Final Week of DC Daily, 6/29-7/3!

Hello Everyone!

As we head into next week, we wanted to give you all a very heartfelt thank you! Thank you for watching, thank you for commenting and thank you for being with us on this epic journey.

We’ll miss you all, but here’s one more awesome week heading your way. Check it out!

MON (6/29): Harley Quinn S2 Finale + Collecting Comics w/ Sam Humphries!

TUES (6/30): Stargirl Ep 7 Recap w/ Geoff Johns & Brec Bassinger!

WED (7/1): The Dark Knight Movie Club!

THURS (7/2): April Bowlby Talks Doom Patrol S2!

FRI (7/3): DC Daily Says Goodbye! (!!) Join our Community Watch-Along here with Tiffany, Hector, and Samm.

It’s been fun, take care of yourselves and catch you on the flip side!

DC Daily


Is DC Universe Going To Be Shut Down? John Campea On YouTube Was Saying That DC Universe Will Phase Out, And Merge w/HBO Max. I’m Really Gonna Miss DC Daily, It Keeps Me Going After Work, And I Always Look Forward To Watching It Every Weekday. I Really Like Whitney Moore, Clarke Wolfe, Hector Navarro, Amy Dallen, Sam Humphries, Sam Levine, And All Of Their Sincere Smiles. Even In The Wake Of The Coronavirus And The Terrible Events Of George Floyd, Everyone @ DC Daily Keeps Everyone’s Spirits Up. You Guys Helped Me Hang In There, And I Am Grateful For All You’ve Done In About Over A Year. You’ve Been An Inspiration To Us All. I Wish You All At DC Daily Only The Best!


We’re all gonna miss DC Daily. John Campea has no more information about DC Universe’s future than you do, and like many internet personalities is purely speculating. DC Universe isn’t going away any time soon.


I am truly sad to see this show go. This was the only show that I can remember that I actually laughed out loud along with the cast, I really enjoyed every laugh, joke and cajun wager that was made. :laughing:

I am so glad that I was lucky enough to come along for this journey as it unfolded. Thank you @DCDaily cast for all that you have done, you mean the world to me and everyone else who watched. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again Hector (@HectorIsFunny1), Amy (@amy.dallen), Clarke (@clarkewolfe), Whitney, Sam (@samhumphries), Samm (@SammLevine), Tiffany (@tsmitty), Echo (aka Mister Teriffic), Harley Quinn Smith (@hqsmith99) and everyone else who was apart of this great show!!! :pensive:


Anybody got tissues? Goodbye DC Daily, Thankyou for everything!:sob::sob::sob:
group hugs


It truly won’t be the same without the daily fun provided during the week, but with all the things planned for this final week it will be quite awesome, as I’ve felt quite often with each weeks worth of shows. :superman_hv_4:

Thank you again to all those that have had a part in creating this show. Now looking for the flip side and hope you also take care and stay safe and healthy. :cry: :+1:


Please turn DC Daily into DC Weekly or DC Monthly AT LEAST!

Plus, seriously let the three hosts that have been doing the Harley Quinn recap show KEEP DOING A HARLEY QUINN RECAP SHOW!!!


I’ve been constantly tweeting #SaveDCDaily because I don’t want you to go!!! Wish I could make the powers that be see the need for your show…


Thank you @DCDaily for giving us a great show. We appreciate the work you put in to giving us the news and your reviews in an entertaining way. Take care.


Hopefully they bring some video show or podcast 4 the fans to fill the void that will be left after this is gone.


Thanks for all of your hard work. You all do a superb job!!!

I wanted to post a video of the one time I got a comment read on your show. It was Whitney Moore, Harley Quinn Smith, Tiffany Smith & Amy Dallen. It won’t let me post :disappointed:. Anyways, it was literally 20mins B4 I was going to see BOP on opening day. It made my whole life that they read my comment about the movie, right b4 I was going to see it!!! I saved the video & it will never be erased. Thanks for that lifetime memory & experience. :grin:


Please stay; you’re one of the best things here


Looks like a fun finale to week. You’ve been awesome™️ DC Daily you will be missed. Hope to one you’ll be your rebirth. Maybe as a weekly or daily thing. Either way it was great having you around.


Like I said in the that thread, this show is why I signed up to the service. It’s part of my morning routine. Will the old shows be staying on here, or will they be removed? Thanks.


Like the Enterprise-D, @DCDaily went before her time.

Somehow I doubt this will be the last show to bear the name “DC Daily”.

taps communicator

“Picard to Farragut, two to beam up.”

Anyhow, I’m hoping the last episode goes out with a multiverse-shattering BANG.

Kegs of Soder and Whak Soda would be a nice beverage accompaniment too.

An after-show dinner at Carlini’s would top the night off just right.


Looks like a great week for the show, I hoe y’all comeback in some form in the near future. A show that provide information on the DCU is a must for new fans to let them know of the available offerings and to provide all fans with updates and no on the current happenings. @DCDaily


It’s (again and still) such a shame to see DC Daily go, not least because it means we’re never going to get experimental quarantine episodes (like everybody green-screened onto the set, animation, Hector reenacting a prior conversation with his army of action figures, or a musical episode), but mostly because the main panel has a great chemistry together (and with just about everybody who has appeared with them, recurring or not) and they clearly all love talking about the material, even when it’s material they clearly don’t love.

The panel and crew have done an incredible job. If we had only received the “finger finger knife fingers” chaos, that alone would have been more than sufficient. It’s unfortunate that DC Universe/Warner/AT&T don’t see enough value coming to the service from the show, because just about any service that might hire the panel as a group has a very good chance of getting my money.


Sad farewell dc daily.