Favorite Vertigo Adaptation

With the recent retirement of the Vertigo brand, I was wondering what your guy’s favorite Vertigo adaptations are. I was surprised to look online and find that not many Vertigo titles have been adapted into films, tv series, or video games, but there are still a few to choose from:

Constantine, V for Vendetta, A History of Violence, The Fountain, and The Losers (The Kitchen is also an upcoming adaptation)

Constantine, Lucifer, iZombie, Preacher

Video Games:
100 Bullets, Constantine, and The Wolf Among Us

Personally, I would say either Preacher or V for Vendetta is my favorite, though I do enjoy most of these properties (yes, even the Keanu Reeves Constantine). Excited to hear your thoughts!

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Movie: No contest, The Losers. A supremely fun and entertaining movie from the first frame to the last. It’s also a swell adaptation of the comics.

The Kitchen looks good, I’m eager to see it.

TV: Lucifer. I’d say Transmetropolitan: The Animated Series, but that only exists in my mind.

Regarding movies, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a fun time filler. Pity it was Connery’s last movie.

V For Vendetta on the other hand was very good. John Hurt’s character of Adam Sutler is an underrated villain in the DC movie pantheon.


@Vroom The Losers is ironically the only movie/tv show I haven’t seen on this list, though I’m definitely interested in checking it out!

I was also surprised to find that League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was NOT a Vertigo comic (considering Moore’s work with the imprint) but released through DC/Wildstorm.

@RQ You’ll have “Don’t stop believin’!” stuck in your head after you see The Losers.

Chris Evans is alot of fun in it as are Idris Elba, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana and oh, everyone else that’s in the cast.

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@RQ If you have HBO, The Losers is available until the end of the month.

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Two things:

  1. iZombie isn’t really an adaptation since it actually has very little to do with the iZombie comics.

  2. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a publication of Top Cow Comics, which is an imprint of Image Comics (which is entirely creator-owned and has no connections whatsoever to DC or Wildstorm, which started out as an imprint of Image Comics but was bought out independently by DC).


@DigificWriter The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen does have prior history with DC under the Wildstorm, Vertigo and America’s Best Comics imprints.

Through those imprints, DC published the first two series and The Black Dossier while also releasing that content in Absolute Editions.

So yes, LXG may no longer have ties to DC but it did start out with the company.

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V for Vendetta is incredible. My favorite adaptation. Preacher is really great. I’m sad it’s ending. iZombie is really good. Those three are my favorites. The Kitchen is looking like it could join them as one of my favorites. I’m actually really excited for that movie.


Wolf Among Us, hands down. Bitter shame a Season 2 was cancelled, but that’s because Telltale is no more.

Second Place- Constantine
Third Place- iZombie

Last- the Losers for movies

@abfgmsw It really is too bad about Telltale’s Wolf Among Us sequel. I wonder if there would be the possibility of seeing an animated movie or series based on Fables that used an art style similar to the one from the game.

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V for Vendetta for my movie. So good.

Preacher for TV (though I could change my mind if the fourth season dips in quality).

For the future, Y The Last Man has some potential if they can get it off the ground. Of course, it won’t be labeled ‘Vertigo’ by then :disappointed_relieved:

Road to Perdition was Vertigo, right? If it was then that’s my favorite.


As far as TV goes, I’ve already professed my love for Constantine.

It’s possible. I can’t recall where, but a different media utilized almost identical style graphics as Telltale.

A History Of Violence is one of the great films of the Aughts and even though it’s not one of the great Vertigo properties it’s another lasting legacy.

I can’t turn away from The Losers if it is on TV, History of Violence is a distant second.

Lucifer is the best vertigo TV series, especially now that Netflix produces it.

I caught the LXG movie again a few days ago.

Sure, it varies from the source material (which isn’t always a bad thing), but it’s a pretty fun way to spend an hour and change.

Between Film and Television I’ve enjoyed most of what I’ve seen but, for me…Constantine (the tv series) was just beginning to find it’s footing and turn into an absolute fav when it was canceled.

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I will forever unabashedly love the LXG movie.

Movies: LXG, V for Vendetta, Losers, and Watchmen(I believe that was originally published under Vertigo)

TV: Constantine and Preacher