Everything You Need to Know About Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point!

Hi my name is Joseph, and I read the comic book several times but I never got the Harley Quinn skin. Just wandering if I could get a code. Thank you!

I didnt receive a code! whats happening ?

im not gettin my code pls help im out of my trial period and its been 24 hours

Green lantern Moderator it has officially been 24 hours since I read the comics and I still have not received the codes. Can you help me please email support still has not responded

Hi @trey.ashworth2007.5501! I’m sorry to hear you haven’t received all of your codes yet. Can you try re-reading the first three again, and see if you receive them? If not, please let us know.

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i need help please, its been more than 24hrs and i still havent got my cat woman pickaxe code. What should i do. Also i read alll the comics and tried to go to different websites such as google chrome and microsoft edge. i have read the comics multiple times and made a email support and no one had answered yet.

hi. i’ve purchased the DC Universe Infinite subscription with no 7 day trial. i went ahead and read #3 first. i thought the code would come, but it didnt. i waited 24 hours, no code. i decided to read the comics from #1 all the way to #6. great series. i still really wanted my codes. i tried re-reading them all, even contacting support. should i wait for support or is there something else i can do? none of the codes have come through yet. thanks for the help, i’m looking foward to trying the cosmetics in game, if they come. thanks.

I brought the instant access for a month I read the first issue then I got the code in like 30 mins I read the 2nd one did not get the code continued to read still the issue 6 after some time the code came it has been almost 2 Days since I and trying. Some how it shows to resume the book when I have already read it. Submitted a support ticket they have not responded been 1 day. Created a new account payed for it read the whole series only got the code for the first issue. I pay so much still do not get what I want Please help me Please.

Even i am having the same issue

@Green.Lantern only person i’ve seen, can you help? i’ve done all of the troubleshooting things, tried re-reading them, tried different browsers, anonymous mode, what do i do?? i’ve contacted support, but i’m still waiting.

Hi, I bought the instant access membership but it thinks I am in a free trial and I have been looking forward to these codes and I really want to get this fixed

I have read all the zero point comic and also i am not on a free trial but still i dint get the code.

It takes time for the code to go through.

You should usually receive it in your email around 24 hours after you finish reading the comic.

If the problem persists, then I recommend talking to a support official for this kind of thing or maybe buying the hardback batman/zero point comic because you have a guaranteed code that gives you all the said cosmetics, but make sure you buy it from trusted sources like Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Don’t buy it from third party sellers.

yo did u get your issue 3 code yet? cuz i got it like 45 hours ago and nothing.

that blows

batman fortnite need a comic book sequel or make a animation movie