Favorite Henry Cavill Moment as Superman

Since Henry Cavill is potentially done as Superman, share your favorite on-screen moment of his version of Kal-El. I’ll mark it as a spoiler post just in case.

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I’ll share mine. My favorite moment would have to be the entire “Flight” sequence from Man of Steel. Between the iconic, uplifting score and beautiful imagery, it makes for an unforgettable scene that sees Kal-El learning to fly for the first time.

Yeah that is one of my favorites too, a long when he uses all his strength and determination to destroy the World Engine despite the local changes to the atmosphere that resembles Krypton. For all intents and purposes he should not have been able to lift himself up, but he knew what was at stake and pushed himself.

Hard to choose but my top 3 are: Flight Scene, Smallville Scene, and when he rises up and flies thru the world engine.

beating up the whole team of the Justice League

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I love in justice league when Superman has Wonder Woman held back with one arm, aquaman with the other and cyborg in the middle (or whatever combo it is) and flash comes running up to flank him and Superman looks at him while he’s coming and just wrecks him.


Beating the world engine

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In Man of Steel: When he was in space, on Zod’s ship, I loved the look on his face when he broke the chains on the table when the atmosphere changed to match Earth’s atomsphere. He was ready to rumble!

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First flight or the entire destruction of the world engine sequence

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Killing ZOD was a great moment…I really liked man of steel

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When he steps out into the sun and flys for the first time in Man of Steel.


Anytime he’s shirtless! :smirk:

The one with Snyder playing a trucker.

Despite the cheesy ending to the fight (“MARTHA!!”), I would go with the Supes v Bat fight.

For me it’s in Justice League when he first comes back to life and Flash tries to run around him and Supes just casually looks over at him.

The part where he shows up behind steppenwolf and superman punches him miles away lol

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When he flies in and saves Martha from Zod in MOS. “What makes you think you can threaten my mother?!?”

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Justice League opening scene where the kids are asking questions. One kid asks “What’s your favorite thing about Earth” He smiles in reflection…,

The return in Justice League