Harley’s Crew | Book Club 33 | Infinite Frontier: Harley Quinn 1-6

Welcome to the Infinite Frontier, Crew! Issue 6 and the Annual from Harley’s brand new series have just arrived in our library :tada: so let’s dive in!

Following the events of Dark Knights: Metal, Harley is headed back to Gotham to make up for the sins of her past and help the city recover from :joker_smilehqtas: The Joker War! But…there’s no welcoming committee waiting for our lady, and some creepy creeps are working hard to keep the city broken. She can’t let that happen, can she? :harley_delicioushqtas: Hell no! Yes? Maybe—who knows! Let’s see…

This activity will be running all month long!

You know what to do: We’ll take the first 2 weeks to read (3/7- 3/20), then discuss during weeks 3 & 4 (3/21 - 4/3). Have you read it before? Which issue was your favorite? What did you think of the dialogue, plot or artwork? Anything about the reading (or the shiny new omniverse) you’d like to discuss—Drop it below when you’re ready. :diamonds::white_heart::black_heart: See ya soon!

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Some supplemental reading in the library:

:rose: Batman: Urban Legends 1

Future State: Harley Quinn 1-2

The Joker War Zone 1


Great stuff. Really :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: loving it!!!


Same! Thanks for coming by @capo-mage!

I’m just gonna leave this right here… :00_harlivy: They actually allowed the artists to finally let them have a proper kiss, so it can’t go w/o mention.


My pleasure!!! Especially when I get to see beauty like that :point_up_2:!!!


Finished the reading today and I have to say I really enjoyed this story.

Storyline wise it’s pretty cool. The idea of Harley coming back to Gotham to try to make amends for her time with The Joker is definitely a compelling one, something that gives her a heroic quality without making her too much of a goody-two-shoes. I just wish we got more of an idea of just how she’s going to do that and what her overall status quo is within the city. Like, we see her start the whole group therapy session thing, but once they’re kidnapped they really don’t factor into the plot much as people. I’d say that hopefully this is addressed in the next arc, but knowing the next arc is a Fear State tie-in, I somewhat doubt it.

But what makes up for that is definitely the inclusion of Hugo Strange. I’m genuinely stunned that no one thought of pairing our favorite unhinged psychologist to Batman’s OG unhinged psychologist before now, and they’re turns psychoanalyzing and trying to mentally play each other was almost as fun as the action.

Speaking of Hugo, was anyone else reading Hugo with the voice from Arkham City going through their head?

The art was interesting. Riley Rossmo has a style that is not my favorite, personally, but it is very good. It’s expressive, it stands out, it can do comedy and action very well. And he does amazing layouts – one page that comes to mind is when Harley is walking through the sewers and she thinks about the smiles in her life and watching these ghostly visions of them as if they’re there. I also really enjoyed David Lafuente’s art – I think he has a better mix of cartoon and superhero styles. Laura Braga’s art is the farthest departure, but considering the more subdued and romantic tone the story has, she’s a great fit for it.

So yeah, overall, excellent stuff. I hope Phillips keeps going for as long as she wants and has ideas for the character.


I think this is what made me pause initially. I have read and enjoyed the stories but the art always seemed off. I will say, that it has definitely grown on me. With that said, I would love to see other artists get to do Kevin, who might be one of my favorite new characters in a while, just don’t tell Miracle Molly.


@Jay_Kay Agree. I think that was one of my favorite parts of Harley’s Future State as well, having her deal w/ Crane, so I definitely enjoy having Hugo Strange around. And you’re SO RIGHT—makes so much sense putting him together w/ Harley. :diamonds: I can’t be alone on this, but I love when she psychoanalyzes and plays mind games. I can’t help myself, lol.

:eyes: I’m not, but I’ll check it out! You’ve never steered me wrong.


@D4RK5TARZ I can definitely see how it takes adjusting, but it was so different, I found it refreshing pretty quickly and really liked it, ngl. I’m always down for a new artists interpretation, of course.

And a big YES for Kevin! :raised_hands: I concur. :face_with_monocle:


I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed Grundy in general (Harley plays off of him really well) and this chess match:

And the collection of villain plushies…which reminds me, I’m still hoping for that :kinghsark_grinhqtas: King Shark Plushy, DC. :purple_heart: P&ty.


:diamonds:Harley’s series is part of a crossover event for the next few issues, so I’m just gonna drop this right here (and page :loud_sound: Dr @TurokSonOfStone1950 and Detective @TheCosmicMoth…)


Thank you, @Razzzcat! I am down for this!


@TheCosmicMoth (we can finally finish that Ivy discussion, too)… :green_heart:



I look forward to it! :green_heart: