MASTER TOPIC: DCUI - Submit All Comic Book Errors HERE! 👇

Errors include:

  • Pages out of order
  • Issues out of order
  • Pages appear incomplete
  • Information on an issue is incorrect
  • Thumbnail artwork is incorrect

In order to submit your the error you’ve noted in one of our comic books, please provide your report in the following format in the comments of this topic:

:sparkles:TITLE - ISSUE # - PUB. YEAR - BRIEF DESCRIPTION​:sparkles:

For example:

:sparkles: Martian Manhunter - (1998) - #1 - Incorrect issue- this one is from 2015. S/B issue by John Ostrander.
:sparkles: The Darkstars - (1992) - #9 - Is missing, but #10 is posted twice.
:sparkles: Batman: The Dark Knight - (2010) - #1 - Incorrect thumbnail.

If you are experiencing a technical issue that prevents you from reading comics at all, we strongly encourage you to report this to our Help Center at

Thanks to everyone who has gone above and beyond to let us know the problems you’ve seen on the service. They’ve been a huge help in the face of this big tropical sea of wonderful comics!


Should we resubmit previously mentioned issues, or only new ones?

In the meantime, I will go ahead and resubmit this one to get the ball rolling:

Who’s Who - (1985) - #6 - Missing page 27, the entry for Dr. Light I.
Who’s Who - (1985) - #12 - Missing page 30, the entry for Kobra.


@LeonardoMyst, thanks for asking! This is helpful, but we’ve been doing our best for the most part to track the individual reports :slight_smile: Moving forward there shouldn’t be a need to re-report.


Ooh, this is definitely a useful thread!

Red Tornado #4 (1985-): Missing year notation.


Infinite Crisis (2005-): Incorrect thumbnail.


Thanks @HCQ! I’ve made a note of it and passed it along! :slight_smile:


So far, all of the 2013 Villain’s Month issues from assorted New 52 ongoings are misnumbered.

For example, Aquaman (2011) has issues 23.1 and 23.2 as “231” and “232”, which results in those issues being at the end of the series instead of being in their proper place (between #'s 23 and 24 in Aquaman’s case).

I’m fairly certain this incorrection applies to any New 52 title with a “23.” number and a publication date of September 2013 (cover date of November 2013).


Shade the Changing Girl - (2016) - #1 - Page 22, the panel view doesn’t zoom in on the last caption box (“Pull yourself back…”). Instead, it zooms into the black space to the left of the caption box. Then proceeds to the next page, skipping over the box.

Harley Quinn #0 2014 is missing and is just the directors cut twice.

Jsa strange adventures #2 is missing and 3 is posted twice in its place

Martian Manhunter 1998 #1 is the wrong issue and Secret Origins 1986 Annual 2 is missing half of the issue.

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The Outsiders (1985) is missing #23. (Instead #24 is in the place of both #24 and #23.)

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The Authority vs. Lobo (2003) #1 is missing. (The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special #1 is in its place.)

For the Rebirth titles that begin with a Rebirth one-shot, is it possible to reconfigure the arrangement of those and the first issue of each series?

Right now, the #1 of each series comes first and then the Rebirth one-shot that began the series. For people new to Rebirth, they may not know that certain titles started in the Rebirth one-shot and then went on into the #1 issue. They might read #1 and then the one-shot and be confused.


Batman: Streets of Gotham (2009) is missing #6 & #7.

Day of Vengeance (2005-): The Infinite Crisis Special should be after #6, not before #1.

Dark Nights Metal #1 is placed in a weird spot in the series problem. Its after Murder Machine but Before The Devastator so the Read next feature is pointless.

Flash: Rebirth #1 and Flash #1 (From Rebirth) Are the same issue.



Flash #31 is currently Justice League/Power Rangers #6 Published by Boom! Not DC

Justice League/Power Rangers was published by DC.

But it doesn’t belong in Flash.


Youre right, I just saw the boom! Logo

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