Harley's Crew

@Chain_Twix Yep! :white_check_mark: It’s the Crew’s B-Day this month, so it’s coming w/ B+W+Redder and our HQAS WALs. :tada:

(annnnd possibly maybe some other stuff)

That reminds me! :cobb_squad: Don’t know if anyone else was planning on checking these out:

Since only a couple of us were reading her on-going, (and we’ve mostly been talking in Ivy’s thread lately) I was considering converting :point_down:this to Harley’s on-going for a while—you’ve helped make the decision for me! :black_heart::harley_hv_2: :white_check_mark: Feel free to stop by (you, or anyone reading Harley’s series): Harley Quinn (2021) | Series Discussion | Spoilers Ahead