Harley Quinn Season 2 Relationships

I could not have said that better! I agree 100%. Ivy definitely showed hints of having feelings for Harley that seem more than just platonic. I noticed this before I read that the creators were planning to pursue Harlivy. So I got curious and started researching this show a bit further regarding Harley and Ivy’s friendship, and I was ecstatic with what I found. :star_struck: I was like, “Well, I’ll be damned… I wasn’t just imagining the vibes from Ivy…”. But then I began to notice slight hints from Harley in Finding Mr. Right when Batman slung Ivy onto Harley during the Tawny show. Harley was noticeably affected by that. :laughing: Though, I noticed even more hints from Harley in L.O.D.R.S.V.P. and especially in Harley Quinn Highway (one of my favorite episodes so far).

This show hits hard for me in several ways. I recently experienced something quite similar to Harley being led on a bit and then rebuffed by Ivy. Even the reasons for the rebuffing are similar, which is one reason (of many) for why I’m so attached to this show. Ugh, mah heart! :tired_face:


100% would love to delve into a bit of Ivy’s perspective.


I agree with everyone above about focusing a bit more on Ivy’s side of the relationship. I think Ivy is struggling with ther feelings as well as “coming out”. Straight people often misunderstand that many “straight” marriages and relationships are in reality fake and empty because people took the wrong decision because of insecurities. It’s unfortunately quite common.
I still don’t feel good for Kiteman. I’m sorry but as the series progresses he is becoming very unlikable because he doesn’t “read the room”. Or he does and prefers to ignore it. Caring about someone is also about “reading the room” and helping the one you love even if it hurts you. Kiteman either is oblivious to Ivy’s feelings for Harley and how this is a dull relationship and life both for him and Ivy or he knows and decides to ignore it. Which is a bit toxic.
More seasons @DC_Community please.


Definitely Harley and Ivy…however I don’t want to see Kiteman go either

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I agree 100%
I can’t see ivy settling for him, it’s just doomed from the start
Not to mention how it happen, him consistently asking her to marry him didn’t sit right
Plus to be honest he didn’t get a lot of screen time for progression development which makes it more awkward


Ya know while all of that might be true I’ve still been seeing Harley & Ivy’s relationship as a platonic sisterly thing in this Harley series since season 1 cause Ivy was acting sorta like an older sis towards Harley and that was really cool enough to me and it really should’ve just stay that way cause they were much better off before that kiss. I’ve also seen them as sisterly best friends before in Batman TAS! Also I’ve been liking Ivy’s relationship with Kiteman so far too and I hope they just stay together. Well that’s how I feel about this.

Excellent Q, @Mae! I’ll start canvassing! :wink:
It’s just. Minorities have had to project their emotions and identify w/ the status quo our whole lives, so it’s NOT impossible.
I guess I’m just disappointed that more people aren’t able to see a story as universal no matter who the protagonists are. :neutral_face: I also really don’t like Ivy being seen as a consolation prize. She has needs and experiences that matter too.


Couldn’t agree more, the key word is always empathy. That’s part of what Pride means to me, working toward a time of true equality, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, background, religion, just everything and having people see each other as people, and interact as people, because ultimately people are all the same.


Exactly. I feel a bit uncomfortable with phrases like “Kiteman DESERVES Poison Ivy”. Being nice to someone, having mutual feelings doesn’t mean that he deserves Ivy to marry him.
Considering how many times I had to hide my feelings through “sisterly love”, the fact that the creators of Harley have confirmed their relationship since their first appearance together, so many years of character progress and people still, still want evidence about it.

It’s a long process. To understand the POV of other people. I hope we will get there one day. BTW you are my FAV account here @Razzzcat


I’m gonna be honest: I see Harley and Ivy in a relationship and Ivy and Kite Man be in a relationship.

Harley actually really likes Kite Man as a person, because he adores Ivy and treats her right. And frankly, Kite Man wouldn’t feel threatened by Harley, because he would want Ivy to be happy!

The problem is this: Ivy has interpersonal issues. She cannot cope with people actually liking her. She refused Kite Man despite caring deeply for him and she’s running away from Harely.

There is a reason her best friend is a talking plant…she can’t stand people!

Alllll of that: Agree!
Don’t expect a prize for not being an a**hole. :wink: Being a decent human doesn’t mean you get to oppress someone else as your reward.

I’m also glad you brought up Paul Dini, and what it’s like having to hide the feels. This relationship isn’t new and a person doesn’t have to be attracted to the same gender to identify w/ ‘hiding their feelings’, but for some it’s apparently a bridge too far where queer characters are involved…yes, a long process indeed. We’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. :facepunch:t3: Glad you’re here to help! Aaaannnnnd :grinning:
For reals tho: Thank you very much. :pray:t3: You’re too kind.


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Exactly. While there are a lot of Ivy/Kiteman shippers who are polite especially in this community, in social media it’s different. I have received some very extreme messages and threats. Of course internet threats mean nothing. But the fact that there are people who wish you physical harm or sexual assault and spam conspiracy theories about “forced globalist agendas” … yikes.


That’s terrible, I’m sorry you’ve had that experience. I really don’t do social media, I do use twitter but I don’t post anything myself, I just curate a newsfeed for myself with sources I trust.


Thank you. In fact, it’s happening right now, again. With a transphobic and antisemitic Kiteman fan.


Hopefully you can report them and/or at least block them.


I’d like to point out here how the writers understand the dynamic between Harley and Ivy, their emotional arcs, the path they build together towards recognising and understanding who they truly are and what they truly love.

Yes it is a slow burn but it’s done with love and care. And it has the whole audience rooting for these characters (even if you don’t prefer the ship, you still want them to find love and hapiness).


To how DC Comics seems to be deleting their relationship from comics. Form the ongoing Harley Quinn book where Poison Ivy and any connection to Harley Quinn was deleted and carefully edited out, the weird Harley and Booster Gold current arc where Harley has forgot about how she knows Booster and Poison Ivy is edited out of the story in an awkward way (despite being linked to Heroes in Crisis) and todays pride month issue that attempts to straightwash Booster Gold, a character who semi-officially (Injustice) has been portrayed as gay.

Or the recent six issue mini series Harley Quinn and Poison ivy where after five incredibly well written and emotional issues, the sixth - final issue, erases the previous story in a way that looks like it was ghostwritten by an editor, no-homoes the characters and “kills” Poison Ivy right after she was reborn, effectively erasing her rebirth that happened a few months ago after she was murdered and revived.

It’s a mess. What is DC thinking?