Every Book in DC's Infinite Frontier Era

We have an official name for the soft reboot coming in March 2021. It is called Infinite Frontier and I couldn’t be more excited. Each of these has an Infinite Frontier label:
Here are the books coming up:

The Launch Issue: Infinite Frontier #0.


Batman: Urban Legends #1

  • Red Hood
  • Harley Quinn
  • Grifter
  • The Outsiders

Batman #106

  • Damian Wayne Back-up issue

Detective Comics #1034

  • Damian Wayne Back-up Issue Part 2

Catwoman #29

Nightwing #78

Joker #1

  • Back up Issue: Punchline


Superman #29

  • back up Issue: Jimmy Olsen

Action Comics #1029

  • back up Issue: Midnighter

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman #730

  • back-up issue: Young Diana

Justice League:

Justice League #59

  • Back Issue: Justice League Dark Story
    Teen Titans Academy #1
    Suicide Squad #1
    Flash #768
    Batman/Superman #16
    Swamp Thing #1 (of 10)
    Crime Syndicate #1 (Doesn’t have the Infinite Frontier Label though)

Super cool! I’ll miss Rebirth, but I’m super excited for the things to come! Also, thanks for the list. That’s extremely awesome of you.


Given that Harley Quinn has a new trade dress, I’m hoping the other books get a refresh too.

Digging the Infinite Frontier branding.


Of course the back-up stories also results in a price increase to $5 an issue for those titles. Hopefully that’s not permanent.

Definitely looking forward to this though.


I’d assume it’s permanent (because you are adding 14 more pages), but it’s 1 dollar for an extra story which is part of why I’m excited. Less books, but bigger books, could work really well.


I’m super excited for Infinite Frontier. I’ve been pretty behind in Rebirth since I started focusing on older runs after I joined DC Universe. Ever since, Rebirth has just felt so overwhelming to try and catch up in. I think this sounds like a great opportunity to join back in, for myself and new readers, as well as a good way to please long-time fans as it’s not a straight up reboot. Between this and Future State, I’m very excited for the future of DC Comics.


I think it’s for every title. Most have the issue dress in the solicits.


Exactly. Rebirth opens really strong, but by year 3 it starts to fall apart. The line stops feeling fresh and exciting minus a couple of stories (Justice League for example). Part of why this is so exciting is that each of these books is taking an exciting direction that I’m interested in. It’s rebirthing rebirth in a sense, but while Rebirth was about going back, this is about looking forward to the future. Rebirth was about remember why we love these characters. Infinite Frontier is about paving the way for new characters and moving toward a future. (Now we will get a hint at that future in Future State), but still we will be moving toward new possibilities. Part of why future state was so cool is because it is fresh and different and Infinite frontier is about seeing those possibilities.


Bingo! Infinite Frontier and Future State (at least from what we’ve seen so far) have been doing a great job at paying respect towards legacy characters (and their fans) while also allowing the universe to grow beyond what’s been established. I fully trust the creative team behind these projects and can’t wait to be excited for new issues again.


By trade dress, I mean new branding/logos for each series title, not the Infinite Frontier label itself.

I think it’s time for the Batman and Flash ongoings to get new branding. What they have now has been in use for over 9 years.


Oh, I get it now. I know Nightwing got a new logo.


(I don’t know if I fully trust them yet…but I have faith and hype)


This will come across as angry fanboy but it’s really not.
I don’t see anything at DC that I am personally excited for. I left Superman after a few Bendis issues and have no desire to go back until Jon is fixed. I recently left Batman because I hated King’s run and don’t enjoy where Tynion took things. I dislike Bendis so will skip Justice League and it stinks that JL Dark is relegated to backup. Wonder Woman and Titans are a maybe but at the same time those books were always add-on reads and if I’m not going for the main books then I probably won’t go at all. This isn’t a “DC ruined my childhood” rant and I’m sure I will sample here and there but man this has been a personal letdown.
But the good news is that DC has all of the commitment of a Hollywood marriage so it won’t take long for a new kickoff.


My first time experience a new era as a comic reader.
Can’t wait​:+1:

All sounds awesome™:+1:


(You’ll be experiencing it with me!) I started during late year 2 of rebirth, so I’m excited!!


I started when this service came out. It’s going to be fun. :+1:


Sigh, another reboot? I would prefer a hard reboot where things get solidly established (and perhaps planned out in advance in terms of a relaunch) as opposed to these mealy-mouthed reboots that don’t change anything. It’s just another sales tactic to convince the ones that have fallen off that things have changed, even when they haven’t. Old era comes to a close, new era begins fresh, that’s how it should be. Is there just gonna be a soft reboot every time sales sag or someone writes themselves into a corner? Part of the problem with these reboots (and this is the third in ten years) is that they often keep a lot of the old canon and baggage (or worse for potential new readers, require a deep knowledge of that old canon to understand what’s going on in Issue 1.


Hi, whats a back-up issue?

A back-up is a shorter story printed in the back of another issue. So JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK will continue, but as a story in the back pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE.


It’s like a mini-issue at the back of a story. So after you read the full sized batman issue in Batman #106, you’ll have a short Damian story.