:dc_pride_club: :doom_patrol_club: Doom Patrol Club: Pride Month (Danny the Street/Rebis) (Doom Patrol #35 & #19) (June 21st-30th)

Pride_Profile_Danny The Street


Welcome to the second half of Pride Month, Doomsters! We’re gonna be discussing a fan favorite here which is…Danny The Street! and also Rebis fka Negative Man! Hope to see the awesome feedback down below :dp_robotman: ! And Let’s Discuss! :dp_robotman:

Link to Read to the awesome introduction of Danny!—>Doom Patrol 1987: Issue #35

Link to Read to the awesome entrance of Rebis!—>Doom Patrol 1987: Issue #19


It’s been a while since I’ve re-read any of the Morrison books, but they were just as good as I remembered! I especially liked this sequence

And I like the whimsy in the way Richard Case drew Danny, with twisty lamp posts. But as I try to fall asleep tonight I’m going to keep myself awake wondering what Rebis’s voice sounds like.

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Same! I’m thinking Rebis’s Voice would be raspy

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