Fan Art Highlights: Watchmen!

Who watches The Watchmen? First appearing in 1985’s issue of DC spotlight, The Watchmen have been making waves for nearly 36 years!

Artist: dthains_art - Watchmen on Reddit

Artist: Luis Filipe - Dr. Manhattan on Twitter

Artist: qwertzus - Rorschach on DeviantArt

Artist: hyk9266 - Nite Owl II on DeviantArt

Artist: Ammotu - Ozymandias on DeviantArt

Artist: JoseRealArt - Silk Spectre II on DeviantArt

Artist: Imonty11 - Watchmen on Reddit

Artist: cvp_art - Rorschach on Instagram

Artist: Rafael Sam - The Comedian on Reddit

Artist: Ahmed Raafat - Batman/Rorschach on Twitter

We watch The Watchmen! Did these works of art give you shivers like they did us? Let us know down below and share some more Watchmen art with us while you’re at it! :slight_smile:


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And, there’s a WAL too. Really, if I didn’t know better I would think a large blue guy on Mars was responsible for all of this.

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