Harley Quinn Season 2 Relationships

I seriously didn’t like the mini series, it made no sense.

There’s so much that can be written between them that it’s ridiculous seeing DC trying to slowly erase what’s been there for years of them being a couple.

Any others they are trying to pair them with just seems like very odd moves. Bad moves really.

Harley and ivy are a very iconic pairing, popular too.


It’s interest to see the disconnect between what the audience wants and what comics offer. The Conner/Palmiotti Harley Quinn book offered this different, positive, optimistic, funny and emotional aspec of Harley and Ivy. And it was not afraid to be bold about love and romance. About acceptance.

And it sold a lot. Now the comics seem to want to irritate and annoy fans. The erasure of Harley and Ivy makes no sense. Their romance is literally funding DC Universe. Yet comics refuse to accept it.


Hey, @IvyGirlPoisonIvyLeague!

My reaction to the panels w/ Harls and BG are pretty much this:

It’s pride month and instead of making people feel proud, it’s more like DC turned them into a punchline. Huge FAIL in my book…who is this even for??

Maybe DC needs to focus more on expanding their readership/fan base rather than conforming to the ones they think they have? :thinking: Because this, to me, involves all minorities right along w/ LGBT.

There are hundreds of characters. I just wish DC would use them instead, and stop forcing a handful of characters to be all things to all people. The “popular ones” are what they are because they’re the ones who get all the financial & artistic support. My suggestion is this: Spread the love around! Be more respectful and see what happens.

HQ AS hasn’t forced any arcs, conflated the character’s complexity or exploited them—its among the best DC has done in the area of representation so far, and its why they need to keep it going. They say they want to provide representation, but fail time and time again and just give us more of the same. Promises of a new normal don’t quite cut it anymore, DC. I’ll keep my money, thanx. Please renew this show, @DC_Community! :green_heart: I don’t think you realize what you have here. Don’t blow it.


Why not both? It’s a love triangle right now but if they round out those edges there’s a circle of love hiding there.

I want ivy and kite man tonend up together. Their chemistry is great!

I suspect that the problem with comics is that they see that Harley Quinn can move forward as a character to a more heroic/antihero area. But at the same time they think that they want to cater to the demographic of single white males in their 40s-50s who have this weird fetish with keeping Ivy as a one note villain. It’s like two brains in one body.

If DC Comics doesn’t want to spotlight LGBTQ issues and diversity then at least they should try to not be offensive to LGBTQ readers.
And yes @DC_Community please renew the Harley Quinn show.


I am going to say Harley and Ivy due to the fact that a relationship between the two has been hinted at and even said openly in comics and animated shows and movies for several years. Going back to Bruce Timm’s 1990s animated Batman show where the two first got together, it seemed they had a “freinds with benefits” sort of relationship. In the animated movie Batman and Harley Quinn we see Ivy stop her plans to turn people into plants for the sole purpose of sparing Harley. In the end of the Gotham Sirens comic series Ivy is turn up about her feelings for Harley. It just seems to be that the two are destined to be together.


Excellent point, @IvyGirlPoisonIvyLeague. Some writers seem content to keep both Harley and Ivy one dimensional and I’ll never understand why? This show doesn’t do that and its why I :green_heart: it!!
Harls is a grown woman w/ a doctoral degree. WHY is she constantly so juvenile and lacking any focus or emotions? She’s a psychologist! Emotions an motivations are her expertise! This show has struck a pretty great/fun balance of that. And then there’s Ivy. Poor Ivy. :wilted_flower: A literal bottomless pit of narrative goodies they consistently toss aside. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this show gives me the Ivy who has lived in my head for a long time. She’s awesome—let her STAY!
You’re right—they are more than just fantasy fulfillment. Just because they’re women, and attracted to both genders doesn’t mean they should be exploited and used/seen as inanimate sex toys incapable of loyalty or love. It’s gross and demeaning.


Absolutely agree. I hate sounding like a broke record but comics should take a good look at the show and try to learn a thing or two. How to create tension, suspense, jokes, emotions.

This is the best version of Poison Ivy we had in years and she’s miles ahead of many comic stories where she is written as a one dimensional and boring stereotype with no care or interest.


I’m right there w/ you. I’ve been sounding this same way every week! lol :clinking_glasses: There was a thread here I wish more people would’ve joined—all of this would go nicely there…hint :grin:

As for HQ relationships: I’m intrigued by King and Tabitha—gotta say. They didn’t want to get married, but they’re all domesticated and loyal reporting for dinner and whatnot. Maybe they’ll make King a daddy!? Omg, that would so adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:…I want it.


In the recent “Heroes in Crises” series you sort of get the feeling that Harley and Ivy have moved passed the “friends with benefits” stage and are now an out in the open couple.


Dang, would had been great to see that.

I absolute loveeee kiteman and Ivy. Kiteman is a loveable dork that grew from a ignorant dumb*ss to a dorky but not belittling goof. He and ivy grew through their respective shortcomings that they had when they first meet. Their relationship was an unexpected favorite.

Meanwhile, I also like Harley and Ivy as a couple. However, I really do not appreciate how it was handled in this series. It felt like the show was trying to force them into a romantic relationship too fast, not only doing a disservice to their relationship going forward, but the way it plays off the bisexual and cheating stereotype is so disheartening. I’ll reserve a final judgment until the season wraps up, but as of now I am completely frustrated by how this series has portrayed harley x ivy so far.

I have a theory that Kite man will be the one to leave Ivy. I think Ivy wants to go with the safest bet by marrying Kite man even though she clearly truly loves Harley. When Ivy said “oh and I wanna marry you and love you and stuff” it shows how hard she is pushing to be with him. Kite man being the nice guy he is I don’t think will let her choose him. Slowly becoming more aware of her feelings and loving her so much I feel he will let her go feeling Harley could love her better.

I hope Kite Man isn’t the one to make that decision actually

Only because I am a Harley/Ivy fan and I want Ivy to make that decision and actively choose Harley


I want ivy to choose it’s just a feeling seeing her in the dress for the next episode and all

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This discussion is speaking!


I’ve thought Harley and Ivy were the best match for each other from day one, but now that I’ve seen Dr. Psycho’s sex tape (which he shouldn’t have broadcasted), damn. They seem so compatible on a sexual level. Yeah, they were drunk, but they weren’t when they made out after escaping Bane’s pit. Although sex between Ivy and Kite Man is mentioned a few times in the show, we never really see Ivy’s chemistry with Kite Man the way we see her chemistry with Harley. That’s an important reason why I think Harley is a better match for Ivy than Kite Man.


Episode 9 hhas to be my fav ep of all the Harley shows! They’re killing it as far as the betrayals of all the relationships on the show. Harley and Ivy are hilarious. I can’t wait to see how the writers handle the Harley/Ivy/Kiteman triangle? This show is great for even making Kiteman a thing.


Right? They took someone most people didn’t know even existed a few months ago, and now he’s apparently everyone’s hero. :laughing:

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