Dive Back In - Feature Removed?


For the last two days, my Dive Back In list has been gone. It just shows latest releases at the top of the main page and continues from there.

Is this a known glitch, or has the feature been removed? I use this every time I’m in the app, so I hope it is not gone. Have tested this on a few devices, but hopefully I’m not missing anything obvious. Thanks!


Hi @roobarbsmith! I’m sorry you’re having this issue with Dive Back In. If you can contact our support team here, they’ll be able to look into this for you. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Unfortunately they didn’t have anything immediate to say on it and just said they’ll look into it in the future.

Is this something anyone else is experiencing? Curious if there are any thoughts on how this gets triggered or even any fixes.

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I am also having this issue on one of my devices (Chromebook) but not on another (iPad)

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I tried on my PC via chrome and, if I refreshed a bunch of times and clicked all over, I could occasionally get it to load. Otherwise there’s a big blank space where the section should be.

At some point today, my entire reading history also got erased (again). Not sure what is going on, but at this point I’d prefer they just erase/reset my account so that it’s fresh, since I’ve lost most of the data worth having anyway.

My only guess is that it was due to having videos in these lists back before HBOMax split off. But of course I wouldn’t be the only one with this situation.

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I believe I’ve pinpointed the problem from a technical angle.

Using ‘inspect’ in Chrome, I’ve found the error that occurs only when it fails to load (99% of the time).

“GET https://www.dcuniverseinfinite.com/api/5/2/user/consume_next?include_books=true&include_videos=true&include_collections=true&limit=25&trans=en 502”

When I click the above link, it shows the text: {“message”:“Consumer not found”}

Does it say that for folks with functioning apps? If not, it seems there is a bug with my account. Also, I can’t help but notice that the video flag is set to true. Maybe that’s just an artifact from the old system, or maybe it’s causing problems.

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I am also having the issue on my phone and my PC.

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Thank you for the report @hooizzhee.54046 & @Macman77. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with that :confused: - hopefully it will be fixed soon!

I love the effort you’ve put into this, but I’m sorry to say that I can’t personally answer any of your questions as only the support/tech team deals with backend stuff. You can message the support team back about this if you’d like! Please let us know how things go!

Best of luck,


Just wanted to chime in that I’m also not seeing Dive Back In on the Android app or Chrome browser, and I’m using up to date versions of both.


Thank you @Vroom, we’ll make a note of this as well. I apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing - we appreciate your patience and understanding as our tech team investigates this issue. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome and thank you.

FYI for any who aren’t already aware: Clicking/tapping “My DC” still brings up current reads as they would be seen under Dive Back In just fine.

Update: @Shayera.Hol I’m seeing Dive Back In on the web browser interface.


It’s a bit nitpicky, I know, but the history under My DC is somewhat different than Dive back in. Dive is nice because it just shows you the latest issue in a series or event you’re reading (at least when it is working properly) as you see in, ahem, that Marvel app.

History shows you every issue one by one, and is a little less convenient for juggling series. :slight_smile:


This is true. However, My DC can be utilized as a work-around solution at times when Dive Back In isn’t available.

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It’s not nit-picking as far as I am concerned. I am aware of the history feature of My DC, but it works differently than the Dive Back In list, is far less convenient and really does not replace it. I’ve also lost the Dive Back In list in the last couple of days on Android and it pretty much renders the app useless to me. I’ve contacted Support about it and will be cancelling if it is not fixed quickly.


Yeah, I take the ‘nitpicky’ prefacing back. I’ve seen in the last few days what a huge difference it can make.

Let’s say I want to read through two huge events: New Krypton and a Triangle Era. If each one has about a hundred issues, and I’m bouncing between them from day to day, that means I need to scroll through alllll of those issues in my history, and whatever else I’ve read.

If I had Dive Back In (which I still do not), it would simply appear as the most recent issue of each event on my main screen. That’s two slots instead of 200 (or however many it is).

I have to say I was really disappointed in the Support Team’s response. Saying ‘we’re sorry, we’ll look into it in the future’ is not what I was expecting after Green.Lantern recommended I reach out to them.

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I’ve been emailing about it. Its getting on my nerves. They told me to delete and then reinstall the app, which hasn’t worked.

Yeah, for many of us this issue happens on the website and lots of devices, so that’s not gonna fix it.

I wonder if there was a new issue added last week that we all read and, when it put that on our list it bugged everything up. Something with messed up metadata or whatever.

Edit: Actually, it is now fixed for my on my PC in Chrome and Firefox, after a week of not working. Still not working on my android tablet or phone. But a step in the right direction.

My dive back in is also missing but more than half of my reading history has also been erased. Getting ready to read a crossover so it isn’t ideal.

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On DCUI app for Android, my recent books ive read no longer shows up on the home page. Not a huge deal, but its really convient to have it there for picking up where i left off. Is this a bug?

Hey there, @JayJayden! I moved your topic over to this pre-existing one since it’s all related.

I’ve also let the team know that you folks have been experiencing on-and-off troubles with the Dive Back In feature across multiple devices. Last I heard is that they were going to be looking into it and keeping an eye out for further reports, so we appreciate you coming forth with those; thankfully it’s a inconvenience tilting more on the minor side, but still reasonably annoying.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime!