Do Not Cancel "Swamp Thing"

I signed on to DC Universe just to watch Swamp Thing and I want my moneys worth. Complete the first season and do a second season. You lured me in here with Swamp Thing and now you are canceling it?


Totally agree. Content was finally heading in the right direction with this and Doom Patrol.


The main reason for the cancellation is North Carolina’s having offered tens of millions of tax credits, and dropping the ball. Also, the Tea Party in that state hates filmmaking, and California, the Center Of All Evil, so much that they also worked against the production.

DC/WB lost a pile of money on this. SWAMP THING is an expensive production, which is why it looks so great. TOO expensive, unfortunately.

And, quite simply, our beloved DCU is a niche app. A show like TITANS or DOOM PATROL can possibly be sold to another streaming service. A 10 episode SWAMP THING probably can’t.

I’m grateful for what little we’re getting, and I do have a s#itload of comics to read, and the wonderful DC animation, which is why I subscribed in the first place.


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