favorite single issue of a comic?

what’s your single favorite issue (not run) of any comic you’ve read?

If you don’t remember the exact number go ahead and give a little description about the issue.

For me it’s a toss up between Batman #37 when he goes on a double date with lois and Clark, and the Injustice 2 issue where Booster has to say goodbye to Blue Beetle.


Wonder Woman 170 where Lois Lane interviewed her. Eventually they get to talking about their relationship with Superman. It is a classic and wonderfully done single issue.


Can’t remember the issue off hand, but the early New 52 run for Red Hood and the Outlaws, Jason and Tim start having a private discussion about how terrible Alfred’s waffles are.


My favorite issue is 79 by Peter David, part of the series final arc from 75 to 80.

This is the Supergirl from Death of Superman, matrix, with human Linda Danvers integrated into her.

At this point Linda is the only personality.

In issue 75 the real Kara shows up.

In issue 78, Linda takes Kara’s place as she goes to the Earth that she was destined to die, that of pre crisis.

In issue 79, both Kara and Linda appear.

There is one page where Linda describes her three years there



Heroes enjoy being heroes

Villians have elsborate plots but do not kill

No swearing

In this page, she rides Comet and has picnic with Superman, Streaky and Krypto.

And then it gets better.

She is not the cousin of Superman and he knows it, and they marry.

Superman says lois only wants to learn his true identity.

There is a daughter.

Meanwhile, on other earth

Mere hours have gone

Mom of Linda having baby

Kara in trouble.

Hal Jordan Spectre apears to Linda

On to final issue 80

All done in 23 pages

Tom King and Bendis would have needed 50 issues.

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Just one is hard but ill stick to only regular series and since I love Tim Drake I’ll go there.
So one of my favorites is Robin issue 46 from 1995-ish. It was a Genesis crossover where all the heroes powers were on the fritz and most i believe lost their powers. this issue really had nothing to do with the mini-series except the fact that Tim was effected by the Genesis wave thingy so he (and all other non powered humans)was feeling almost depressed like and unsure of himself.
I remember reading this at about 12 years old when it came out and it was one of the first times i really felt something while reading a comic. The cover is also a good one IMO. Its just all white with Robin kneeing down next to a body in the middle and some text at top.

SPOILERS AHEAD but no Spoiler. Dont read rest if you want to read it yourself

Tim tries to stop a group of young thugs. One (a black kid who was a gun dealer and murderer) runs into an abandoned building and Tim/Robin follows. The place starts to get flooded (its pouring) and the kid tries shooting but falls though the wood he standing on and gets stuck under a beam. Tim tries desperately to free him while the kids still trying to act tuff with his gun points at Tim to help him. the water rises but Tim cant move the beam yet. hes waiting for the water to fill and the kid really starts to panic now, he goes from a tuff thug to a scared kid in seconds and so is Tim, he feels he cant save the kid. he has a little oxygen thing he gives to the thug, but while he tries to lift the beams it moves to his chest Tim notices the oxygen thing is gone and ties to give him air through his mouth but homeboy aint having that. Next scene is Shotgun (the Sheriff, Robins Bullock) and a lady cop outside with the other 2 kids in cuffs and Tim comes out alone. Shotgun whos ussually an arse to Robin basically tells him to not beat himself up over it and some other words of advice, but Tim just walks away and said hes had enough of false sentiments tonight.
Even though Tims mood was effected by Genesis, this still stuck with him for a while and made him feel maybe he wasnt good enough yet. I believe this is the first time that someone has died on Tim watch and he blames himself cuz he couldnt save the kid.


Swamp Thing #50.

It was the first time DC’s magic characters got used in a way where they, and their world, were taken seriously by a writer.
And it set the benchmark for all future stories featuring those characters.


Hitman #34. The perfect rebuttal to people saying Superman’s boring because he’s overpowered.


@LeonardoMyst what’s series of swamp thing? Would love to read it as I’m now a fan of both the magic side of DC and swamp thing. I’m eventual going to read all the swamp thing series anyways though.
Never cared for neither when I first read comics in the VERY LATE 80s-early 90s, when you could get comics from a bin for a quarter a book. I was mainly into Batman and Robin, some supes and whatever had cool looking covers lol. It was after Brightest Day I became interested in Swamp Thing (forgot he was even part of DC). I enjoyed the NEW52 series but didn’t make it to far cuz I lost my job and comics had to take a back seat for a bit.
As for magic, I got into that side of DC during the CRISIS’ era of the 2000s. I over Day of Vengeance and the group Shadowpact.


I couldn’t ever pick just one, but some contenders would be:

-Action Comics #775
-Divine Right #12
-Green Lantern (2005-2011) #24
-Justice League (New 52) #'s 1 and 6
-Superman v2 #'s 75 and 212


There are so many…but here are three off the top of my head: The first time Robin meets Superman, illustrated by the master: Kevin Nowlan. It’s a story were the art and tale come together perfectly. Everyone’s heart will pound along with Robin’s qqqqqwhen he first sees Superman floating over the GCPD rooftop illuminated solely by the light of the Bat light. Flashbacks of Robin’s life in the circus demonstrates the beginning of his boyhood fan crush of Superman.

The other two favorite are illustrated by Amanda Conner with similar themes. One in which Supergirl tries to find out why Streaky and Krypto are acting crazy…the local vet is not trained to deal with super pets, so where do you go? hilarity ensues. Another similar story is Wonder Woman helping Power Girl understand why her normal cat is acting wonky. Both stories are not only funny but the animals are illustrated with skill and detail. You are able to clearly read their feelings and thoughts. It is amazing to me how even the best illustrator cannot illustrate animals correctly. Ms Conner can.

Here’s a few off the top of my head:
(1) The Brave and the Bold #182 - “Interlude on Earth Two.”
(2) (Adventures of) Superman #612 - “Authorized”
(3) The Flash #134 (1987 Series) - “Still Life in the Fast Lane.”

DC Comics Presents #81.

I have sang it’s praise enough on other threads to keeping it short and sweet… still the funniest thing I have ever read… ever.


I’ve always had a soft spot for Starman # 29 aka “The Return of Bobo” It’s a nice done-in-one story introducing us to Jake “Bobo” Benetti, a former villain just released from prison. He’s back in Opal City and the police, along with Jack are following him to see if he’ll return to his old ways. It’s a nice character piece and I love the part at the end when Jack and Bobo thwart an attempted bank robbery.

I don’t know why, but that issue has always stuck with me.

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Justice League America 37 “Furballs” Booster and Beetle are in the dog house, Max is out for the day and Miracle is suddenly back from his promotional tour. However Guy encounters a surprising menace that threatens to destroy the embassy. If the sprinklers don’t drown everyone first!

Justice League America 37 “Furballs” Booster and Beetle are in the dog house, Max is out for the day and Miracle is suddenly back from his promotional tour. However Guy encounters a surprising menace that threatens to destroy the embassy. If the sprinklers don’t drown everyone first!

Sorry… just saw your message.

It would be the 1982 Swamp Thing series.
#50 was the last part of a story line that had been running since about #37.
All the magic characters arrived near the end of #49 at the request of Constantine.

New Teen Titans #38 (1983): “Who Is Donna Troy.” It’s a fantastic story about Donna’s origin… and a fantastic story about Dick Grayson as a detective. A true classic!

For me it’s a tie between the dark nights metal comic when batman rode on the joker dragon, The trial of batwoman, and the flash under the gaze of grodd.

Ambush Bug #3, hands down.

I forgot to mention Blue Devil Annual #1.
Great fun.