Doom Patrol and Umbrella Academy

So I watched the first episode of Doom Patrol and the first season of Umbrella Academy this weekend.

I purchased issue 1 of the Umbrella Academy comic way back on the day it was released and I have really loved the entire comic run since. I don’t know how much this has been discussed, but Umbrella Academy is clearly a derivative comic of Doom Patrol. My understanding is that Grant Morrison was a mentor to Gerard Way at its inception and the similarities between the two properties abound.

So I was very excited to see both adaptations premiere on the same weekend.

But I have to say that one episode of Doom Patrol outshines the entire season of Umbrella Academy. Whereas Doom Patrol embraces the strangeness of its world and characters and captures the quirky fun, but deliciously dramatic tone of the comics, the Umbrella Academy felt like it was ashamed of its quirky concepts. Everything felt like a half measure on the celebration of weirdness from the comic.

I enjoyed both shows, but feel like Doom Patrol is an uncompromised adaptation. And Umbrella Academy is what we have come to expect.

I’m not sure I am fully making my point. Did anyone else feel this way about the two adaptations? They’re so similar that they beg comparison to me.


While I liked Umbrella Academy, I agree with you Doom Patrol was better. The U.A. actors we’re good, but not Timothy Dalton, Matt Bomer and Brandon Frasier level of good. The U.A. seemed to be trying to hard, while Doom Patrol hit the wierdness mark effortlessly.

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I just started watching Umbrella Academy, and I pretty much agree with you both.
Though I must say, I am very glad to have something to tie me over until next week’s DP episode! :smile:

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Finished ep 2 of Umbrella Academy on treadmill this morning and was very impressed. Watched Doom Patrol with college age daughter in afternoon and was blown away. Her quote was “now that’s how you get the audience emotionally invested in a show.” I just said “wow”


Also very much enjoyed use of music in both shows


@msgtv I completely agree with your daughter. DP was so well crafted in terms of drama. I did not expect to have so much empathy for Robotman. Leading up to the show, I thought he might be a character that only really worked on the page given his inability to emote with his face. But they really executed on the story and the performance. I care so much.


I think Umbrella Academy is better so far, but Doom Patrol is only one episode in, so there is a lot of time to change my mind.

Umbrella feels like a more solid production. Doom Patrol has moments that shine bright, but there’s also a lot of writing and sfx and decisions that don’t hold up as well.

I think DP did very well for a pilot though.

@Coville I am curious which sfx and writing decisions you feel don’t hold up in DP?

The mirror Tudyk looks like a villain out of an 80s movie. Not sure it can be done well, but it looks terrible to me.

Negative man and Rita needed a better told backstory than Toxic Avenger. If you choose to go with the overused “touching weird substance gave me powers” you need to do more, otherwise it feels like a Troma movie.

The sex scene was out of place. Hbo has gotten pretty good at mixing it in, but this felt like we got a Superhero show, then a few seconds of porn movie, then back to the regular content. It was just extremely awkward.

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The show runners that oversee Doom Patrol have experience with another little show on TV that has over three hundred episodes now, Supernatural. The experience and talent showed on their pilot.

@Coville I thought you might have been talking about Tudyk. I agree that I’m not sure it can be done any differently; something like that would appear uncanny in real life as well. I just loved that they had the confidence to embrace the concept and do it.

I imagine that Negative man and Rita will continue to get backstory; this first episode told you exactly what you needed to hit the ground running and nothing more. I appreciated that, but totally hear what you are saying.

Regarding the sex scene, I have shared my thoughts on other threads, so I won’t bore you with my thoughts again. I will say I found nothing about it awkward at all. But it is clearly revealing itself to be the Doom Patrol equivalent of the F__ Batman moment from Titans.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts in more detail. I am finding the reactions to Doom Patrol fascinating. I also enjoyed Umbrella Academy, but just wished it had a little more bite and resembled the comic just a little more.


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I agree that The Umbrella Academy is a little watered down compared to the comics but I don’t mind it. I did enjoy the comics when I read the whole run a few years back but they didn’t quite hit the mark for me. It was a little too eccentric, grungy, and nonsensical for me personally. But the show is checking all my boxes while not straying too far from the comics. Doom Patrol I can’t give as much input on because I’ve never read any of the comics. But from what I’ve researched it does seem to be faithful to the point of some of the dialogue being right from the page. And whenever I watch an adaption of something I’ve read I love seeing exactly what I pictured in my head or saw on the page.

@FlyingGrayson13 If Umbrella Academy was too nonsensical for you, I suggest you read Doom Patrol. It’s all kinds of nonsense, and it’s delicious.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these two shows.

I am excited to see how season 2 of Umbrella Academy unfolds. They shuffled enough around with respect to the comics that it feels like they will have to break new ground with the second season, and not pull so much from the comics.

@BatmanOfZur-En-Arrh I just finished the last episode of The Umbrella Academy today and I agree that the show will definitely have to stray from the comics if there are future seasons. But I am totally okay with that. I like the direction they seem to be leaning towards with there being more focus on the siblings relationship with each other and their upbringing rather than on who the bad guys are. I wasn’t a huge fan of Dallas (the second volume) so if they scrap that and take the show in a different direction it won’t bother me. I’m interested to see what the showrunners have in mind for the future and will be devastated if Netflix doesn’t renew the show. That cliffhanger finale had me screaming for more once the credits rolled.

@FlyingGrayson13 I agree about the focus on the villains. While I enjoyed their story just fine, I feel like I would have enjoyed them remaining masked and mysterious throughout the season. Definitely looking forward to next season.

I have not seen the Netflix show yet, I hear a lot of good will from geeks I watch on YouTube. For those of you who have seen both, which do you prefer?


I will watch later in the year. It’s starting to get a little over saturated with every streamer producing their own superhero show.

Doom Patrol pilot hands down. I created a thread earlier sharing my thoughts on the two; some people responded. Would post a link if possible, but search “Doom Patrol and Umbrella Academy”, if you are interested.

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Cool, I will have to check that out.

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I LOVED the Doom Patrol pilot!! Tudyk’s narration was amazing and the character building was great, I just don’t want to wait for more, oh well, that’s a good sign.
That being said…
I watched ALL of umbrella academy yesterday and while it had some pacing issues, it was overall very very good, and I believe Aiden Gallagher is the ONLY option for a live action 15 yo Dick Grayson. That young actor did a helluva job.