Doom Patrol Ep. #8 "Danny Patrol" Discussion Thread: Spoiler Zone! 🚨

Welcome to Doom Patrol: Episode 8 “Danny PATROL” discussion thread, where you can speak your blown mind freely!

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Is Danny The Street everything you thought they would be and more? Let us know in the comments below!


Ahh it was so freaking good!! Was not sure what to expect with the trailer past week but i was blown away. A street that protects the down trodden, who lives by the party? Like who thinks of this shit? Drag queens fighting oppressive black ops government departments? Sign me the fuck up!! And the song was great too.

Also liked how the kid came up to cliff in a robot costume. It was pretty great.

My favorite episode so far.


This show is wilder every week. I loved the song and the kid in the robot costume was awesome! I definitely look forward to Fridays!


Best episode since the pilot.


Loved it. Really interested in the ant farm and what they could do with that. Do you guys think the ant farm could become a major villain? I think so with the way they are tying it together with Larry’s story. And it made me think after Mr. Nobody what a perfect bad guy organization for this weird show to tackle. The department of normalcy vs the world’s strangest heros! Came into the episode thinking it would just be another two parter like the decorator. But now I’m not so sure…
This episode was so good


This legitimately the best episode so far. Like, we’ve had some amazing episodes that are wild and the perfect amount of absurdity but this episode was super good AND CAN WE GET MATT BOMER’S COVER OF PEOPLE LIKE US ON SPOTIFY OR SOMETHING


Such a great show and this episode proves that no character is too strange to bring to the screen. I would have thought that Danny the Street had been named dropped in the Titans episode and that would be it! Great job cast and writers/crew!


I don’t live far from Springfield Ohio I’ll be searching for Danny.


Cannot believe you figured out a way to have Matt Bomer/Larry sing. Thank you on behalf of the Beautiful One’s fans everywhere. Like Tom Farrell said, voice of an angel…


This was a lot of fun. The musical number was a nice treat, both lightening the mood and being a nice moment for Larry. It was only a matter of time before Danny made an appearance and I’m sure she/he/it and it’s citizens/friends will be back.


This is the first episode where I was conscious of the delineation between A plot and B plot, but I was equally interested in both. This show has no filler, it’s all meat.


This episode was fantastic. Probably my favorite of the series. Doom Patrol has quickly become my favorite DC show and I think this has potential to be one of, if not the best DC shows of all time.


Is it just me, or does Larry look shorter without the costume?


I love the idea of a place where anyone who doesn’t measure up to "society’s standards " can go and be excepted. I know the LGBTQ+ community was highlighted but it really felt like they would be excepting of all of society’s "weirdos ". Loved this episode :grin::+1:t2:


Who’s gonna be the first to get Danny’s map printed on a real cake? I should do it for my sister’s birthday and she’ll have no idea wth it is


This is most definitely my favorite episode of Doom Patrol so far. I didn’t think they would ever mention Danny the Street let alone show them in the most AMAZEBALLS way. And can we please get a release of Matt Bomer’s song please.


A terrific episode. They nailed Danny the Street and there was some great cathartic moments for Larry. The musical number was truly heartwarming. I still think episode 7 was the best but honestly all of them have been nearly perfect so far.


@Sushi-Volcano I noticed that and that is likely because it is a suit actor when he as the bandage not the same actor who plays Larry when he is out of the bandages in flashbacks and (I assume) when he is all burnt up. So probably why it doesn’t look quite like the same guy.

As for the episode… it was awesome. I remember Danny The Street was a character most figured they could never adapt to live action, so I love that they did it and did it so well. This show won’t let anything hold it back, Mr. Nobody, Danny the Street, Jane’s personality who uses speech words as weapons, all things that would seem like something that would only work in comic books, but Doom Patrol makes them all work. I love it.

Also loved the subplot with Jane, Rita and Cliff and love that cliffhanger. Looks like next week will somehow have Cliff exploring the underground, and that sounds like some really good moments. Cliff’s interaction with Jane and all her personalities is probably the best relationship in the series.

All in all some good stuff as usual, this has become my favorite show on all of TV/Streaming right now and I will be sad to see the season end (although glad to know it apparently has already been picked up for a second season). I have been looking forward to Swamp Thing and expect it to be good. But man oh man, will it have a tough act to follow.


I loved this episode. Danny was really cool and that karaoke scene is now my favorite scene in probably any show. The villains also felt more punchable in my opinion and while I like villains with good motivations or personalities, it did feel nice to have a villain who had no personality and had a more comic book villain like motivation. This is probably the best episode so far just because of the karaoke scene (I went back to rewatch the karaoke scene at least five times).


Nice episode definitely another weird yet fun and unpredictable episode here all about in my review

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