Favorite Vertigo Adaptation

I don’t know if it’s close to the comics or not, but Lucifer is probably one of my favorite Vertigo TV shows. I watch Constantine and a majority of Preacher and while Preacher was good, Constantine felt too much like the show Supernatural and I couldn’t really get into Supernatural. I loved the Hellblazer comics tho, so I watched it all. I did like that they made Constantine a slightly better person for the television adaptation, but that was more just because it fed into my sympathies with John from the comics.

I hated Keanu Reeves as Constantine, but that was only because his character was vastly different from Constantine(rhymes with time) from Hellblazer. Simple fix too, all he had to do was bleach his hair, put on a brown trench coat, and speak in a half british accent and I would’ve been sold as a fan, but he seemed to intent on playing Keanu Reeves instead of Constantine.

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V for Vendetta.