Does the Arrowverse get a Batman too?

So with Gotham coming to an end and Titans getting a Batman, do you think the Arrowverse will get one as well? With a Batwoman show on the way I’m thinking it’s a given that he’ll show up at some point. Hopefully in time for Crisis.

The Titans casting kind of gives me hope.


I believe the network Fox owns the rights to live action Batman television shows, which is why we never see Batman in the Arrowverse, and probably why we don’t even see his face in Titans.

I never thought a part of Batman would be owned by Disney.

Twentieth Century Fox Television only has their hand in the pie of the Adam West Batman TV show. Every other Batman/Batman related TV show and the overall television rights to the Batman franchise fall strictly under the full ownership of Warner Brothers.

Batman must already exist in the Arrowverse. Otherwise where does Kate Kane get the inspiration for Batwoman?


Yes, but I think they just call him ‘Arrow’ or ‘Ollie’


I think they will treat Batman like they did Superman on Supergirl, you don’t really see him in the first season and if you do it’s out of focus or covered in shadow. But I think we will see him for real in the second season.

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It won’t happen before Crisis, because Batwoman won’t premiere until 2020.

Not necessarily, @movieaddict. Flash had a pilot shot and ready to go just a little bit after Barry’s guest appearance during Arrow S2 hence why we got that video with him in full costume catching Oliver’s arrow. They likely will move just as fast to get Batwoman rolling out for a Fall release.

Batwoman, if given the go ahead, will probably premiere after the last episode of Arrow. Also, the creators of Arrow originally said they were working with the conceit that Arrow takes place in the same universe as the Dark Knight trilogy-- and Batwoman’s appearances in Elseworld’s did nothing to alter that conceit. The Reverse-Flash messing with the timelines in The Flash opens things up enough that they can keep that notion, while working around it a bit as well.

Unfortunately DC has very strict rules about Batman being on tv so it will likely never happen. In the perfect world Superman and Batman would both have their own tv shows running side by side with an epic Worlds Finest crossover but we don’t live in a perfect world so that’s obviously never going to happen. I’m surprised their having Batman on Titans Season 2 but I imagine his appearances will be limited.

No. Warner Brothers has the rights to Batman in a death grip and won’t let go.

He ded

Personally, I feel this might be the time for DC/WB to acquire Batman '66 100%. No way they allow Disney to retain it. There is a price for all things it just has to be found.

The creators of the cw shows already said in a interview that batman is off limits to them that they can only name drop his as a teaser but batman can’t appear

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Well, they also said Supes would most likely never appear on SG except in shadow and that didn’t last. I think if Batwoman is to last I think DC/WB has to get over themselves and lift these embargos. Just explain and make it clear that what goes on on tv has nothing to do with the movies. It is a multiverse after all.

Worth noting that Titans has cast Bruce Wayne but there’s been no indication he’ll appear in costume. I think he’s going to be more of a Batman Beyond type mentor to the team.

We just need to pray

I would have thought that the misconception that there are free-standing “embargoes” on any DC Comics character based on medium type would not exist here, but it seems as if I was wrong.

Character rights access is decided on a case-by-case basis and said decision applies only to the character in question and the entity that asked for access to said character.

Every universe has a Batman and a Superman

I hope we don’t. Batman will overshadow every other character by a country mile. Simply because he’s Batman, then you’ll have fan demand for a Batman series and Batwoman goes right out the window.

Batman is to big a figure, they allowed Superman on Supergirl because they were setting it up for him and Lois to go to Argo for the sake of the baby, and it leaves Supergirl as the Kryptonian on earth. Puts much more pressure on her.

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Given Supergirl brought Superman it is very likely. Although the difference is the premise of Batwoman seems to be that she took over his cave and costume after he dissapeared. So if he came back, then that would be an issue with that part of the story. As opposed to Superman who from the beginning was always supposed to be around just in another city. So he is easier to have come and go with Supergirl’s setting.