Female Furies #1

Literally the worst comics I’ve ever read. Cecil Castellucci & Adriana Melo should be let go immediately. They should also be forced to write a sincere apology letter to the children of Jack Kirby. Explaining to them that it was an agenda that caused them to piss all over their fathers creation.

Unbelievable. This SJW thing has spiraled out of control .


It wasn’t great but it’s far from the worst comic ever. It wasn’t even DCs worst book of the week.


Couldnt disagree more

I mean, is it really so blasphemous? Kirby’s comics have carried social and political messages from the very beginning. The “women’s lib” movement is even referred to directly almost every time Barda showed up in Kirby’s original run of Mister Miracle. This seems like a pretty spiritually faithful follow-up to me.


I didn’t pick it up, it’s wrong with it?

Won’t be long till the “but comics have always been political” defense kicks into gear.

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Haven’t read it, what’s the problem

Over at Comic Book Roundup, the ratings given to this book is the most varied I have ever seen.

It started with three published reviewers giving it a 4.0 out of 10, a very low rating.

Then some 10.0 and 8.0 reviews came in.

Right now it’s average rating with 7.5, which is the site lowest good rating

Reader reviews were sometimes much worse, with some 1.0.

My take is that the artwork was good, and the premise is clear and followed through the book.
But no character is likeable, including Big Barda.
There is no nuance or surprise in the comic.

The environment of the planet is always survival mode at best, and no-one seems to be educated enough to understand what is happening to them, except for a degree of resentment.

The Furies do what they do because they have no alternative.

If this was a trade, and there were five more issues to read, it might be interesting to see how the writer moves forward with the premise. But there is nothing in the first issue to indicate this will happen.

DC Daily is pushing this book, having the author on for Two days in a row, yet I don’t think any editor read it.

It would be very hard for me to buy the second issue.


I was wondering how it was gonna be… I loved mr miracle. So I was kinda on the fence with this one. :diamonds::black_joker:

I was really looking forward to this title, but an upper respiratory infection has kept me from picking it up (it’s not very nice to run around hacking and coughing on other people’s comics lol!), but I do think I’ll still check it out. Not everyone relates to the same things, and that’s ok, but it’s still important to have variety so there’s something out there for everyone. I hope that even if you didn’t like this title that you did find I’ve that was perfect for you! <3


Well it takes Darkseid and turns him into Harvey Weinstein. Which is out if character, then goes silly billy. I know not every comic is for me. Kinda the reason I have been posting on here more. I agree with @dccomicincrisis that the company that we love is at a turning point.
You read books like Thanos and that book is true to character. Evil and doesnt care about your feelings. The same with Darkseid he is the devil basically. I think I was more turned off by how Cecil during the interview said misogyny is systematic. Poor Hector had to just nod and agree.

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I agree that comics can be and often are political and are good for these kinds of stories.

That said, I don’t think that the Female Furies are a good fit for this kind of story, because they’re in Apocalypse, where equality doesn’t even exist. On that world, Darkseid is and everyone else is his to command. That’s how it works, so unless this book aims for them to fail spectacularly, I just don’t see how this fits with what is established with the New Gods.

Tell this kind of story, but use the right characters for it. Maybe have a Golden Age Black Canary story of her trying to become a police officer when all the men in her life tells her she’s incapable. Or if you want to use villains, how about a Talia al’Ghul story where she enlists some female assassins to take over her father’s League of Assassins when Ra’s tries to marry her off to some random dude.


Looks like we have an obvious Fox News troll here lol wow

I liked it.


everything on this thread just makes me want to read it more.

i was going to trade wait now i think i’m gonna buy it in issues.


I can understand that opinion! Sometimes you feel like you’re reading a great story with the wrong characters. I definitely relate to that hahaha. And of course sometimes it’s just a swing and a miss through and through.

I’m glad there are people who enjoyed it, and I hope there are people that it spoke to on a personal level. I’m also glad there are people who disliked it. Polite discourse is healthy! It’s what helps us grow as individuals :slight_smile:


I dunno about agendas or any of that, but this first issue is really just unimaginative and lazy. A bunch of new gods with the likes of Granny and the Furies dealing with what is a very human problem is cheap, and having Darkseid, Lord of Apokalyps, resorting to using his dick is, for the lack of a better word, stupid. You are telling me you can’t come up with anything better than him forcing Granny into having sex and embarrass her afterwards?


Well, Darkseid is a jerk. So, there ya go.


Darkseid is evil personified. He hates not because of gender. He just plain hates period. Regardless, I am morbidly now curious in checking this out when the trade hits.

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I bought my copy but with mini series I usually wait for all the issues to come out before I dive in…but now my interest have been peaked lol

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