Do you think Batman would be able to exist in real life?

I personally think he could. But it HAS to include these two things.

  1. Must be government sponsored: Technology is so advanced that if the government didn’t sponsor Batman than it would be incredibly easy to find out who he is and stop him.

  2. Must be multiple Batmans: For it to work, especially with the amount of injuries that would just happen with being a vigilante, there must be many different Batmans. They also must be identical.

What do you guys think?


Yes, I do think so and I think if anywhere will be the starting place it will be Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit Michigan officially being rated and named “The Angriest City In The United States” is the perfect place for a real Bats! :slight_smile:

But yeah, I think we are at that place to where all the tech is readily available, custom tech is just gettin easier and easier to get ahold of too.

As far as multiplicity, that’s exactly why “Mystery Of The Batwoman” was so great. There were 3 people who took turns as Batwoman, they were identicle height, weight and so on but different in looks, personality and skills which constantly threw Batman off when he investigated them. Add to that the voice changer which made their voices identical when putting on the cape!



With Batman Incorporated as his backer :slight_smile:


Possible, but unlikely
If you are talking patrolling all night every night. Yes, you would need multiples from a human physiology standpoint. The costume would need total coverage and hard-core durability. You can leave a drop of blood, hari or skin tissue (DNA sequencing is to readily available a tech today)

Multiples would skew DNA evidence, but as the saying goes 3 people can keep a secret if two of them are dead.

I think you would need a highly populated area that has much lower traffic patterns at night. This would suggest higher and/or lower temp profiles Detroit, Chicago, Phoenix, Seattle. Even then you are looking at a contained patrolling area.

And you would need your own private satellite communications capability. You can’t send data via any standard carriers and/or frequencies

It would be more like a high tech special ops police force than an actual Batman.

Its pretty wild to think about.


Would probably survive for a week or two.

In theory probably not. Only because the load out Batman has is made to go up against every threat in every possible combat scenario lol. Even the strongest rated plate carriers can’t stop long barreled rifles 30 caliber like a 30 06 or even a deer rifle. As for a Batmobile there are certain bulletproof glass that can’t stop a 338 let alone a 50 BMG

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I don’t think so. Batman is pretty much superhuman in how he fights and thinks. There is no way that someone could master everything that Batman did unless they dedicated their life to it. Even then, I would think that once someone learned everything Batman has, they would be past their prime physically.

Plus, with modern technology allowing someone to identify someone under a cowl, it would make it easy to figure out who Batman is. Also, traffic cameras would be able to track where the Batmobile came from.

Martial Arts would only get you so far. Death Squads/Termination Squads would take someone like that out with ease. Interesting thought and great post!

Yeah, I don’t know if he would be able to maintain the split persona with all the cameras and general surveillance in this iteration of reality. Either way, this is such a wonderfully thought provoking thread. :smiley::lizard:


Just thought of another thing too! There are Kevlar made tires and they can’t even stop a 9mm lol.

@Beastboy, that’s why I think if it’s government sponsored, then it could be possible


I can’t see it working even with the identical because how many identical people with the skill set could they have. Even then realistically it couldn’t. Even actual Martial Arts masters will tell you all the punching and kicking in the world won’t take down 4 or 5 armed men like Batman does. In reality anyone who sought out that while realistically not finding a huge fight every day like bats does, would not last long before finding themselves dead.

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The main way I could see it working is leaning into the symbolic nature of Batman–Batman’s ability to inspire fellow citizens, and strike fear into criminals. A real Batman wouldn’t need to be able to do all the things that comic book Batman could, he would just have to be perceived to be able to. If a criminal sees a real Batman, the criminal should be scared. No need to be able to take down multiple armed men or a maniacal clown, just put on a mask and scare some baddies like it’s Halloween. Criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot, after all.


The closest thing we have to a real Batman is Phoenix Jones. Dude’s been patrolling Seattle, Washington since about 2009. He also led kind of a real version of the Justice League or the Avengers, the Rain City Superhero Movement, from around 2011-2014. Unfortunately, he’s on his way to retirement.

If Phoenix Jones can go out there and play Batman, I could imagine someone else could give it a go, too.


The whole BATMAN INCORPORATED concept certainly is fitting for these modern times. Franchises could bring a Man Of Bats to your town!

“Batman to be funded by Kickstarter”

What what!!

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Are you telling me Batman is NOT real?

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