Did you like the Halle Berry Catwoman movie?

Did you like the 2004 Catwoman movie? I actually did like it, maybe because I saw it when I was a kid and I get easily amazed as a kid but from what I remember I honestly liked the movie. I would like to point out I’m not an overly obsessed SJW, I didnt like Captain Marvel, I like a movie if I like a movie, I don’t think movies need to be advertised to be SJW oriented.

I just love Catwoman

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I am an “SJW,” and I don’t care much for the film. That said, I think it gets a tad too much flack. It’s utterly corny, but it’s somewhat entertaining in its corniness. I’d rank it below Batman & Robin but above Steel (since at least Halle Berry has acting talent…poor Shaq!).


It was just a silly plot for me and the costume wasn’t that great. Michelle Pfeiffer catwoman costume was the best. Halle Berry is sexy, but the costume just didn’t click for me. Now if they had Arkham Asylum Catwoman costume that would be cool.

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The Catwoman movie was awful. Glad you enjoyed it, but I definitely didn’t. My problem with it is that it’s not even really about Catwoman; it’s about some random woman (not Selina Kyle) who gets magical cat powers and puts on one of the most ridiculous costumes I’ve ever seen.


To put simply. No I didn’t not like this movie.

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It was terrible lmao

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Watching a CGI-ed Halle Berry run on walls always gives me a smile, but yeah, the movie is more/less a dumpster fire. The basketball scene alone took off about 5 years of my lifespan.

It’s one of the reason why it took such a long time for a female superhero lead to star on a big screen again.

I actually liked it. I looked at it as totally unrelated to the DC Catwoman. I made it stand on it’s own. As a standalone movie . It was pretty good.

The comedy podcast The Flop House did an episode on this movie recently and it reminded me just how bad this was. In kind of a fun way for me, but still pretty bad.

It wasn’t great but she’s hot chocolate so I enjoyed it LOL!


As far as Catwoman being a movie that can be taken seriously? Absolutely not. It’s a steaming pile of cinematic cat**** from start to finish, no two ways about it.

I remember reading interviews with Pitof (the director) and Halle Berry in assorted genre magazines (Starlog and the like) before the movie came out about how their take on Catwoman was “fresh” and brought a “new perspective to a legend”. As Edna Krabappel was fond of saying “HA!”.

Given how much effort Pitof and Ms. Berry spent in trying to get us to buy their “fresh” bull****, they could have expended less effort and just made a real Catwoman movie instead, with breath to spare.

As far as Catwoman being an absolute joy to rake over the coals MST3K style, the movie is great in that regard. The Catwoman movie is a gift to garbage filmmaking, and those of use who love to make fun of genuinely ****ty movies.

In every other regard, Catwoman was a lazy effort to cash in on a household name and an insult to one of the greatest female characters in the history of pop culture. Bar none and without argument, Catwoman is far and away the absolute worst live action DC movie and easily one of the worst comic book based movies of all time.

I’m just glad that when I saw Catwoman in theaters, I spent exactly nothing to see it. I used the free tickets that came in the then recently released Batman: The Animated Series volume one and Challenge of the Super Friends Season One DVD sets for my buddy and I to see it.

I was happy to give Warner Brothers Home Video (as Warner Home Entertainment was known then) money for those fantastic DVD sets. I was equally happy to give them nothing for their lazy Catwoman movie.

Halle Berry’s outfit was a pile of cat crap too. When Jim Lee couldn’t even make it look cool on the cover of the Catwoman movie adaptation comic, you knew it was a mess.

Over the years, I’ve owned every DC movie (from Warner Brothers as well as those from other studios) on assorted home video formats. Except Catwoman. When I worked in a video store during Catwoman’s initial DVD release, I genuinely felt sorry for people that bought it.

The optimist in me thought “Maybe they’re going to roast it MST style and then frisbee the DVD into the street for an incoming street sweeper to suck up.”

To sum it up, the Catwoman movie sucks. It’s a cautionary tale about why some characters don’t need to be and should not be meddled with.


Just the basketball scene

I enjoyed it haven’t seen it in quite some time tho

It was not a bad movie, but they made a poor attempt at the use of CGI for some of the special effects in the action scenes. I want to think that a lot of people hated on it because it was not truly connected with either the Nolanverse nor the Burtonverse of Batman films… that and the fact that a number of fans would not accept the race swapping of the main character.

As movies go, it is definitely not the best. I believe the CGI tech at the time was still in development. which means it might have been the latest, but perhaps not the greatest.

If you take out the Batman component (her name isn’t Selina Kyle) and let it ride on its laurels, there is a decent origin story for this hero named Catwoman. While she is not superhuman, she definitely seems …enhanced. In most good origins, there is usually a mentor or someone who can see the power/new abilities. And I liked the villian, from how she got her abilities to her agenda to her ultimate defeat.

I don’t remember the basketball scene; evidently, that may be for the best.

If you just step away from the fact its it’s based on a beloved character…its still every bit as terrible. There is no redeeming qualities imo. It’s just dumb. Not dumb fun, just dumb. As pointed out, great for trashing MST3K style, but nothing else. Bad use of the character and bad use of stunning and talented actress. Crap effects, stupid looking costume, and the lamest villain I’ve ever seen. I’d like to say I’m happy others liked it, but the truth is it makes me sad to think about.


Don’t want to waste more of my time thinking about it other than- no.