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Totally forgot about that! I thought it was just a callback to his being Sir Raymond of the Palms in Season Two.

I just watched last night’s episode and that was intense!


Gotta say, another solid episode. Things are finally starting to come together. Man, that ending was both shocking and tragic for a certain speedster.

The “death” in the episode…yea, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Hoping for a strong season finale.


Geez, another amazing episode. How many are left this season? Anyone know? I’m too afraid to look up episode counts in case of spoilers.

I am a bit confused as to how killing Iris with Speed Lightning, turns her into Still Force, fusing her with Good Thawne equals Evil Thawne resurrected. But, comics are gonna comics, I guess. That scene was amazing though. Beautifully done. And creepy Thawne/Meena love story is also over. So I’m happy.

I assume Cecile’s power up and Catilyn’s attempt to resurrect Frost are all gonna tie into this somehow. Not sure how, but I’m convinced.

I also assume that the ‘real’ sacrifice that Iris was trying to say is someone other than her. There is more about to happen. Maybe? And Iris was saying it was a new moment in time. So, I’m guessing Nora and Bart don’t exist anymore?

I’m just rambling now. But great episode. That last scene was terrifying and amazing. I love it.



Crazy episode wow.

Cecile dealing with her knee powers. Stole tops (making another appearance and the others powers). Joes reaction was great :laughing:.

Meena training and Barry give the id reveal and inspirational speech.

Bart Nora and Joane dealing with Iris. Interesting.

Then neg forces are the villains as it all connects now. Thawne gets speed. And an amazing battle amongst the forces. Very cool stuff was thinking they wanted to kill Meena as twist but Iris. I’ll admit was surprised as the twist but feel she’ll be back. Then the face tear. Crazy. Did not see that coming. Definitely exited for the finale.

Is Iris dead? What about Thawne? Can Barry save the day and stop Reverse Flash once and for all? All this and more on the epic finale Same Flash Time Same Flash Channel

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