Fancast DC Characters

Jake Gyllenhaal could be really good as The Question.


I had a very visceral reaction to this and I just

I do not see it

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…Jessica Chastain as Lois Lane

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have you seen Prisoners? he can play a good detective.


I haven’t


Would highly recommend it, it’s got Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman in it and it’s really good.


Look, we all agree that as a movie, Morbius was bad. But as a two-hour audition tape for Matt Smith as the Joker, it was 10/10.


I liked the movie that you mentioned and can’t stand The Batman. Maybe Matt Smith could have made it better (those few seconds he would have been in).

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I am ready for a CGI Christopher Reeves Superman inserted into any up coming worthy DC live action movie, But would rather have him, Michael Keaton , and Lynda Carter , I want those actors put together for a Kingdom Come movie.

An then I want Michael Keaton to do a live action, version of the animated Dark Knight 2 part movies. With CGI Christopher Reeves as Superman.

Then I want Christian Bale back for at least 4 Batman movies, and I would pick an unknown actor, forget his name but he played Joker in a youtube movie by Smoking Alien Productions ; so that actor would be The Joker to the Christian Bale Batman,

so why these people,

to me, they are my top favorite actors

if I could make my own Justice League cast,

it would be Henry Cavil, Superman . Christain Bale , Batman, Gal Gadot Wonder Woman, Grant Gustin, Flash, Ray Fisher Cyborg, mr, hunky whats his name for Aquaman, I think Ryan Reynolds deserves a second shot at Green Lantern, as long as he tones down his sarcasm and he gets a real prop made costume and isn’t given buffoon lines. Dunno who for Jon Jones, But yeah that would be my Justice League,

and the movie would probably be a live action version of Justice League War, I think that is a good start because it gives a baseline intro with out a big origin story for every character, and it focuses on Darkseid.

Also I would make a cgi movie with Christopher Reeves going up against Mr. Mxylaphabetnameihate spelling.

so yeah

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My sister and I went to a comic con back in October and Matt Smith was there. During his panel he said the only reason he was in that movie was because he wanted to play a vampire. That’s it. And then for the remainder of the panel he mentioned several times how obsessed he is with vampires and that he loves to play them. It was very adorkable.

I have to say though, I think him as the Joker would be interesting, and I think he would have a blast with it too.

The character would have to be aged up 10-20 years, but… Kristen Ritter (did I spell that right? It’s not a hard name to spell, but that looks wrong somehow) as grown-up Raven

I don’t know about completely CGI, but I would love to see Michael Keaton, Lynda Carter, and some form of Christopher Reeve Superman (Brandon Routh’s Superman is largely based on that version, so aging him up could work) in a live-action Kingdom Come.

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Jason Momoa, although Mr. Hunky-Whats-His-Name works too

Mr. Mxyzptlk. If you have trouble remembering, it’s “Kltpzyxm” backwards.