Every Comic Added 1/4/19 (over 300 added)

Flash(2011) #4-13 (New 52)
Flash Annual (2012) #1
JLA(1996) #5-86
JLA/JSA Secret File #1
JLA:Another Nail #1-3
JLA: World Without Grownups #1-2
JSA: Classified #4-18
Justice League Dark (2011) #13-41 (New 52)
Justice League Dark featuring Eclipso #1-2 (New 52 Villain’s Month)
Justice League International (1987) (#8-15)
Justice League International Annual (#1-3)
Justice League of America: The Nail #1-3
Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #1-4
Justice Society of America #13-28
Newstime: The Life and Death of Superman #1
Outsiders(2003) #1-50
Sensation Comics #7-10
Suicide Squad: Most Wanted Deadshot #1-6
Superman(1986-2006) #73-83
Superman(2011) #1-23 (New 52)
Superman/Batman(2010) #1-13
Superman: The Man of Steel #8-17 <-- Incorrect
Swamp Thing(2011) #2-41 (New 52)
Swamp Thing Annual (2012) #1-2
Swamp Thing featuring Arcane #1
Tales of the New Teen Titans #1-4
Tales of the New Teen Titans #1-14
Tales of the New Teen Titans Annual #1
Teen Titans (2011) #4-7 (New 52)
Teen Titans (2014) #1-13 (New 52)
Teen Titans Annual #1
Teen Titans/Outsiders #1
The Flash(1987) Annual #1
The Flash(1987) #26
The Flash Special #1
The Flash Special Edition #1
The Flash Iron Heights #1
The Flash: Rebirth (2009) #2-6
The New Teen Titans #13-40 (Perez)
The New Teen Titans Annual #1-2
Titans/Young Justice: Graduation #1-3
Villains United #1-6
Villains United Infinite Crisis Special #1
Wonder Woman (1986) #1-62 (Perez run)
Wonder Woman (2006) #1-6
Wonder Woman (2011) #4-18,0 (New 52)
Young Justice (1998) #1-55
Young Justice: The Secret #1

Reads - unfortunately I’m weirdly rewriting this and don’t feel like re adding my commentary aout the bext picks

Swamp Thing/ Animal Man (2011)
The New Teen Titans (1980) --> I think Judas Contract is there now.

Wonder Woman (1986) / Wonder Woman (2011) Both defined who Wonder Woman was. JLWWSM Got into comics with Wonder Woman New 52

JLA (1996) Recommended to me by Don-el.

There are other great series but those are my mistakes. Also I messed up on a couple of numbering. Know that going in. Some had #0 and I don’t have time to write the exactness of what was added.


Judas Contract is indeed there. I looked earlier. Thanks for putting the list together


Yes, thank you for the list. I wasn’t aware of material from the post-Infinite Crisis Wonder Woman series being available. So far, it’s only the second arc of the series but I hope to see more added over the next few weeks.

Does anyone else see thumbnails that just show the DCU logo for some of the new books? I know all of the new stuff is a WIP so thumbnails featuring correct art specific to each series will eventually pop-up (that 2001 Catwoman series does need to have the N52 thumbnail removed and replaced with correct artwork though, since it’s not the correct volume of Catwoman for it).

Loving all of the new stuff so far. Thanks DCU =)


Thanks for the list!


So is that all of Morrison’s JLA run?

Heya! I’m popping around these comics list threads to add a disclaimer and caveat to make sure that everyone is aware: We are in flux right now on all these titles, so please be patient as things like thumbnails, labeling, and even certain versions are solidified. You may also notice some items that were very unpopular be effected, but we just ask that you give some people far away that you’ve never met some trust and patience. We’ll be making a final announcement as well as posting an FAQ in a few weeks.

Going to go copy pasta this around to make sure all excited parties see this! <3


I’m a very patient feller and know everything will work out beautifully and as it should. Thank you Applejack =)


@TheDemonEtrigan, I believe it is. I haven’t noticed anything missing. I think Waid’s is there also and I saw some of Kelly’s too.


While we now have the full run of JLD, we are missing the first annual, which is the conclusion to one of the storylines. :disappointed:

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Some other notable mentions:

Action Comics (1938) – first fifty issues, it’s part of Death of Superman, New Krypton, and “The Black Ring,” starring Lex Luthor

Animal Man (2011) – the complete New 52 run

Aquaman (2011) #5-13 – completes the first two arcs of the New 52 run, leading up to the Throne of Atlantis crossover with Justice League.

Batgirl (2011) – the complete New 52 run, including the Gail Simone run and the Burnside era.

Batman & Robin (2006) – the complete series, including the Grant Morrison run.

Batman & Robin (2011) – basically has the first two arcs, leading up to Death of the Family.

Blue Beetle (2006) – now the complete series

Doom Patrol (1987) – includes the run before Morrison and the complete Morrison run

Doom Patrol (2016) – first arc from the Young Animal run by Gerard Way.


“You may also notice some items that were very unpopular be effected” -Applejack

OMG I better make my way through all of those Forbidden Mansion books before y’all snatch them up :sob:


Did they always have the first 24 issues of Catwoman (2001)?

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What @Nu52 said. I’m not going to start reading anything until I have a better idea of what the rotation schedule is.

Oh no, FORBIDDEN TALES OF DARK MANSION are already gone :frowning: I managed to get up to #9. They also got rid of Checkmate :(((


Guessing those two were not super popular so not shocked they got the ax. But while I get right now the section is in flux due to them updating it, when the update is over they have GOT TO do better on letting us know when things are going down. As in… any effort at all, as the ones that went on for only a couple weeks like Titans were the only ones with any notification. People need to know if something is going as it isn’t fair to be halfway through reading and have it gone with zero warning. Seriously, to me it is slowly becoming inexcusable, they don’t even give a weeks notice in forums like with movies… just nothing… no effort to warn us.

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Awww I just started reading Checkmate. Hopefully it’s put back up soon.

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Manhunter is also gone and I was in the middle of reading that one :frowning:

If I hadn’t have read this thread 3 days ago I wouldn’t have known anything was leaving because mods had previously said comics would no longer be leaving. We really got no announcement or anything. I knew Forbidden Tales would be a highly unpopular title so I was able to read some more issues of that in the few days I had, but how was I to guess any of the other books I was reading were unpopular? It’s not like they have view counts or anything.

They did say it would be in flux, so it might not be staying down, just down as part of the update they are doing over the next couple weeks or so. I do want to say as I feel given the circumstances I was a bit harsh. I know they are doing a big overhaul, and it is clear they are doing it because of and with what we said in mind. And have made a solid effort to do things like complete storylines, more recent comics among the library and complete runs, as well as putting in series fans have been suggesting… they even added a couple DCU exclusive comics in the form of Young Justice: Outsiders. All of that is awesome and I am willing to wait and see the end result, what we got already has been great.

I just hope once all is said and done there will be better effort to tell us when/if something is coming down. Not saying they have to give an exact date the second thins are up. But other when the big event stuff was up for a limited number of weeks (Like New Teen Titans, Identity Crisis, Long Halloween) they have never told us at all anywhere if something is going down. Granted, not much beyond those rotating big events has gone down as a whole, but do hope if things are still going to come down, even if it is going to be a rare occurrence and the comics stay relatively static, if something does need to go down I just want some kind of advanced notice even if it is a week in advance, preferable more notice but even a week would be within reason to me.

But again, this is no way is to sound ungrateful for all the hard work that has been done last week to now to improve the comics selection. I am really impressed and am liking what we have seen so far.

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@DanTheManOne1 Yeah, I’m just a little bummed because they’re titles I was reading, but the titles they’ve added are really good too and I’ve already started reading a few. Would just like some form of heads up in the future.

Everything you said is level-headed and constructive in a very polite manner. Kind of sad how we have to reiterate the sentiments you expressed at the end of your statement or else risk having people jump down our throats for not saying exactly what they want to hear :joy: but I too am really impressed and liking the changes we are seeing across all of the DC Universe service, not just the comics section. :clap:


lol oh I am not worried about anyone jumping down my throat. Jut given how hard they are clearly working to give us a comic section more in tune with what a lot of us wanted, I didn’t want to be “that guy” who was just picking apart something amidst it.