Gotham Discussion Thread


Since my obsession with the show Gotham and its characters (mainly Oswald and Edward) was taking over the Let’s Talk About Anything DC thread, I’m making this one where I (and anyone else) can continue to scream talk about Gotham. Have fun discussing the best/worst show ever created!


I’ve still managed to avoid it, but I suspect that I’ll get roped into a watchalong at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked it but it really escalated into love the more they leaned into the mythos.


Gotham is a fun show. It’s far from being a perfect show but that’s what makes it fun. It’s a chaotic, messy, interesting take on the world of Batman. I really enjoyed the takes on Riddler, penguin, scarecrow, and both attempts at the joker.


Wish they didn’t screw up Poison Ivy and Joker


Can’t wait to see some interesting thoughts shared here!


They screwed up Poison Ivy, but not the Joker.


How the Hell has it taken THIS LONG for a Gotham thread to exist on this site?


I was about to say that!


Especially with BTD, right?!


I’m just gonna drop this Lovin’ Ed Nygma post here:



And I’m gonna summon @basicallytimdrake and @ALFRED.1943 because y’all understand :heart::grey_question:


he’s so hot and he makes me so mad


me when it comes to any semi-attractive guy


I kind of feel like I need to give some kind of intro post explaining my insanity over this show for those who haven’t seen my other posts about Gotham but I mean you’ll quickly figure out that I’m not normal about it so why explain the specific reasons when you could all discover my madness just by reading what I say so yep here’s a rant that’s been on my mind.

general spoilers for the whole show, mainly season three

One thing that messes with me so much about the Isabella arc of the show is that no one is in the right. It’s messed up from both Oswald and Edward’s perspectives. They both thought they were doing the right thing, and you can see that in how they respond to the events, but they both mess up so bad. It’s just. Ough. The emotions.

From Oswald’s point of view, Edward is his best friend. His only real friend. Ed saved his life in their second interaction, then Oswald saved him from Arkham and made him his chief of staff. Ed tells him “I believe in you Oswald, even when you don’t believe in yourself.” Edward saved his life again, then gave him the whole “I hope you know, Oswald. I would do anything for you,” speech. Oswald has fallen in love with him. He decides to tell Edward that he loves him, plans a fancy little date, Ed says he’ll be there for dinner, and then he doesn’t show. The next morning, after Oswald spends the whole night worrying, Ed show’s up and announces he is in love with this random woman he just met. That’s crazy. Oswald had a right to go insane over that because that is just wild. So, when he finds out he can’t scare this woman away, he has her killed so he can have Ed to himself. Then the opposite of his desired outcome happens, and Ed (semi-rightfully) turns on him. Crazy, right?

But then, from Edward’s point of view, here is his best friend and technically boss. Oswald is the one person we’ve been shown in Ed’s life that has befriended him and cared for him and for who he was even after his Riddler murder sprees. In fact, before those murder sprees, Oswald was the one kinda-sorta mentoring him. Oswald has been the only person there for him during the period of his life where he has grown out of being this shy, awkward forensics guy to the “cold logician” that is the Riddler. Oswald is the person he said he would do anything for, the person that he believes in. But this is all platonic. We really have no proof at this point that he loves Oswald as something more than a friend at this point. So, while working as his chief of staff, Oswald invites him over for dinner, saying he wants to discuss something with him. He says he’ll be there, goes to pick up a bottle of wine, and meets a woman. A woman who is a nearly identical copy visually of his ex-girlfriend that he killed. And so he ditches Oswald, spends the evening into morning talking to her, and falls in love with her. And then he excitedly tells his best friend, who he thinks will be happy for him, about this woman. And then Oswald has her killed. So he decides to slowly ruin his lifr and then (try to) kill him. That’s a very weird situation to happen! And I am very much oversimplifying it! But yeah! Crazy! Wild! Good lord this show is too much!

So. Yeah. It’s just so so so so so messed up and I think this show sucks so much sometimes y’know. Sometimes more like all the time. Anyways. There’s another perspective to look at here. Isabella.

Isabella technicallyyy didn’t do anything wrong. Technically. There were some eh things she did. But. Y’know. I love her. I used to hate her but I just can’t. This lady met some guy that was smart as her and fell in love just like that. She learned he was a crazy killer guy and instead of running away screaming she was like “I’m going to dress up as the girl he killed that looks just like me, what could go wrong?” She’s crazy and I like that in a woman. She didn’t deserve to die I guess but I’m not mad she did. We needed that because without that Ed and Oswald couldn’t have had their ex situationship arc, and we would never have been cursed with the Drug Induced Amy Winehouse Love Ballad Hallucination Scene and I would not be the same man I am today without that.
So moral of the story is that everyone in this show is wrong all the time honestly I don’t like this show. I love it so much though.


In look they did


You want a person with homicidal tendencies?


And this is where the line between fiction and reality meet.


Another Girl Another Planet is very Edward & Oswald from Ozzie’s perspective. I’m correct. You agree.
Screenshot 2023-10-31 4.41.13 PM

(if you couldn’t tell yet a lot of this thread is going to be me talking about them too much)


It’s been some years since I last watched it, but I just remember the finale being really disappointing lol.

Gotham was one of my favorites until maybe season 3 or 4, where I felt it was kinda dipping.


I liked their takes on The Riddler, Penguin, Scarecrow, and especially Selina Kyle. I wish they hadn’t messed up Poison Ivy. They even messed up her name!