Dissecting DC: Batman: Under the Hood

18 years ago (in February 2023), Batman: Under the Hood was released. I would like to look at it here. Pick it apart and learn everything there is to know about it; connections, behind the scenes, foreshadowing, everything. We will look at how It changed Batman and the DCU as a whole. We will look at how it affected the characters involved. We will be discussing everything Batman: Under the Hood and learn more about it.

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Since there is something very similar to this thread going on right now how about we switch this to Under the Hood?

Can you edit the title? If not maybe delete and make that thread.

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Yeah, I was waiting to see what we changed it to before I tried to change the title.

It brought my son back to me.


One thing that I find interesting is how they use red outlines to signify that the panel is in a flashback.


Another interesting thing is that my cousin told me that the writer of the comic prefers the movie adaptation (Which is really, really good if you have not seen it yet).


It is more concise.

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I haven’t read the actual comic, but now that you’ve got me thinking about it there’s a lot with discussing. One of the things that probably gets lost to history is how radical bringing back Jason really was. We’re pretty used to the idea now, but back then it was a pretty big deal, especially given the specific time of when it came out. It’s easy to forget, but this story was sandwiched between Hush, which pretended they were gonna bring back Jason as a red herring, and then in Captain America something very similar was happening with the Winter Soldier storyline. So a lot of the initial reaction to the comic was probably based around the feeling that bringing back Jason was viewed as an unoriginal and all0-around bad idea.

But almost 20 years later we’re so used to Jason as Red Hood that it’s hard to imagine bringing him back as a daring idea.


Yeah, that makes sense. Its something I never thought about before.

It’s also really easy to forget, but there was a joke for like 10 years that the only characters who would never come back to life in comics were Bucky Barnes and Jason Todd. So having them both come back at the same time, under similar circumstances, must have felt surreal.

Add to the fact that for a while there was a widespread belief, now mostly recognized by fans as revisionist history, that Jason Todd was killed off because he was incredibly unpopular with readers.


Here are some questions for discussion on Batman #635. please feel free to ask questions of your own.

  1. Why do you think this comic started in the middle of the arc? Do you think it was a good decision?
  2. What was the purpose of the Kord Corporation? Did it have an impact on the story?
  3. Why did the red hood get into the drug trade? Why was he so against selling to children?
  4. Where is Tim Drake? Why is there no Robin in this story?

if you want to find out where tim was he still had a comic going at the time as for why jason
jason didn’t sale to children he has a real soft spot for children gets it from bruce

Cool. Interesting insight. which comic is this that has Tim, the Robin solo series?



Because Tim does not have to be in every me story.


I guess your right