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Thanks for the little positivity, @The_phoenix2192! :smiley:

Also, Megan Fox’s assistant just posted this on Instagram. PR stunt, or is there some actual truth to this? :thinking:


Won’t need spores for me.


@The_phoenix2192 Thank you. Your positivity and optimism are very appreciated. :slight_smile:

@Jay_Kay Neat! :poisonivy_hqas: She’s not my first choice for Ivy, but…not a bad one, either.


Thank you @The_phoenix2192, I hope you have a great week :smiley:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Hmm :thinking: thinking about this one…

(or maybe I just like thinking about Megan Fox :blush:)


Great minds, good sir!

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sits back and thinks, happily

Uh, thinkin’ about…Transformers. Yeah…:smirk: Beep, boop, beep, bop! :robot:


A number of DCEU fans have been floating this idea for some time now. Also- if you’ll remember, helmer David Ayer had gotten the greenlight from Warner Bros to develop the Gotham City Sirens franchise only to be told by WB in Jan. 2020 to put the brakes on the project. Now, given that we know that fans and the studio brass were none too happy with Ayers’ Suicide Squad film, and also that Ayer has been volatile in the media recently regarding his director’s cut of the film (one that the WB has stated definitively that they have no plans of releasing) along with the news recently that Robbie and Gunn have been in the market for a Harley project to co-produce/direct, it’s not unreasonable to presume that the Sirens project may have shifted hands away from Ayer to Robbie/Gunn. Also, and I know this as a seasoned worker bee in the entertainment PR biz- there’s no such thing as an accidental Insta/Twitter/Facebook post when it comes to things like this post from Fox’s reps. Odds are she’s either heavily campaigning for the role or has already read for the part and is either waiting on a casting response/deal negotiation. If this is true I think she’d be amaze opposite Robbie as Pam. :+1: :00_harlivy:

Side note- this morning a message popped up on my phone from one of my ravens who’s close to dealings at the WB. They sent me that picture of Fox with the caption “Don’t ask pleez.” Take from that what you will. :thinking:


Show of hands, class:

Who thinks that if Fox (and there are few actresses whose last name is aptly suited to their beauty, BTW) got the gig, the overarching Internet would get its collective undies in a big 'ol fat twist and start pissing and moaning that’s akin to the following:

“Ermagerd! She sucked in Transformers, and she’s going to ruin Poison Ivy!”

We Harley and Ivy fans know she’d probably do a pretty good job, especially if she’s truly a fan.

However, you and I both know the net would overreact, as they’re wont to do for seemingly all casting choices for comic book-based movies and TV shows, no matter how apropos the choice at hand may be.

SN: I liked her in Transformers and Jonah Hex.


Actually @Vroom, there’s been a shared reconsideration across the www regarding Fox as an actor and as a person these days, one that’s rueful regarding how truly badly she was treated by both the Tinseltown press and the subsequent studio system’s misguided approach to marketing Fox’s image during the Transformers/Jennifer’s Body days back in the late 00’s.

(I know- Screenrant :roll_eyes:, but there’s actually some solid insight in this piece)

(the Hollywood front offices really treated Jennifer’s Body scribe Diablo Cody less than cordially as well)

With Fox deservedly receiving more cred recently as both an entertainer and as a survivor of press and biz based malignment this newfound lumination would probably serve to outshine any serious backlash from the chan/Reddit based edgelorders. Perhaps this thinking is shared by the Robbie/Gunn camp as well, 'cuz as we all know- there’s nothing that people love more than a good comeback story. #GoMeganGo :smiley:


I would certainly hope people have stopped :poop: on her.

She’s no Meryl Streep, but she is talented and was always deserving of far more praise than she got.

Personally, I’ve liked her since Transformers came out.

Anyway, the optimist in me agrees with you 100% @DC89, but the realist in me knows how the Internet just seemingly can’t get past itself at times, so unfortunately, some people would still crap on her.

In any event, if she gets the role, I’d be happy and wish for the best.

Also, Megan Fox Poison Ivy figures would finally give me a reason to get this:



^^^ #TRUTH.

Fox was completely railroaded and then left out to dry by the paps, gossip overlords, and the talent management establishment back in 2009/10, and it was hard to watch.


Peacemaker first look via EW here-


I have mixed feelings about this


That’s a fair reaction @DickGrayson_TheBoyFriendWonder. No one’s seen any footage from this yet so it’s difficult to know whether or not the show’s gonna’ be good until we get to watch some eps. :+1:


Isn’t that an invitation to ask, I mean subliminally :grin:

And not to be rude and interject myself into yours and @Vroom’s conversation but I just hope they get someone who can play the part with the heart and respect we as fans deserve to see. If Ms. Fox brings it, great.


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Think nothing of it, good sir. :slight_smile:

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Agreed @ejdias.95910. :+1:


Thank you, that’s most generous but I’m on my way to complete some chores and fear if I stop now I won’t complete them for some time. I was taking a quick break and decided to check in for the day. Maybe when I’m done and have more time but again thank you.


I’ll Saran Wrap you a plate for later. :slight_smile:

Do you require any HC-style merriment as you do your chores? I’ve some time to kill, and know a dirty joke or hundred that can make one laugh whilst they dust, vacuum, pull the neighbor’s kid’s Frisbee off the roof, pull the neighbor’s kid off of their roof (that nosy little…) etc., etc.

I can also dance a pretty swell jig.

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