GET RID OF ONE ROBIN! Dick, Jason, Tim or Damien

I’m pretty sure the fans already voted to get rid of Jason…


Tim is my least favorite, so I’d say get rid of him. Hes a generic character, uninteresting, and the writers try to make him into a super genius which is really lame. They dumb down other characters to make him smarter and he kind of ruins other characters that way. Hes the most boring Robin.


Tim. He’s okay, but he was literally written to be inoffensive and that tends to not offer much by way of personality.


I’m sorry Timmy, you gotta go


I think Todd because he was already killed once. Damien is annoying but i feel it makes the storylines with batman more interesting (ie. You dont know wth this kid is going to do next).

Tim is the real easy answer.


A lot of hate for my boy Tim. :frowning:

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I really don’t like the concept of Damien. He is my easy choice.


Why does everyone want to kill Tim he’s the only one who isn’t awful right now. I say we just kill Jason again who’s with me?

I don’t understand all the hate for Tim. He’s my favorite. I say kill Damian, but make him a vampire. Still, that wouldn’t change his character much. (P.S. I love Damian, and Jason, and Dick, and Stephanie, and Carrie)

Damian! Instant choice

Tim being one of the most picked makes me very sad


I really don’t like the idea of getting rid of a character. I mean if you want to put one of them on the back burner and have them take a hiatus from the media for a while that’s fine but don’t off a character just because you don’t like them. Take Jason Todd for example, there was a vote on whether to kill him or not which resulted in the “Death in the Family” storyline. Jason was brought back and came into his own. He became his own thing without all together leaving the Bat Family. He is personally one of my favorite characters of all time. If you like Jason read his comic “The Lost Days”.

Has to be Tim Drake he gave away all of Batman’s secrets and was Joker Jr

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While I don’t hate any of the Robins, if I had to choose, it would be Tim.

My problem with him is that while he’s okay, he was basically made to be inoffensive, and this a lot of times he just comes off as bland and not all that compelling. Sure, the other Robins are flawed – that’s what makes them good characters, that’s what makes them interesting to read.

It took a while for Tim to really be all that compelling, and he really wasn’t until James Tynion played with him in his run of Detective.

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I would get rid of Jason, so he can become Redhood


Damien all the way, no questions about it. If one of them was never created I would definitely want Damien out of the picture. All the other Robins are such a large piece of the Dc Universe and even Tim has a few features I like about him. With Damien I just don’t have that same feeling. I really hated when he was leading the Teen Titans in Rebirth TT. I just don’t see him as the back-up Batman all the other Robins are.




Not so hard

Damien , not even a question