable now to see stuff like that.

As I recall there are not a lot of scenes with black people in the Golden Age, but the ones that do exist are all like this. The scenes with Japanese people are not much better.

I would say we do better now, but then I see what is on the news and I am not so sure. At least we are doing better in media representations.

The DCUI comics have a disclaimer at the start of each issue stating these are the originals and do not reflect modern sensibilities, and I would assume the Archive Editions would as well. I can’t see the omnibus editions being any kind of big seller, but perhaps there are schools or libraries who would buy the censored versions but not the originals so that is why they are changed.

This is the one thing about Golden Age that I do not love.


I think this is the best way to handle it. It’s similar to the way Turner Classic Movies handles racist depictions in old movies (for instance, Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s). They acknowledge them and warn viewers of them. I remember Warner Bros. did the same thing when they released the classic cartoons on DVD. I admit, I am very offended by racist depictions in the media, even the old movies I love. But removing them is even worse. It is whitewashing in a way, as if it never happened. It’s as George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”