Green Lantern: Dawn of DC - Hal Jordan OF EARTH!

Why would you not expect that reaction?

That incident in the book didn’t even register as something that happened in the book for me. As opposed to Hal’s relationships with Sinestro, Barry, Carol, the mystery of his new ring, the mystery of the quarantined zone, etc.

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What a coincidence. I had real trouble registering all that after Hal probably killed that poor Cheetah.

I should quickly send it some batsteak.

Well, I was talking about issue 4. I think Hal in issue 3 did not intend to mislead the cheetah. And since the cheetah was going to chase the weird green guy, it’s probably good that he scared it away from that one so it didn’t bit a construct!

But what about issue 4?

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I will read issue 4 in one month.

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Just read it. Not content with killing cheetahs Hal enlists the greatest monster he can find, a monster who does nothing for the last ten years except ruin the space-time continuum.

Thankfully the great hero Sinestro is there to stop them from going back in time and slaughtering every cheetah or something. Will Sinestro succeed? I will find out same Sinestro time next month.

Serious: Good issue.

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Hooray! :smiley:

Finally glad to see mention of sector 2814 being quarantined and hopefully, more will be addressed later in the series. Also with Sinestro wanting to get off Earth that is now an entire story waiting to be heard, how he got to Earth in the first place. Second, how he lost his yellow ring. I also enjoyed the Flash and GL team up that was dope.


Issue #5 was really strong, though mostly a big action scene. Looks like issue #6 will likely be similar. So much revealed for future exploration, though! And Xermanico continues to knock it out of the park!


ANNNNNNNNND I JUST READ ISSUE 5 and it did not disappoint. What I loved in this issue was the use of the drones by Sinestro and the fact that was taking place all over the globe lol and that not one person from the Justice League noticed and we didn’t get any kind of dialogue with the JL and Hal, so I guess the entire Justice League was busy. Sinestro did mention that there is something wrong with the emotional spectrum ( ONCE AGAIN ), and how Hal should have noticed, but the Rage upgrade at the end I was like wait, where was the big black and red letters of BUM BUM, or seeing a red ring come flying in?!?

I liked the double constructs Hal did and how he had to really concentrate to navigate them both to their respective targets.

Anyone paying attention to the mini-story? And does anyone think the boy could be Sinestros’ son? And if it is, would Sinestro really even care considering how he treated his daughter.


Sadly, I am the wrong audience for the current backups, but I’m very excited about the upcoming Ron Marz ones!